A child and a dog - how to behave at the meeting?

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From the moment a baby begins to leave the stroller and move independently on a walk, parents have to be doubly careful, because on the street and in the park a lot of surprises waiting for the child, and not all of them - nice.

For example, how to behave when meeting with the kid unfamiliar dog to avoid the fear and trauma?

important to remember that not all dogs are friendly to small children, and a dog with an unhealthy mentality may show aggression.

Most dog attacks on children, not because they are ill or badly brought up, but because the child himself provoked the beast by their behavior.For this reason, a meeting with a dog can cause psychological trauma to the baby.

To avoid this, you need to teach a child to observe a few simple rules of conduct:

1. Someone else's dog never, under any circumstances, can not be touched, to frighten, to drive, to scream at her, or come close to stretching her hand - it can be perceivedaggression, scared, angry beast and provoke it to attack.

2. Never look directly into the dog's eyes.The notion that the animal will run away as soon as you're his "revision" is profoundly mistaken.Gaze is regarded as a challenge, as a signal for a possible attack.Instinct tells a dog: attack first.On the contrary, at a meeting with another dog need to look away so that it did not expect a dirty trick, and calmed down.

3. It is impossible to reach an unfamiliar dog a treat: the reaction can be unpredictable.It also happens that the kid wants to take a "gift" back and stretched out his hand - in this case a collision is unavoidable, because the dog food - sacred, and it is carefully guarding her.The child must remember that busy eating a dog is very dangerous, it is better not to approach.

If a stranger walked up to the dog itself the kid to stop, stand still, do not scream and do not touch it.It will make its natural ritual - sniff and run his way.

4. If you would think that a dog is going to pursue and attack, we need to continue to move on peacefully - in any case not to run.The dog will regard the flight of his own: "I am guilty, I am afraid" and instinct tells her how to "deal" with the fugitive.

If you can not keep a child out of trouble and he was bitten, wash bite the 3-percent hydrogen peroxide, diluted with water and soap (household or bactericidal), brilliant green.Iodine, alcohol, cologne, do not use, they can burn the tissue.The skin around the bite treat 5 per cent alcohol tincture of iodine.

Cover the wound with a plaster or bactericidal apply a sterile dressing.Consult a doctor immediately to the nearest clinic, hospital or fracture clinic: only a doctor can determine whether your child vaccinated against rabies.

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