MAZ 543: technical characteristics and photos

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MAZ 543 is a heavy truck.It is an eight-wheel-drive vehicle MAZ.At its base is created a lot of car for the national economy and military spheres.Among them onboard tractors, trailers for the transport of heavy tracked vehicles, trucks, pipe carriers and timber.

Create MAZ 543 MAZ 543

- a special four-wheel tractors, production of which began in 1962.He had become a universal medium capable positioned at the mobile antiaircraft installation itself "Temp", which then proved to be successful on the tests.The first project - a sketch of the car appeared in 1960.It used some components and assemblies of tractor MAZ 537. Sketches of the new project prepared designers V. Zharkov, V. Tsarev and L. Beetle.Eight months in Minsk 1 SKB developed a special chassis, which is called MAZ 543. The chassis was created so that can carry various heavy equipment on any road at any time of the year, under conditions of severe cold and heat.

differ MAZ unique cabin layout, which is not used anywhere else.Designer BL Shaposhnikov severed one cabin into two distinct.Since different types of accommodation long to come up with the rocket failed.Cabs were designed for 2 people, sitting one behind the other.They are made of reinforced fiberglass and polyester resin.When the tests were carried out on its strength, collapsed stand, where it installed.Cabin itself remained intact.It is not very large in size, as was fit rail dimensions.

Modifications to the chassis

MAZ 543 produced in different versions.Let us briefly examine each of them.The first truck was introduced in Moscow on November 7, 1965 parade.It had a battery 9K72 "Elbrus" placed from the control, guidance and combat crew.People who have seen this novelty, experienced great pride in their country.And the Western media did not stop to talk with admiration about the huge new car.

MAZ 543 P - a base unit, which load was 19,600 kg.On this basis, have been set up launchers 9P117 missile complex 9K72 and 9P120 - missile complex 9K76.

next model appeared MAZ 543 A. It increased capacity up to 22000 kg.For this it was necessary to hold rebuild the engine compartment.On the basis of this modification created the following cars: "Smerch", fire truck for airfields, prototype rescue vehicles and special crane.

In a further embodiment MAZ 543 M changed the front part.Increased: the area behind the cockpit and load.It is possible to create a machine for combat duty.

In 1974 MAZ appeared 7310. It was the prototype of a truck with a side platform, which is also called MAZ 543 "Hurricane".

MAZ 73101 released in 1976.It differs in that it was not a special equipment.It can be used with two-axle MAZ 8385. The length of the entire train was 20550 mm.Such packaging used for the transport of wood and huge pipes.

MAZ 7313 - a modified chassis design, increased capacity for one more ton curb weight vehicle remains the same.And the same version, but with a shorter chassis appeared under the label MAZ 73132. It began to produce in 1986.In the last versions already installed intercoms, heaters and ventilation systems.

Dimensions and weight

MAZ 543 has a mass of 23,000 kg.Carrying capacity is 20,000 kg.Maximum permitted trailer weight up to 25000 kg.Gross vehicle weight may be equal to 43300 kg.

dimensions: length - 11657 mm, width - 2975 mm, height - 2950 mm.

database size: 2200 mm + 3300 mm + 2200 mm.The track is 2375 mm.

Ground clearance: 400 mm.

MAZ 543, a photo of which is shown below, can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h.

Engine and gearbox

MAZ 543 whose specifications are similar to MAZ 537 also has the same engine, but with direct fuel injection and air cleaner.It has a V-shaped arrangement of twelve cylinders, mechanical all-mode speed controller, running on diesel.The prototype of the diesel engine has become B2 used in tanks during the war.The volume is 38.8 liters.Engine power - 525 hp.with.

Hydro transmission used in MAZ 543 can facilitate driving and increase throughput on the roads and the durability of the engine.It consists of three parts: a four-wheel, single-stage torque converter, three-stage automatic transmission and control systems.

The machine has a mechanical transfer box, which has two stages with a center differential.


suspension, part of the chassis of the all-wheel independent, torsion bar.Tyres with a tread reinforced cross have dimensions: 1500 mm 600-635 mm.Wheeled chassis proved to be more suitable for MAZ 543 Features of your vehicle had to meet a specific purpose vehicle.Tracked chassis less suitable as a platform for the launch of a rocket.Are controlled by two pairs of front wheels.The machine has an automatic system for monitoring tire pressure.

Workers' Hurricanes ยป

modification MAZ 7310 appeared in 1977.It was used as a fire engine to work on the ground.This model was used standalone engine mounted in the rear, for the operation of the pump.He borrowed from the ZIL 375. He worked on petrol, I had eight cylinders.When the fire extinguishing powder began to use, there was a model AA 7310 70 220. In it there was another tank for storing 2 tons of powder.

Many fire trucks "Hurricane" MAZ 543, a photo of which is shown below, still perform their functions on the ground of the former Soviet Union.

machine is designed for a crew of 4 people.Water tank capacity of 12,000 liters.Tanker foam has a capacity of 900 liters.Water is supplied at a distance of 70 m, and the foam - 40 m. Fuel consumption is 98 liters per 100 kilometers.

Modern MAZ

543 MAZ (MAZ 7310 or "Hurricane") was replaced with the time the family cars "Hold."However, their production has not taken the form of "mass."They are designed to be installed on them even more powerful weapons.With the creation of their predecessors, managed to release a new train, carrying loads in the 75-100 tons.Designer BLShaposhnik awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.He was awarded the Lenin and the State Prize of the USSR.Now all manufactured products is marked instead of the usual MAZ MZKT.

Model cars for collectors produced in Kazan on a scale of 1 to 43. They are made of metal and plastic.The game "Truckers" MAZ 7310 used the model to create a truck "Storm".And in the game Spin Tires is the same vehicle called E 7310.