Pager - what's that?

Pager - a receiver for paging.It is made so that gives you an opportunity to receive small text messages using a pager network.The first model of the pager was released in 1956 by Motorolla.He immediately gained popularity among couriers, taxi drivers, nurses, in other words, among those people who are on duty should always be in touch.

What pager and what is its history

most popular pagers were in our country in the nineties.But because of the general availability and distribution of mobile phones, these devices have lost demand and practically disappeared from the lives of citizens.

However, the word "messenger" is forgotten today, and you might use it in Moscow - just use the services provided by paging companies, which until today is on the market.An example is a company Vessolink, providing services in the territory of Moscow and the region.

How does the classic messenger

To send a message to call the operator, to name phone number and dictate a text message.It is possible to alert the subscriber when multiple multicast forwarding.With modern pager messages can be sent to a mobile phone or email.If you wish, you can arrange a hotline or to receive alerts from different points.In general, today there are vast opportunities to use a pager.

where these devices are used today?

There is the possibility of using this instrument in different situations.In addition, a pager - a gadget whose price is much lower than the cost of a mobile phone.Outwardly, it looks like a cuboid with a pair of buttons.Learn how to manage it will be easy for everyone.Due to the fact that pagers have long been out of fashion, they may acquire through private ads or paging network operators.

What other known areas of use

Also today, the word "messenger" is expanded and involves several different functions.

So, in alarm systems used certain device models.For example, GSM-pager operates so that when the signal is sent to a small text message.This is convenient, because it is given time to take measures to prevent theft and allows you to save the contents of the safe.

small size and convenience of the pager makes it practical electronic device.It has resistance to shock and mechanical stress.The use of the pager according to the instructions ensures a long service life.

-pager alarm for car

Despite the complexity of the modern car alarm siren is only the most effective factor against hijackers.Many manufacturers may offer devices that significantly increase the spectrum.You need to understand what the pager car alarms.

Central locking system allows you to simultaneously lock (unlock) all the doors in the car.In some models the control is carried out from any of the front door.It is also possible to control with alarm and external signals "close" and "open."Mounts central lock is 2 or 4 electronic actuators with parts for mounting and control unit.They are installed inside the cavity in the door.

These mechanisms give the reciprocating rod transmitting the movement to the parts of the door lock.The electrical signals generated by the control unit and is driven actuators.The block has inputs that connect the corresponding alarm circuit.

additional locking hood - is a useful accessory.After opening the hood Theft Auto has access to the most important parts of the car, and alarm.Disconnect the siren, he will be able to quickly remove the signaling and interlocking knots.If the hood is set for an additional lock, which opened with a key, and not just from the interior lever, the actions to open its hijacker will become very difficult.Among other things, this castle is a circuit that breaks the ignition.

power - is electric, which are used for lowering and raising the glass in the door of the car.Windows are controlled by buttons located in the cabin in a convenient location.It can be both together and separately lower and raise the window.

pager car alarms as part

It is possible to remote control the alarm when a signal is applied to a separate entrance.Windows are of two types.For outdoor installation, the surface of the card on the protective door, and to install inside a door cavity.Give preference to one or the other of them should be given the tastes of the owner and the design of the door.The most common is the least time-consuming installation of windows from the outside.

The car alarm pager system - a small receiver, half the size of a cigarette pack, the car owner who is always with you.During use, the device is connected to the alarm transmitter that is activated when it is activated.

radio signals from the transmitter picks up the receiver, and if it is the same code and the transmitter, pager beeps.

Signaling pagers - which one is better?

Working distance in an urban setting - from 300 meters to 1 kilometer.Certain manufacturers indicate the distance of up to 5 kilometers, but this refers to the range of the desert.Pagers, tested by experts, functioning in two bands - 27 MHz and 300 MHz.The transmitter power was 1.5 W and 0.5 watts.

Group Enforser Cop gave greater working distance, but had at the same time requirements for the installation of antennas.Another group Road Star were more reliable, but also more modest performance.

Messengers from lineup Secopage-35 not only fix alarms, but also determine the color indicating the cause (the opening of the hood, doors, shock sensor).

When using the pager it is important to regularly switched on and off the receiver due to the rapid discharge of the battery.The pager is turned on as a source of radio waves can be a hindrance for some types of alarm.Is it difficult to switch off the alarm via remote control when it is triggered, and the inclusion of a pager.Thus, the best signaling with a pager can be of different models.

for fishing enthusiasts

bottom fishing method, go to various tricks to see biting time.After the appearance of the feeder it has become easier - now with any touch to the bait biting fish can be seen on top of the rod.The difficulty is that the fisherman all his time near the rods.The assistant would then be elektrosignalizator for poklёvki.Light or sound signal it will tell the angler that has zaglochena bait fish.Nowadays is possible to purchase a set of sensors of various types with a pager.What is a pager for fishing, should be considered separately.

Choosing the best pager fishing

All alarms operate on the principle of perception jerking fishing line.When purchasing signaling as additional facilities may be the presence of a pager.It is used to sound the alarm and remote control klёvom.Thus, fishing pager - a gadget that allows you to detect the presence of bite in the distance.

Options pager alarm gives you many benefits.For example, when there are several gear and need to quickly determine on which of several rods are biting.Use the pager correctly determined the correct rod and character potyazhki.During the adjustment signal of line movement from one bank to another, you can determine what is happening under the water.

Pagers can buy two types:

  • Wired.
  • Wireless.

Sometimes elektrosignalizatory wires connected to a pager.Paging is the best solution.The radius of its action, depending on the company, can be up to 200 meters.Due to this possibility the angler, not missing bite can move, prepare food, make a fire, and so on.Pager (see photos presented in this article) is adjusted at the same time signaling.Optionally, you can reduce the volume on the annunciator and install necessary to pager.

best choice will be a model with indication of charging for the early detection of lack of energy.Very convenient is the purchase of a pair of sets of signaling units complete with a pager.Buy such a device can be in specialized shopping sites and in various online stores.