Protein for muscle growth: reviews, benefits and harms

At all times people watched the beauty of the body.Build muscle may attract attention, help stand out from the crowd.And not only these factors give impetus to what to go to the gym or fitness center.As the proverb, in a healthy body - healthy mind.Who wants to hurt?Also nice and inflated body helps to attract the attention of the opposite sex, which certainly is an incentive, often paramount.Yes, you can go to the bar pressing without adding to it anything else.However, sports nutrition - the basis for the increase in muscle mass.

harmful to it?

As you know, bodybuilding - a sport where athletes compete inflated (who have more muscle mass, or a beautiful body).There are different category from the competition in its beauty and figure up to the competition of giants, possessing a huge mass of muscle.Some people believe that all they eat a bunch of pills and take no advantage, but effective drugs.However, not all athletes have resorted to such a dangerous method of weight gain and weight training.In addition to daily exercise, they eat right.You may notice that their way of efficiency.But how to eat, to get a little pump body and lose weight?The answer is simple - the protein for muscle growth.Reviews of preparations by common name "protein" is almost always positive.But the public often thinks differently.So what is the protein for muscle growth?Harm and benefits of consumption of this means what?And still pump body and look beautiful with the help of these funds?All this will understand on.

dispel myths

First we need to understand what exactly is protein.Many people think that this is extremely dangerous supplement, after the adoption of which the person becomes very pumped.But this is not only an effort of will and free time can guarantee a good result.These athletes all day engaged in sports halls, combining it with proper nutrition.As is known, it is necessary for the growth of muscle protein, or protein.These drugs are not harmful.


However, we must know when to stop if consume large amounts of supplements, health problems are inevitable.But we can say absolutely about any product.Know your limits - the primary task after the start of supplementation.Thus, one could argue that it all depends on the dosage, on to what extent the body is protein for muscle growth.Harm and benefits (feedback will help sort out) of these funds, therefore, dependent on their type and dose.

Types proteins

Oddly enough, the protein is divided into species.It is known that in nature there are various types of protein, which in turn, or animal or plant.And it has a protein.It should alternate between its various types in order to achieve a better result.Thus, there are the following types:

  • Whey.
  • Soy.
  • Egg.
  • casein.
  • Beef.


most used protein is considered to be whey, milk type of protein.It is divided into isolate hydrolyzate, concentrate and combined type.For those who have long been in bodybuilding, there are programs for alternation of various kinds.However, a beginner may not have sufficient experience and muscle mass, so he has to take the serum.Those substances are included in their composition, it is rapidly and well absorbed by the body.They also have the amino acid composition, which is called complete.The reception takes place directly before exercise for half an hour.It is this period are advised to use professional trainers.After taking 30 minutes to maximum effect.After training to restore well advised to consume whey, approximately 15 -30 minutes.This is done to ensure that the processes in the body ended in faster.


This type of protein is also considered dairy.Drink a protein of this type only professional bodybuilders.The main difference of the proteins that are part of the casein additives - that their absorption is much longer, namely - to 6 hours.To explain this it is necessary to plunge into the maze of biology.But the main question: what is it then necessary?Indeed, the lack of this kind of protein does not allow to use it directly before training.What's the point?That is the real professionals use these proteins for muscle growth.Their positive feedback.The fact that the day and night, there are processes in the body, requiring protein cleavage.Where it takes the body?The muscles that bodibldera extremely bad.If day protein in the body is replenished during the consumption of food, in the night time - no.Therefore, athletes bedtime consume casein protein, which the body makes proteins for the whole night.


From the description of the above mentioned types of protein is easy to understand: they are all that is needed for a complete lifting of muscle mass.But why, then, are the others?What about the egg, beef and soy types?They are not so important for the body and are used only for variety, as well as for the full amino acid composition.You also need to take into account that each person has his particular organism, and some may be allergic to the previous two species.There is also the possibility of a bad digestion.Other types of protein can be an alternative, ie replacement.

exact opinion about the type of soy not, many believe that it is absolutely ineffective.But others, on the other hand, argue that it is even necessary.In general, it can be concluded that a beginner should start with whey protein, then add casein.Other types of protein can be added as desired or as directed by a specialist.

For girls

protein for muscle growth for girls what to choose whether it will be different from men?Although its structure the male and female bodies are different, the muscles they grow on the same system.The principle of pumping muscle mass is simple: load, microtrauma, healing.However, given this system, it is impossible to argue that women need the same amount of the same proteins that are necessary, and to men.The whole point of various hormones, which are contained in the body.It is up to them quite independent set of muscle mass.But which protein is best for women?As already mentioned, there are several main types of proteins.Consequently, women can not exist a single type of protein because of the limitations.But the volume of consumption and the system will be different from the male norm.

purpose of

necessary to divide the target.For men who have come to the gym, the main thing - a set of muscle mass.For most women, it is important to tighten the body and burn excess weight.Of course, this applies to bodybuilding, in some categories the girls act in the same way as men - maximum muscle growth.However, most women are of the opinion that it is necessary to go to the gym for a slender body.One of the main goals - elastic glutes.But what do we need protein for muscle growth for girls on the ass and legs?

Which protein

Many use protein for muscle growth.Reviews of such drugs talk about their effectiveness, people in the know always advise that it is better to choose.Proteins are known, can not accumulate in large quantities in the body, such as fat.Consequently, it is necessary to use proteins.For those who set a goal to have a nice thin body, it could not be better suited casein and whey protein, which contain a small amount of carbohydrates.But, of course, you just need to go to the gym.Otherwise proteins do not help, they will simply be withdrawn from the body.If not periodically engaged, then the body will not swing, only to get fat.There is no means of at least sound that would have been able to increase muscle exercise without assistance.For those who dream of big biceps, better suitable protein intake as men (described in more detail above).

