9 female beauty products

Did you know that women are particularly important to have a specific set of food vitamins and minerals.It turns out that there are foods that we should eat more than men.Then each of us will feel more beautiful, healthier and younger.By the way, there are also certain rules of supply that can relieve the symptoms] PMS.Let's not forget about their secrets.

Today let's talk about the typically female products, which every year in the diet should become more.

1. Breakfast with fiber. Women need foods that contain fiber, and the surest way - to include such products for breakfast.The fact that the cellulose fibers are processed for a long time, so getting them in the morning, there is a chance that they will not go into fats, and completely redesigned.In addition, such products - a real energizers that energy for the whole day ahead.So do not forget to include in your breakfast bread with bran, whole grain cereals.

2. Fish. women are particularly needed vitamins and minerals contained in fish.What can we say about the essential fatty acids Omega, which often we can only get from fish.Just avoid fried fish!Because it adds a "bad" fat that you do not need it.If you love fish only fried, use for frying olive oil or fish oil to minimize the consumption of "bad" fats.

3. Grapefruit. These fruits can be called a real boon for women.It is a pity that in the middle zone of Russia, they do not grow, but abandon them just not worth it.Firstly, this is the easiest way to lose weight.Secondly, grapefruit contains vitamin C as any citrus.Thirdly, grapefruit - an improvement of the immune system.Fourth, it is an excellent source of energy, so necessary to us in the middle of the day.Yes, the magical fruit!

4. Broccoli. ¬ęBut it's tasteless" - says the guy from TV advertising.Maybe for him and tasteless, it's - the real product for women!The fact that for the prevention of cancer this vegetable - product number one.And you can cook the cabbage very original and tasty, bake, for example, in the oven with cheese.

5. Onions. rinses and chewing gum at the modern woman is always at hand, so the diet to lose such a product as a bow - not good.Firstly, it is an excellent substitute for any antibacterial or anti-inflammatory drug.Second, the bow is able to improve the composition of the blood.Onion is rich in vitamin C and fiber is a vegetable that makes it very attractive for women's health.

6. Greens. fairness, it should be said that most women are just like the greens.This man is sometimes skeptical attitude toward it.So subconsciously, we understand that it is - a very appropriate product to us.The leafy greens (kale, spinach, watercress, turnip, parsley, dill, etc.) have iron, vitamins, and fiber.Suffice it at least once a week, include in your diet a little leafy greens, to get the right dose of vitamins.Female body, getting enough vitamins and fiber, and starts properly digest food more efficiently, and in fact improper digestion and causes a lack of energy and stagnant processes, and overweight.

7. Beans. Everyone knows that beans cause flatulence only and therefore avoided.And for good reason.Beans - a source of protein, it is an excellent substitute for meat, so a good component of the women's diets.And not to get fat, eat green beans, avoid combination of beans with bacon and smoked meat and beans, enriched with sugar (often canned beans in sauce).

8. Oatmeal. Yes, we have to admit that without her ladies anywhere.Oatmeal - a great cancer prevention, the product helps to keep control of blood sugar levels.It is also a fiber in which women need, oatmeal helps to control the level of female hormones.Furthermore, it is almost the cheapest product containing as iron and fiber.Excellent breakfast, try it!

9. Nuts. reason it is considered that it is - man's product.We need to make sure that food and its.Nuts - a source of vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, minerals.Suffice it to a handful of almonds or peanuts to get excellent food for the body.Women need to include nuts in your diet every week.Add the yogurt or eat a handful throughout the day.It also strengthens the immune system well.

So these products should be present in our menu every week, at least once, but better - more often.

Articles Source: mycharm.ru