Steroid - it ... build muscle

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all saw huge "bullies" that are just incredible muscle size.On the one hand, they admired, and on the other - a lot of questions about how they were able to achieve this, which supplements consumed and used steroids or other substances to rapidly build muscle or not.After reading this article, you will be able to answer the question: "The steroid - it is and why it is used?»

The training comes stagnation of muscle growth

When a novice just entering the gym, he wants as soon as possible to be likea man with a stone and a powerful body.Since the first training the body gives better return on training: fast growing operating weight, there is a beautiful figure, burn excess weight.At some point, progress stops.The reason for that can be a lot of factors: poor diet, poor sleep, bad training programs, and other overtraining.

In the process of gaining experience athlete gradually correct the above shortcomings of his sporting life, the results once again begin to grow up, but not as fast as the first days of a visit to the training room.Gradually reached peak form, and to improve any result in the exercise, we have even more hard to do, and it is not always possible to do this.

Those people who do not for the sake of high achievements of the world of bodybuilding, stop at this stage and just start to work on the aesthetics of the body, prorisovyvaya line between the muscles and removing excess fat, that is working on the "quality" of the body.

But what about those who want to look like monsters who view their muscles horrify ordinary people?The answer may be to use steroids.

helps to overcome the genetic barrier to the growth of muscle mass

Steroid - a kind of muscle growth accelerator, which helps to maximize the value of each workout, as well as reduce muscle recovery time.

In the world there are so many different myths about these drugs.Few athletes can honestly say that they are using something else besides sports nutrition.But if you compare the competitors for natural bodybuilding athletes and those who are involved, such as in the Mr. Olympia contest, the difference is obvious.

In the body of any human genes incorporated information about how you can be a great, exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle.Above this limit, simple way to climb impossible.From this viewpoint, a steroid - a way to overcome genetically incorporated in the body of the muscle strip.

what effect steroids?

Firstly they affect the hormones in the human body.In order to help the body to transcend its natural barrier, it is necessary to stimulate the excessive growth of male hormones.Chief among them in the male body, which is produced in large volume - is testosterone, which is also called the "primary androgen."Sports Nutrition, which refers to simple food additives, can only enrich protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, creatine, but is not able to affect the hormones to the necessary extent.

And to muscle gained sverhobёmy, you must give them a powerful impetus.For this it is necessary to influence its own androgen.Sports nutrition in the form of protein shakes, carbohydrate bars, predtrennikov can only help the body to get the most out after training and contribute to faster recovery, but only to the extent that it can be natural ways.

With increasing amounts of testosterone will be a gain in muscle mass, which is impossible if we use only natural food.And it will reach a new level with large volumes.

What types of steroids?

himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous bodybuilder, was repeatedly admitted that he used steroids to achieve their results.He said that if they were not illegal drugs and is used in almost all athletes.

Anabolic steroids are often abbreviated as anabolics.Steroids affect the testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.During use accelerated protein synthesis.

The most popular are the following steroids: testosterone, methandrostenolone, oralturinabol, stanazolol, methenolone enanthate, oksimetonol.

whether steroids are legally on the territory of the Russian Federation?

using steroids, drugs which are quite common, but are illegal in Russia (since 2003), the athletes achieve visible results in body building for a relatively short time.The muscle mass, which previously developed athletes in ten years, modern athletes can be purchased for one or two years of active training using modern drugs.

In modern medicine, a steroid - it is a means of salvation for those who have a fatal lack of weight.For example, after many months of a coma after a complex operation.Some are available over the counter, but no one would sell them strong and healthy-looking person without a prescription.

to buy steroids, athletes are black market, but there on drugs does not give guarantees, and the next purchase might be a forgery, that only inflict injury.

before use to decide for themselves exactly what they can not do without!

muscle building over the genetic ceiling without the use of steroids is not possible, but we need to think about, whether it is necessary, as the use of such drugs can affect the future life and affect not the best way to health of the athlete.

can consult with a trainer, a doctor on the subject of whether you can do it, and to know what effects and side effects are possible.We must not forget that sport is designed to improve human health and not have a detrimental effect on his life.