Faux Pas - what's that?

Faux Pas - what is this?Average rudeness, bad temper or lack of basic understanding of the rules of conduct?In order to answer these questions, which should be observed that word simultaneously sorting out all the confusing moments.And also understand how much can harm tactless person.

interpretation of the word

Faux Pas - a human inability to communicate with others.Thus it arises from the fact that he is not able to pick up for this or that action opportunities.For example, a person may tactless vstryat in another conversation, fails to make a joke to a serious event or remain gloomy on someone's holiday.

If we talk about the business slang, the tactless - is the inability to get along with colleagues.This tactless employee can easily take someone else's order to kill the customer, or to dump unnecessary work.

How else can you describe a faux pas?Synonyms for this word: indelicacy, incorrect and neblagovospitannost.They all have a bright color negative, therefore, many people do not like tactless.

Why do people become so?

Faux Pas - an acquired trait.Often, the reason is the lack of tact bad parenting parents.After all, the nature and habits of the child's need to mold at an early age, but otherwise do it later will be much more difficult.In the future, this task will fall on the teachers and educators who are required to prepare their students for adult life.

Many still believe that the tactlessness of hiding foolishness.After all, in fact, a person simply does not know how to behave in a given situation.In this case it goes wrong is not with evil, and blame him senseless.Correct these people can be, but it needs a lot of work.Plus, more importantly, it must want the man himself.

Much worse, if tactless - is a manifestation of bad temper.In this case, the person is doing intentionally, guided by their own false ideals and motives.

What could faux pas?

tactless people, to put it mildly, do not like.Their society is often annoying: they are unable to keep the conversation going, inappropriate jokes, using the wrong vocabulary, and so forth.This behavior is bad not only for themselves but also to others.

In particular, tactless employee will not take on an important conference, because it is likely that it will spoil it.Also, not many people will want to go with a club or an amusement park.In general, the constant indiscretion can lead to loneliness and estrangement.