owners such trendy and popular gadgets like the iPhone or iPad, will sooner or later fall into the very same situation when from the head flies completely the password on the account.And all would do: The device, you can use them, but to install the application or enable / disable certain functions is not possible.So what if you can not enter / exit iCloud?Forgot your password or lost it?There are several ways how it can be restored.

Why such complexity?

owners of smartphones running any other operating system (not iOs) is quite difficult to understand what is the difficulty in restoring the password.And it is.Firstly, the security of Apple is very serious.Just so no password is not possible to restore.Secondly, there are several ways that require investigation, if it forgot password iCloud.What should I do in this case?Read below.Naturally, all the options are suitable only to the true owners of Apple-devices, and not to those who bought a stolen smartphone.

an email client

If so happened that when you try to download the app in the App Store was suddenly found out that the owner forgot password iCloud (he's from AppleID), then it can be quickly and without hassle to change.It is only necessary to make sure that the standard email application authentication is carried out automatically.If you can get in the mail, send a message from it and conduct other manipulations, we can begin to recover.To do this, the device settings to withdraw from accounts tab "iTunes Store, App Store".But e-mail client does not need to touch it, otherwise it will not work to restore through it.Throwing an account, you must again setting it to try to enter by selecting the "Forgot Password" and then sub "Send mail".Attention!If you forget your password iCloud, you can not reset the device to factory settings!This will turn it into a useless "brick."

letter from Apple

When I was selected for the restoration through a mail client, then it also has to come first, and a notice from the company.In a letter written by Apple, that someone is trying to change the password for your account.Of course, if it is done at the initiative of the owner, it is necessary to simply click on the link "Reset password now."After this need only set a new password by repeating it in a special box.

use account

When the new password is set, you need to restart the device and then enter the settings.Even then reactivate the account on all counts: App Store, iTunes Store, Mail, "Photo" and others.All those that use your account iCloud.Forgot password?This is not a problem if the owner really legitimately acquired the unit.

B / Apple-have gadget

much more difficult for those who have bought a tablet or smartphone at pervopokupatelya with it.Especially if he does not come out of his account.The gadgets Apple is now automatically included with the purchase date function "Find iPad / iPhone".And you can not turn it off, without access to iCloud.Forgot your password or did not even know it?There are two ways: first contact the owner, to the disabled or to use again e-mail client.But somewhat differently.

Creating new mail

If the new user has its own e-mail, it is sure to add to the list in the settings.And then ordered recovery password at this address in the same way as described above.Sometimes it is not triggered.And immediately the question arises: "Forgot password on iPhone, iCloud does not work, what to do?"

What to do?

First, disable all the services, which only can be turned off independently.Those that do not require authentication in iCloud (forgot the password from him or did not know the original - it does not matter).Then it is desirable to enter the official website of the company, find yourself a new account (AppleID).Reset old in the AppStore is possible without a password from iCloud.And then to enter into the application with the new data.All: applications, photos and other joys of the gadget can be used.

Why not?

Unfortunately, the above method has a drawback.iCloud is not reset, so not all features are available.So, for example, you can not synchronize photos, videos, notes and contacts, disable "Find iPad / iPhone", enter the cloud service to create backups.

call the company

Reset iCloud old password by calling the company.However, there are difficulties.Firstly, it is necessary to prove that the device actually purchased by the user.For example, by providing a check for payment.Second, have a long talk with employees.They are quite schepitilny in security products company.


In no case can not reset the device to factory settings, if not at the hands of a valid password on the account.This leads to the fact that instead of a full-fledged smartphone or tablet on hands holding a piece of plastic.And, of course, do not go on about the scams that offer for a certain amount of money to remove all the passwords.Most likely, they will not succeed, and the device will suffer.