The method of trial of the day

Employment is always one way or another connected with doubts: the employer is worried whether the new employee to cope with all the responsibilities and specialist tormented by the question: how will his new team and what kind of person would be his boss?To dispel all fears, recently companies are increasingly used method of trial working day.

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essence of the trial of the day is simple: a contender for the vacant seat within a few hours (and on some positions and in a few days) is engaged in the work that he has to prodelyvat later.The situation as close to combat - candidates are the current assignments, he has constant contact with colleagues and the duties controlled by management.

«In recent years, the practice of holding the trial of the day is becoming more and more popular, - says Olga Kochergina, Head of HI-Tech & amp; Telecom recruitment company Marksman.- Use it as a rule of the segment of small and medium-sized businesses.This is due to the fact that in smaller organizations, where a lot is built on personal relationships, has its own unique corporate culture and atmosphere, and it is important to understand whether the new man fit into the team. "

last moment without significance for the company, which paid great attention to the personal qualities of the candidate.For example, if the main result achieved by a team effort and it is important that all members of the team approached each other psychologically.Otherwise, a new employee, even being a good specialist, may adversely affect the productivity of the whole team.

But the main thing that interests of the employer - it is the skills of the candidate."We pay attention to how people cope with the tasks entrusted to him how quickly he learns new information and processes, - says Olga Mazurova, head of staff of the company Rehau.- In addition, the test time - this is a good opportunity to check the accuracy of the information specified in the summary of a candidate: language skills, possession of computer programs.As a rule, these skills are overrated applicants, making their CV.Also time trial demonstrates communication skills of the candidate and the ability to cope with stressful situations: field testing - is always stressful. "

People try?

As mentioned previously, the method of trial of the day is mainly used in small and medium-sized companies, but Olga Mazurova sure that this practice is ideal for large businesses.The most important thing - it should be understood for what positions to use it."In our company, the test method of the day is used in the selection of the personnel at the reception - said the expert.- The candidate, whom we invited to try myself in this position, be able to practice in the performance of most jobs, with whom he will face during real work.Trial day as a method of selecting a candidate for finding employees with the "simple" set of duties while working in a safe environment, because from the perspective of the law, we can not allow a person to the workplace, not the last instruction and training. "

In addition, the position claimed by the "trial" of employees, as a rule, depend dates dating now.According to Olga Mazurova, for example, to understand the suitability of the applicant for the position of the employee at the reception usually takes no more than 2-3 hours.If the vacancy involves a serious teamwork, the test time is transformed into a few."This is possible if, for example, is considered a candidate for the assistant position, which involves project work with several consultants, - says Olga Kochergina.- Within a few days of trial, you can determine with any of the team members happen emotional match and, therefore, to work with the employee exactly how the new man will be most effective. "

about free cheese

It would seem that a trial working day - something beneficial for both the employer and for the applicant.The first assesses the real skills of the candidate, his psychological compatibility with the team, and the second met with the upcoming front work, eyeing future colleagues and working conditions.But in this case, there are skeptics who believe that the test time - is not only the desire to clean the hands of employers to receive free labor.

«I do not share such concerns candidates - says Olga Kochergina.- Justify the reason for the distrust of the company has not: first, no one usurp your intellectual property and professional achievements, as you just do not have time to bring anything significant to the company in such a short period of time.And, secondly, the argument about the payment trial workday look convincing: as a new employee not to pay extra for 3 working days?1500 rubles?3000 rubles?I think these figures are not comparable with the experience that can be purchased for the test day, since it will help you understand - "your" is a company or not.It is definitely more valuable than material compensation. "

Even if the applicant during the trial of the day showed himself not with the best hand, and he was denied employment, the experience gained in this company, it necessarily useful in the future."After the end of the trial the day the candidate can always get feedback from the manager or HR-specialists, - says Olga Mazurova.- Employees of the company will evaluate the actions of the applicant, comparing them with the wishes of the company and point out the main errors and omissions in the work.Of course, this knowledge will help the candidate to avoid errors in employment to another company in the same position. "

When in Rome - with a smile

Not for all time trial specialists is a simple matter, because it is not clear how to behave: how in the workplace or on trips.On the one hand, it is necessary to establish itself as a good employee responsible, but on the other - to get to know the team with which to work, to get acquainted with the internal regulations of the company - just decide like to work here or not.According to experts, it is necessary to have time to do something, and more."Do not hesitate to ask questions about the work of colleagues - so you know what" breathes "the company, and show an interest - advises Olga Mazurova.- Behave naturally: smile, be friendly - this behavior is in any collective approval.In addition, pay attention to the style of dress - it is better if it is a business. "

Do not forget about work - remember that not only do you assess the company, but the company evaluates you.Therefore, carefully treat all management assignments, and try to fulfill them as quickly and efficiently."Do not be afraid to recycle!- Advises Olga Kochergina.- Employer's always attracted to the candidate's interest in the work. "But actively go on the warpath during the trial of the day, too, the expert advises: a man who literally floods the threshold of advice on the modernization of the company is unlikely to be perceived adequately.Yet, saying "Since its charter in another monastery do not go" there was not in vain.

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