Signs of addiction: the change of appearance and behavior

Parents should always be aware of the problems their children are required to actively monitor their life, to know what they have a desire to which they aspire.Also, parents are required to pick up the changes taking place in the children, to be able to understand the peculiarities of their behavior and reactions.This is necessary in order to timely detect the first signs of addiction.For clarity and convenience, they are divided into two groups: external appearance and behavior change.

External signs

  1. primarily a drug addict is changing the complexion (pallor), painful and the skin becomes oily ("greasy plaque") or dry.
  2. Inhalation Used in the corners of the mouth or around the lips appears irritation.Perhaps redness and swelling face and difficulty breathing through the nose.Sometimes excitement facial expression, or, conversely, a person becomes puffy, and gipomimichnym maskoobraznym.
  3. There are other external signs of drug addiction.In the eyes can determine many things, too.It can be dark circles, redness, and too extended or narrowed pupils.
  4. yellow teeth, covered with a permanent coating.Language becomes thicker and loses its natural color.On it there are deep cracks.
  5. appearance of a strange odor from clothes and breath.For example, the smell of cannabis is fundamentally different from the smell of tobacco smoke.Hemp has the smell of wet basement, musty and rotten straw.
  6. There runny nose and fever.Clearly visible intoxication, although there is no smell of alcohol.Gait becomes smooth and loose.
  7. most obvious indicator that overshadows all of the above symptoms of drug addiction - is the presence of traces on the body of the injection (the hands, armpits, thighs, groin, and others) and the appearance of objects for use (ampoules, syringes, water pipes, various pipes).Also included are subjects in which occluded vein (tape, tow, cord, etc.).

Changing behavior

Signs of addiction in emotional terms: lack of initiative, apathy, indifference, loss of enthusiasm and interest in learning and their former hobbies, privacy, secrecy, absenteeism at school.Lose contact with their parents, and celebrated alienation from friends and traditional collective.Mendacity is growing.It is likely leaving home.It happens that a teenager shudders when hail or sitting for a long time in a dreamy pose.Lost the ability to think logically.Frequent memory lapses.What else are the signs of drug addiction among teenagers?First of all, the changes relate to the character: they become impatient and unstable.There are unexplainable outbreak of irritability, mood changes dramatically.Confusion can quickly go to the energy and excitement - into passivity.Changing the handwriting manners, circadian rhythm (sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night).It may be addicted to any particular food.For example, opium addicts in certain periods of eating only sweet.Receiving other food for them is fraught with nausea.As soon as you notice your child has signs of addiction, seek specialist.After all, no one except you it will not help!