Bronislaw Komorowski, Polish President: biography and interesting facts of life

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One of the most important political figures of modern Poland is Bronislaw Komorowski.His biography is full of many interesting facts associated with both social activities and personal life.Let's try to focus on the most basic of them.So, get acquainted: Bronislaw Komorowski - Polish president, politician, man.

childhood and youth policies

future President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski was born on June 4, 1952 in the small town of Oborniki Slaski, located in the south-west of the country, in the Lower Silesia province.His father was Sigmund Leon Komorowski, a renowned scholar of his time, and his mother - Jadwiga Shalkovskaya.Both parents belonged to the ancient gentry leave.

In 1957 the family moved to another Komarovskikh small Polish town - Yuzevuf, and in 1959 - in Pruszkow.In 1966, Bronislaw went to the capital - Warsaw, where he graduated from the General Education Lyceum.There's also the future president for the first time joined the dissident activity, for which in 1971 was arrested.

After the 1977 Bronislaw Komorowski graduated from Warsaw University (Department of History), he began working in one of the Polish magazines, and then taught history at school.

Start politics

his political activities next president, as mentioned above, began to participate in various dissident circles.Since 1980, he joined the well-known opposition organization "Solidarity", headed by Lech Walesa.When in the early 80s in Poland protest movement broke out, Bronislaw Komorowski while detained - as a person potentially pose a danger to peace in the country.

However, all this did not stop him, until the abolition of the Polish People's Republic, is publishing one of the magazines of the opposition, which caused great dissatisfaction with the ruling circles.

the political Olympus

After 1989 Poland broke with the communist past and embarked on the path of democratization, political career Bronislaw Komorowski went up sharply.Immediately after the proclamation of the Third Republic, he was appointed chief of staff of one of the ministries.In 1990 Bronislaw Komorowski won the post of Deputy Minister of Defense, and the following year was elected to the Polish parliament.The peak of his government career was in 2000, when the hero of our story was appointed defense minister.However, the following year he was forced to leave her.

After that Bronislaw Komorowski joined the party of the liberal-conservative wing "Civic Platform", then head of Donald Tusk.In 2007 he became Speaker of the Polish Parliament, where he continued to be active in defending their personal civil position and interests of political power, it has put forward.

On the way to the presidency

After the tragic death in 2010 in a plane crash near Smolensk Polish President Lech Kaczynski, according to the Constitution the powers of the Acting Head of State went to the head of Parliament, that is, Bronislaw Komorowski.

At that time, he had a relatively low popularity ratings among voters.Many experts predicted in the presidential race victory to his brother deceased president - Jaroslaw Kaczynski Alexander.However, vigorous activity the acting head of the state in the end, bowed sympathy voters in his favor.Thus, the elections in July 2010 was elected President Bronislaw Komorowski.Biographies of famous Polish politician has replenished the most significant achievements in his life.

the presidential office

Since taking office, President Bronislaw Komorowski started a course, the declared before the election.It consisted in the further integration of Poland into the structures of the EU and to strengthen the country's defense.

However, just in time for the presidency Komarovsky, a number of objective and subjective reasons, the economy began to show a series of crises.Also began to accumulate contradictions between Poland and one of its main economic partners - the Russian Federation - in connection with a 2014 world political crisis.Himself Bronislaw Komorowski spoke about Russia rather unflattering that only contributed to rising tensions between the two countries, reflected in mutual trade sanctions.

All these factors significantly influenced the decline in popularity among the population of Poland Komarovsky.

Election 2015

2015 was marked in Poland next presidential election.The main candidates for the post of Chief State were the two people.One of them - Bronislaw Komorowski, President of Poland, is increasingly losing the sympathy of voters, the second - a promising politician Andrzej Sebastian Duda nominee of the opposition Conservative Party Right "Law and Justice".

Already in the first round Duda left the rest of their competitors behind.The second round, in which the representative of the "Law and Justice" won Komarovsky, only confirmed the choice of the Poles.Andrzej Duda became the new president of Poland.

Thus ended the presidency of Bronislaw Komorowski.It was marked by ambiguous and not very pleasant events, but, nevertheless, has gone down in the recent history of the Polish state.


But the main achievement of this man - not a successful political career, and even the presidential office, and a strong and close-knit family, which was created by Bronislaw Komorowski.It is located below the photo.

future president of Poland in 1977, he married Anne Dembrovskoy, who became his faithful companion of life.In 1979, their first daughter was born - Sofia Alexander.After that, the family has four other children - Jan Tadeusz, Maria Anna, Peter Sigmund, Jadwiga Elzbieta.They had long since grown up and gave themselves a happy couple Komarovskikh anticipated grandchildren.

Truly, it is a strong and friendly family is the basic unit of a strong state, and the greatest merit of each individual, of course, included the creation of a primary component of society.