Prology iOne 1000: reviews of DVR

Today we decided to examine the device Prology iOne 1000 reviews which say that this device deserves the attention of all motorists.It is an automobile video and radar detectors simultaneously.

Your style

Prology iOne 1000 saves space in the cabin and not to disturb the harmony of the interior.We'll see what people think about it.What concerns Prology iOne 1000 reviews describe it as a device to fully discharge the functions of radar detector high quality and advanced DVR Full HD.According to the owners, it is these qualities allowed devaysu stand out from many similar developments that are on the market in our country.With an integrated radar detector can pick up signals as the well-known meter "Arrow" and trudnodetektiruemyh devices, among them - "Robot" and "Merlin."To achieve such results helped the intellectual platform device.

Land speed control

The device has a receiver GPS, which has a pre-installed database of police units, as well as the frequent ambushes.It allows devaysu notify the owner of the approach of these points.Information is constantly updated, you can update for free.DVR Prology iOne 1000 does not expire and will provide assistance over many years of use.


discuss the "second half" of this device.The DVR can lead cyclical continuous shooting with a maximum resolution of Full HD.In this wide-angle optics has a viewing angle of 135 degrees and allows you to capture multiple events without distorting the image edges.Aptina AR0330 - image sensor high-grade - allows you to shoot video, delivering it a decent level of detail.This is possible during the day and in low light conditions.

basis of the DVR has become Ambarella A5S - high performance integrated chipset is good, responsible for immediate processing functions of the device, as well as receiving the video stream quality.In addition, Prology iOne 1000 features a built-in high-quality TFT-LCD 2.4 inch.It allows you to play footage.Thus, it is possible to analyze details of the accident site in the event of its occurrence.But that is not all.If you examine the opinions Prology iOne 1000 reviews show that motorists no less pleased with the ability to track real-time information about detected radar device.The unit features an ergonomic appearance Proper location of controls and a compact size.Thus, we can judge it as a profitable and practical devices.Developers even have considered the possibility of adding your own dangerous zones map radar detector.

Supply and features

Options devaysa following: individual consumer packaging, manual, card reader, power cable, car adapter, the bracket and the device itself.

It would not be quite fair to say about the shortcomings Prology iOne 1000. Reviews indicate that the recorder is heated and stable operation of the software needs to be updated.Sometimes there are false positives, full of hovering.Not all radar detected.More sympathetic critics claim that the machine more than justifies its price, avoids fines and even to prove his innocence in the case of accidents.According to the owners, a radar detector is useful in the city because they do not always have the opportunity to observe all traffic rules and be costly.The shape of the body does not distract from driving.Praise is also the voice announcement, the display alarm and futuristic appearance.Thus, the user receives a device that has a screen, a camera, a recording channel, frame resolution 1920x1080 pixels at 30 f / s, GPS-module, built-in microphone, speaker, viewing angle of 135 degrees (diagonal) format support MP4, powered byvehicle network and battery autonomy of 10 minutes, 128 megabytes of memory, the processor Ambarella A5, radar detector, voice prompts.The size of the unit - 90x60x100 mm and weighs 190 grams.

Now you know what a DVR Prology iOne 1000 reviews and features that today we have considered in this article.