You should not

On the shelves of different proteins are presented to women for muscle growth.Which to choose?If a woman is on a diet, and sometimes goes to the gym, it is enough to small doses of protein.But you can not use the gainer.This special sports nutrition, which is used exclusively by those who actively gaining muscle mass, ie bodybuilders.The tool fills substances that were used for training.If you often go to the gym and not to engage in it with extreme activity, then the reception gainer may be overweight, it just is not necessary.By the way, stop using this drug is not very easy and it has a good taste.Reviews of protein for muscle growth support all of the above.They are effective enough and thus harmless.You can also use the proteins for girls (muscle growth) home.

For those swinging

For those women who gain muscle mass gainer will be very helpful.Then you need to stick to a power scheme: in the morning - gainer, day - serum in the evening, before going to bed, - casein.Consumption of a protein is essentially the same as that in men.If you were not necessarily use any funds, the girl - it is necessary.It's all about testosterone - the hormone responsible for muscle growth, its women are very few.Many proteins are used in the home for muscle growth for women.At home, it is easy to make a cocktail, rich in protein.

Should I take this money?

But there are nuances.It is known that muscles have a much greater mass than fat.Accordingly, during inflation of the body and the weight will increase.And it does not need many.Also worth considering is that you can not gain muscle mass in only one part of the body.There is no such exercises, in which only one muscle is involved.If you start going to the gym and in sports nutrition, muscle inevitably will grow throughout the body.Then the fat go away, and in those places where it is needed, for example, reduced chest.So start training, you need to set a goal - which is to achieve and what is not necessary.And based on this, to see whether the use of protein for muscle growth.Reviews of girls also better pre-read.

At home

But if you use store bought proteins for muscle growth, harm and benefit that insufficiently investigated, it is likely to do worse than the body.Therefore, many athletes make cocktails rich in proteins, right at home.Various sources describe such proteins for muscle growth (harm and benefit).Reviews will help you understand that it is better to choose.

proteins found in many foods.For a set of muscle mass is essential animal protein.Of course, it is possible to prepare what is rich in proteins, but in addition in the dishes may be contained in large amounts and fat.Therefore it is better to make special cocktails.

Foods rich in protein

Please note that the protein is different.Thus, a large margin of the protein have meat, milk, fish, soya, eggs, and others.For example, meat is very rich in protein, but it is an extremely long time to digest, which is not very convenient.Before workouts better use those products in which the protein is digested quickly.Why is that?Due to the fact that the processing of a lot of energy is wasted, and substances which are released during it, can not be used as a building material for muscles as replacing spent or appear after training.On a variety of products are written in a lot of reviews.Proteins for muscle growth contains almost all types of food.


Unlike meat, protein shakes provide the protein that is rapidly absorbed.In particular, it is possible to prepare a protein Female Housing for muscle growth.There are several recipes for this which will be described hereinafter.But there is a basic rule for all: to nutrients are better absorbed, it is necessary to consume only drink room temperature.Calorie - one of the most important components of each recipe.Cocktails created by grinding and mixing of different products is therefore necessary to select those ingredients that have a lot of protein.


There are plenty of cocktails, will continue to be given the most popular.Of course, for their preparation requires the mixer.

  1. 1 cup milk of any fat content, 1 banana, 2 teaspoons of honey, oat flakes, ice cream and yogurt.
  2. 100 grams of cheese, one tablespoon of honey, banana and 1 tablespoon of oat flakes.
  3. 2 cups milk 2 bananas, half a cup of cream (you can take ice cream) and the vanilla sugar (1 package).
  4. The easiest option: a glass of milk, a teaspoon of sugar and 1 egg.

Proteins at home for muscle growth for women can be found in conventional foods.But remember: it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than their own.A very important one.Protein for muscle growth has tested many people who prove their effectiveness.

Vegetarian dishes in cocktails

In the above recipe from plant foods found only a banana and cereal.How can this be explained?Proteins in the home for muscle growth for women is best not to produce fruit and vegetables.They contain a minimum of proteins, and therefore can not significantly affect the growth of muscle mass.However, there are some members of the plant world, which are able to compensate, even meat and dairy products, for example, has described a banana.It is also possible to allocate cereals, which comprise a protein, they are required to allow the body of the pump body material.But some noteworthy buckwheat, rice, corn and barley.Kashi welded from these crops, many bodybuilders eat.Thus, power must be combined as a vegetable protein, so the animal.Bodybuilders use different proteins for muscle growth.Harm and benefits are different.

Women bodybuilding

Even for girls needs protein for muscle growth.Reviews professional bodybuilders of such drugs is almost always positive.And in this sport, a lot of women.Competitions in which girls face off muscles with each other.Many of them would have given odds to men.However, not all women want to have biceps as the representatives of the stronger sex, so some of them avoid going to the gym, afraid to overdo it.But it is not necessary to swing to an extent, also in bodybuilding girl doing all day with professional coaches.Also, do not be afraid to consume protein, it just helps to build muscle throughout the body and keep fit.You just need to carefully use protein for muscle growth.Reviews and useful information from this article will help to understand what it was.


Like any other drug, the protein has its contraindications.Before the start of its use must be having a disease, consult your doctor.You can select multiple pathologies in which to take a protein harmful to health:

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (bloating, diarrhea and so on.);
  • abdominal pain;
  • propensity to allergic reactions;
  • predisposition to kidney disease or the presence of such.

Before starting training with the use of protein is best to check the body for the presence of the above diseases.