Outskirts - what's that?

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meaning of the word "Outskirts" began quietly forgotten people.But can you blame them?After all, this is the reality: there are some things, others disappear.And there's nothing you can do about it.

A century ago, the word "Outskirts" was in wide use, particularly among villagers.Many traditions and rituals was associated with, but first things first.

What is it?

Okolitsa - a wooden fence surrounding the town or village.She served abroad, indicating the edge of the village.Manufactures its wooden beams or vines.This depended on the particular region and the natural resources that were available to its residents.

Height outskirts changed over the centuries.Originally it served as a kind of protective shaft, enclosing the village from enemies and wild animals.But over time the attacks began to happen less and less, because the civilized world is not encouraging robbery.Then Okolitsa became rather decoration than a protective mechanism.

If we talk about it in a figurative sense, the outskirts of a village - this is the edge of the village.However, it need not be fenced or marked.In this case, it is the symbol.

ancient traditions of the Slavs

special force had Okolitsa Slavs.This can be understood by examining those beliefs and practices that could reach our times.In some villages, they spend today, however, now it is rather fun, rather than a sacred act.But there were times when people sincerely believed in the existence of spirits and demons.However, they did their best to protect themselves from their evil influence.

Slavs believed that the village fence - a wall enclosing the world of men from the world of spirits.They believed that evil spirits could not pass through this barrier, unless the evil sorcerer will not help her in this.That is why they are so carefully chosen place and the material for its construction.

rite on Holy Saturday

Okolitsa - it is not easy wooden fence.If you build it without a proper ceremony, he will lose their magical properties.Slavs knew it, and so it is always performed the rite as it was told to tradition.

most common action falls on Holy Saturday, because this day is the strongest magic kind.According to tradition, on the specified day it had to delineate the border village of wooden plow, in Order to form a small ditch.If it was the first ceremony of the village, at the place of the pit eventually put a small fence.

In some villages, this tradition has survived even after the advent of Christianity.However, little has changed its meaning.Now these ceremonies - a rarity, and the word "Outskirts" disappears from verbal turnover.