Standard and "non-standard" beauty

concept of "standard of beauty" There is, perhaps, since the emergence of humanity, but to talk about the continuity of the canons is not necessary.From the lush, with a modern point of view, ancient forms we have come to a fragile, if not anemic models and permanent here for many years 90-60-90.Eternal is a women's issue - the discrepancy fashion standards - is rooted not in the mere existence of certain standards.

Scientists once wondered whether there were ideas about the ideal female figure from African tribes, whose contact with civilization took literally decades ago.Men without hesitation shown in the schematic drawings female figure, which was considered the most attractive.

But it is necessary to say that their vision is strikingly different from the preferences of the scientists themselves!However, the reason was obvious: the Aborigines tried to female beauty with a totally mundane position and considered the most beautiful figure of a woman who could bear more children.Of course, with this approach, thin waist has not caused much approval among respondents.

So, it is possible that a lot depends on what underlies the "gold standard"? Anorexia, which has become the hallmark of the modern model of business, of course, can not be compared with the practical approach of the African natives.However, in addition to the model, which has already been said a lot of words, there are other - more life, so to speak - standards which can hardly be called "harmful".Plump lips, high full breasts and cherished 90-60-90 - add here the perfect complexion, thick hair on the head and the absence of unwanted hair on the body: in front of you standard, which equals almost every average woman.

If you imagine such a perfect image, you will hardly find something to complain about. So why is its presence becomes a torment for many women?Being "unformatted" always implies a certain complexity, but in this age of information technology has become a true test.Sponsored whether billboards that can be seen from your window in the kitchen, morning show with fashion TV presenter - you never for a moment to leave a reminder that you do not meet generally accepted standards.And only a few question arises: what of the mysterious society has made them common, if you are in your unformatted not alone?

Modern protests made to furnish on a large scale: whether calendars, covers of glossy magazines or billboards - with them looking at us is not just the girls that are far from ideal.At times, their form is not in doubt smaller than the protruding bones of anorexic models, which seemed about to fall in a hungry fainted right on the podium.Few dare to oppose the "ideal" is not the grotesque and naturalness.

However, natural beauty also deserves a few words. After all, if women have the courage not to hide protruding belly, which guarantees that it is not masked in the photo is not just jumped a pimple?What it is: an elementary regular grooming or false?If someone set out to gather information about people who visit therapists due to problems in his appearance, he certainly would be surprised the variety of the true causes of discontent is.Traps, which are driving themselves contemporaries, only at first glance quite harmless.In fact, the manifesto of the "ideal" beauties, as well as the protests of their antipodes, most often have their roots in a much more problematic formations where few venture to go deep.But does this mean that the full exemption from the outside of the material world gives us harmony?Not at all.

slogan of "all that is natural, it is not ugly" is not so urgent - before the modern women is a global challenge: to find your own way.And the golden mean, rather, lies somewhere in the area of ​​care.Like it or not, but given the nature of the fix, though realistically with the help of plastic surgery, but it is not always possible, so the main task of the modern woman - to cope with the fact that it is subject to.And first of all, to harmoniously develop your inner world and appearance.If deep down you have difficulty and suffer from the pressure of public opinion, matching the expectations of the stranger not only help you find peace, but only exacerbate the existing problem.

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