Who can defeat the lion?

man from birth, by nature, curious, all he wants to know.Especially interesting is his world of animals.They live next to us, but remain as enigmatic and mysterious.How many years zoologists are studying animals and birds, but to this day our younger brothers do not want to fully disclose all their secrets.Many times, for example, addressed the topic: who is the strongest among land predators?This leads to immediate response - a lion, he is the king of beasts.Who can defeat the lion?No - this is probably the wrong answer, worthy opponents this beast is still there - the tiger and the bear.

lion - the king of beasts!

Proud handsome man with a luxuriant mane, a large predatory cat, silently moving in the tall grass savannas of South Africa - a lion, deservedly called the king of beasts.Magnified so it began for the most part because of the thick, truly royal, mane.

This feline is the second largest in the first place sits the tiger.This huge red cat can easily climb a tree.It would seem that its size is difficult to make.Leo length of up to three and a half meters, given the meter tail.Height - 1.2-1.4 meters, the weight of an adult male of average - 160-270 kg, though there are larger specimens of this species.

Who can defeat the lion, even if his claws seemingly terrible and dangerous - the length of up to 10 cm. The claw of a lion from ancient times as a symbol of power and greatness.In the European tradition, he is the embodiment of forces of the sun and fire.The image of the lion - a pride, courage, triumph!In heraldry it symbolizes the dignity and nobility of the king.

Who can defeat the lion?

among land predators threaten the king of beasts can be a tiger or a bear.Who can defeat the lion of these two beasts?This is a question that can not be answered unequivocally, we can only speculate.It is necessary to take into account many factors in order to predict the result of the match: a tiger and a lion, a lion and a bear.

There are many different kinds of animals.For example, if you take a Bengal tiger, it is much stronger than usual.It's the same with the bear - grizzly much more aggressive, larger and more powerful than usual.What is clear is that the only contender for the title of the king of beasts - the bear and the tiger.Really look the winner in the alleged fights a grizzly bear, but still try to consider the possibility of more of these predators in the fight.

Tiger and Lion

Tiger combat capabilities are enormous!This tabby cat on average weighs 225 kg, while the average weight of a lion - 190 kg.The strength of the tiger bite, again more than the lion tiger - 70 atmospheres, the lion - 40 atmospheres.By the nature of the striped predator is much fiercer lion attacks quickly, standing on his hind legs, two front strikes.

question of what the outcome of a fight with a lion tiger has long tormented by naturalists and hunters.Even in ancient Rome, held fights between these giant cats are almost always came out victorious Tigers.At the end of the nineteenth century, an Indian nobleman he decided to find out who is stronger than a lion, and he made the fight predators.He won the tiger, unfortunately the organizer, as a rich man he made a bid for the lion.

According to the observations of the naturalist John Varty, notably Tiger wins before lion.In the wild, he could see how striped athlete breaks a large leopard tortoise shell as easily as if it were a straw.At the same attempt at the lion did not work out.John is confident that in a normal, healthy state or Ussuri tiger Bengali certain to win the African lion.The same opinion officers came SCT, dealing with the preservation of Chinese tigers.

bear against a lion

Who can win the battle - a lion or a bear?Again, it will depend on the type and condition of the animals.But still try to consider the average possibilities of both animals.

Bear undoubtedly harder lion, weighing about a ton, he can crush an opponent.Leo, though lighter, but more agile, lightning attack can decide the outcome of the battle in an instant.

Bear Toothy lion, he as much as 40 teeth, while the lion, like a normal cat, has a total of 30. But again, it's worth noting if a lion grabbed the first bear in the neck, the clumsy giant collapses, and the teeth are no longer needed him.

great importance in the fight has the force of impact.Scientists have proved that bear his huge paw with sharp claws can be a tremendous blow to break the back of a moose.This power of the lion can withstand the speed and distance of the jump.Huge red cat importantly - get to the throat of the enemy, the lion can instantly cut the neck of antelope.

largest land predators

The result of our research: the question of who can win the lion, remained open.All thoughts on this subject - mostly theory, but the reality of large land predators such as lion, tiger, bear, leopard, hyena, rather they try to avoid a fight, rather than meet in combat.Each of these predators can easily feed themselves, to fight for a piece of meat, then to suffer from the wounds - why?Animals such is not stupid, but extreme cases make terrible fanged animal to fight with each other.