My tongue is my enemy

The other day in a popular talk show Paris Hilton inadvertently admitted that in her mansion inhabited by 17 Yorkshire terriers.It would seem that there is this - the place, I think, there is enough.But in America, where each state - its laws and a lot of people, jealously watching their performance, in such cases it is necessary to be vigilant.

And, of course, immediately after the broadcast of Paris interested in the LAPD and the Department for Animal Welfare.In her house immediately arrived inspectors and police checking.

fact that under state law in the house for each person can account for no more than three pets.These are the normal living conditions of the animals in the house.But what is really there, "normal residence", when it comes to Paris?

In the past, it has called the most irresponsible owner of a pet, because it is everywhere carry with dogs, as if it was her toys.

When inspectors visited the house, it turned out that the mansion is being renovated, and neither the owners nor terriers there.Most likely, the dog was attached to a dog hotel.By the way, there was a case when Hilton brought her cat to the vet, and came after him only two weeks.But then the owners of the clinic have refused to return, and left himself.

Paris and did not argue: the dog is clearly interested in her anymore.It turns out, she grows the third generation of Yorkshire terriers and knows every dog ​​"in your face" and by name.In the TV show Hilton long talked about his love for them and explained how she had a whole pack.Terriers had two first, but heterosexual.Well, then you know ... Leading the show was shocked and asked Paris why she did not sterilize their wards.Then she rolled her eyes and explained, it is inhumane to deprive a living being of posterity.But after the first birth, it really gives the dogs to be sterilized.

However, inspectors from the Department for the protection of animals is not touching tales proymёsh and now checks in a family house Hiltons become the rule, the findings are likely to be disappointing.Especially in terms of money.