How and where to add an ad

Recently appeared on the Internet a lot of all kinds of free classified ads website, but not everyone is working as we would like, and even more so on many message boards, your ads generally go unnoticed.I propose to deal in this issue: where and how to advertise, do not waste time..
Probably everyone faced with such a problem when you need something to sell, or buy.Previously, such cases had to go to the newsstand to buy a newspaper advertisement and the search for the desired item, and if you want to sell it - had to fill in the form a cutting from the newspaper and send by mail.Now everything is much easier, it is enough to have internet and a computer.
First we need to figure out where give a free ad .You need to select about five sites Free classified ads .About three sites must be universal giants, the most famous on the Internet and have a large audience, the next two - the number of city portals.Find these sites is easy.In trying to drive the search query, for example: free ads and start looking.Typically, the first search engine will give the most visited websites by giving advertisement in which it will provide a good popularity, and calls you to potential customers.But reveal ad minemalnoe necessary number of words, since too long ads typically not finish until the end, and sealed.

Now a little advice, create ads.Your ad will fall to the search, only if it is as specific as possible and fully tell about selling product.A must for every website to write a new text.The fact is that if all five sites will be one and the same text, the search engines will give only an ad from one site, and if at all - will be a different text, respectively, all ads will participate in the search, thus the chances of the ad to stayunnoticed reduced five times.
Today, due to the rapid development of the Internet in Russia, free classifieds , the best way to free publicity.Previously, only ads placed individuals, and today even large companies use a mechanism such as advertisements, and many sites allow such ads ads free of charge.