Navigator Garmin eTrex 20 - Review of models, customer reviews and expert

navigation devices are more prevalent in the automotive environment.Without them, modern vehicle owner is deprived of a large part of functionality to facilitate drawing up routes and long-distance.Gadgets intended for pedestrians, less popular, which, however, does not detract from their merits.Anticipating the review model Garmin eTrex 20 is immediately noted that the device is a middling and revolutionary capabilities not.Nevertheless, the quality factor and the overall quality of the American navigator attracted the attention of a large part of the users navigation and topographic equipment.

Technical parameters

version eTrex 20 has come to replace the popular Russian eTrex 10 in an improved form.Actually, the platform remains the same, but a number of fundamental improvements allowed the gadget makers to allocate an independent model.Like its predecessor, Garmin eTrex 20 successfully cooperates with the GPS and GLONASS systems.

demonstration of information takes on a color TFT-screen, whose resolution is 176 x 220 pixels.By the way, detailed mapping and 65 000 colors provide a decent picture.Enhance the efficiency of the device allows the built-in memory of 1.7 GB.This volume is sufficient for the load of high-quality and detailed maps.In this part of the memory is already full of useful topographical information specifically for Russian tourists, hunters and fishermen.The rest of the place it is possible to allocate to record routes, tracks, waypoints and locations with the ability to describe them.


Along with who came from "dozens" of options, a new version has incorporated and other features.It should include the basic parameters of tracking the Sun and Moon, the application for fishermen and hunters, table ebbs and flows, as well as a program to calculate the area.

New optsional include photo navigation and viewing of images - due to color display Navigator Garmin eTrex 20 has increased the usability of multimedia "widgets."With this tour available features such as geocaching, GPS-receiver with optional WAAS, HotFix satellite prediction location, and system support GNSS.

design and usability

In terms of ergonomics, the device is entirely confined in a rapid, comfortable and safe operation in all conditions.Developers managed to minimize the number of manipulations to control and improve the convenience of the physical treatment of the gadget.

housing model is still complemented by rubber inserts, large buttons and the anchorage.Thus dimensions of the device have been reduced.Minimizing and emphasis on practicality led to the fact that GPS-navigator Garmin eTrex 20 has lost too bulging keys to the place which came smooth, but tangible counterparts.

Configuration screen interface is easily adjusted by itself.Key controls, including satellite, map, compass, and so on. E., Can be placed on the pages for individual preferences.All manipulations produced a joystick-type banding, ie control of the menu does not involve tedious back to the first position, and returns to the original logical choice.

Using maps

card loading process is similar to that provided in version 10. It is noteworthy that the Garmin eTrex 20 GPS is already bundled with the "Roads of Russia".In view of the correctness of the material there is no doubt.Errors and inconsistencies occur only in working with the new cards.The instrument is used mainly in two formats - vector and raster .img .kmz.But if the first loading operation and further use are easily and quickly, in the case of the raster maps have to tinker.As a rule, it is the complexity associated with the transfer format .kmz.Anyway, most of the cards are reduced successfully and reliably form an image area.

Who should?

Although the Garmin eTrex 20 is oriented to pedestrians, so it would be wrong to limit its range of applications.For motorists, the device can be useful even as a substitute navigator.Of course, the possibility of such a model is not extensive, but the long-term support of the charge sometimes justify such a choice.

Still, the main audience of the product - it is the travelers, tourists and athletes.Navigator will help in recording tracks committing biking, search infrastructure and so on. D. The versatility of the machine opens up all possibilities for leisure, and for purposeful use as a tool for a treasure hunt.Reconnaissance, exploration and settlement areas may also be included in the list of tasks.But the key to the success of any event is not only a technical unit, but careful preparation - only provides the necessary set of cards, you can go on a journey.

reviews about the device

in working conditions, according to the user, the navigator reveals itself as a hardy and reliable machine.This is the most advantage for which forgive the lack of a large screen Garmin eTrex 20. Instructions in this case is consistent with the practice of application.Operating in cold, under the rain and in the other is not condusive to the convenience of situations will not give problems to the user.

noted and compact navigator.Ironically, the small appliance is not difficult to use in large male hands, but the women and children quickly become accustomed to the management through the mini-joystick.Pleasant structural introduction, reviews of the owners, was the approach to capacity battery.Even in the darkness can not be confused with the poles, while many navigators do not insure this nuance operation.

Using Garmin eTrex 20 (reviews attest to this) is facilitated by a fully Russified menu.Most problems are solved again by following the instructions.


Professional testing navigation devices typically focuses on the quality of signal reception.In the case of the Garmin eTrex 20 is supposed to work with satellites in difficult conditions with interference.

relatively reception indoors near a window, in the dense forests and tunnels experts say the average efficiency, which is quite peculiar and representatives of more advanced models compared to the Garmin eTrex 20. Responses indicate a slow and finding specific objects in an area close to the building.Nevertheless marked navigation attempts to capture and record the signal, and in this respect, even the presence of 2-3 satellites in the search area is already becoming a good result for the device at this level.

Conclusion In summary, we note the obvious reliable gadget - it will not fail in the performance of basic tasks, but also justifies itself under high loads.However, an unambiguous conclusion about the model Garmin eTrex 20 can not be done only on one of the criteria.This product is beneficial for those who need a reliable set of qualities tourism enhancement.By analyzing the operating parameters and the possibility of navigation, it becomes clear that this gadget is comparable to the more technological devices - it comes out of the middle segment.Yet the absence of trendy delights that are often unnecessary in the hands of practical users, reflected in the price of the device - it is readily available.