Some recommendations on how to get to the Marines

Of course, many people know that the Marine Corps is classified as elite troops of Russia.In many ways, they secured victory over Charles XII, Napoleon and Hitler.Nothing but admiration motto infantry causes.It reads: "Where are we, where Victoria".A huge number of young people are asking, "How do I get in the Marines?"

service in the Marine Corps - an honorable mission

for many - a great honor to serve the motherland in the above forces, whose history has more than one century.

Marines taking part in naval operations, protect the borders from external attacks, protect critical infrastructures.However, some interesting not only the question of how to get to the Marines, but also on how "military" arsenal of today have "elite" troops.It should be noted that the range of weapons from them is simply amazing: Why are only the armored vehicles and "flying tanks".

Become a Marine - not an easy task

So, how to get to the Marines?It is necessary to make a reservation.Join the ranks of elite troops is not so easy.Students are severe selection.You must have perfect physical health: excellent vision, developed muscles and a healthy weight.In addition to this "potential" Marine must not have chronic illnesses.However, this does not guarantee that you will be in the elite troops.

Those who are particularly concerned with the question of how to get to the Marines need to know that the recruiting station they will experience serious competition.

What steps need to do to become a soldier "elite troops" and what qualities are needed for this

In order to become a soldier of the sea, should prepare in advance.

vast number of young men attracted by Russian marines.How to get these troops know not all.The recommendations given below can help them in this.The military commissariat at the registered figure out when will be set to your preferred type of troops.Always be sure to ask how much it is likely that you will become a Marine.You will be required to undergo a medical examination and get your opinion on the suitability for military service.Remember that a soldier of the sea should be the ideal state of health.

In the next stage the applicant should make a report addressed to the Military Commissar, indicating that you wish to serve in the armed forces of the Navy."To facilitate" the process of making a positive decision will help your awards and achievements that you have achieved in the past.These include, for example, sports categories, proof that you have a great skydive and are able to dive underwater with scuba diving.

Note that the report becomes an integral part of the personal file of Marines.Many might ask: "Like the Marines Ukraine.How to get there in the service? "It should be noted that the selection criteria there are as tough as in Russia.Currently, there has only one battalion of Marines guarding the borders of the country.

Once you arrive to the fleet, it is important to show maximum interest in the service of the Navy and to establish a dialogue with the competent officers, who will oversee the recruits.Show them what you are worthy to wear the title of marine, while it is useful to mention what heights you have managed to achieve in sports or other fields.Be sincere, and then you will inspire confidence.

It should be emphasized that the choice of parts, where you eventually get, depends on your level of fitness.

Service in the Marines could not overpower it.But those who chose in life is just waiting for success.