Bactrian camel title, interesting facts, photos

One of the most amazing animals on our land is the camel.It is curious not only their appearance, but also a way of life.So many interesting things to find out the name of the two-humped camel and interesting facts associated with it.

as it is called

First, let's find out what this animal is domestic and wild.Homeland Bactrian camels considered Mongolia.There's a wild animal known as "Khaptagay."Home Bactrian camel is called "Bactrian".This animal has a name in honor of the ancient region Baktirii, it was in Central Asia.This species is the largest of the family of camelids.

distribution of species

Many do not know the name of Bactrian camel, but this is not surprising because in our area to meet this exotic animal in the zoo only.But in Central Asia and Mongolia, he is an ordinary pet.Also, it is diluted in some areas of Russia and China.Worldwide baktrianov population exceeds two million.But wild representative of this family - a very rare animal, and it is threatened with extinction.According to some reports, the list of endangered mammals in eighth place it occupies Khaptagay.Their total number varies between about several hundred heads.Basically Khaptagay can meet in some areas of Mongolia and China.

relationship with a man

Bactrian camels (the name - Bactrian) plays a huge role in the lives of the Asian people.For the population that lives in the desert districts, this animal is a necessary means of transport.They also cut their camels to make woolen items such as rugs, blankets, boots, capes, clothing and more.But in the case are as skin, meat and milk animals.In addition, valuable is the Bactrian camel dung and because of it, is a good fuel.


This animal is so unusual that it can not be confused with other mammals.Bactrian or Bactrian camel, which invited the photo below, is large enough and weighs an average of 500 kg.But often there are more weighty individuals.If we measure the animal's neck, it will be more than two meters, but if you take growth with humps, it may reach 2.7 m.

animal has a long bent neck and lanky legs.Instead of hooves have forked foot and broad callused pad.In addition, each leg has appendages that resemble nail.

Also Bactrian camel, whose name -baktrian, may have a different color from almost white to brown.Fur thick and long enough, it is hollow inside to provide a weak thermal conductivity.They also have an undercoat.Camels shed to summer, changing coat.Old wool falls quickly, and a couple of weeks, the animal may be "naked" until narastet new cover.

hump animal

greatest interest are humps.They may be of various shapes, which often depends on the state of a camel.For example, if an animal is hungry, humps can hang, after eating at the individuals they are restored and rise again.This is due to the fact that these "bags" stored fat (a total of about 150 kg), which is the reserve power of the organism.Also, these growths are thermal insulation for the animal.In addition, the Bactrian camel Bactrian is a convenient transportation, since the distance between his "bags" is approximately 30 centimeters, that's enough there to fit an adult.

Features camels

This animal has a special physiological characteristics that allow it to survive in adverse conditions.For example, a camel can move severe dehydration, while other animals are killed in such circumstances.With a strong loss of moisture in the body is a mammal noticeably losing weight, but when he gets the opportunity to have a drink, its mass almost immediately restored.Furthermore, camel able to accumulate and store the liquid until a certain point.


This animal is the day and at night prefer to relax.They have the main enemies are wolves and tigers.Bactrian camels (the name - Bactrian) lives by the "schedule", which specifies the owner of the animal.But wild birds are kept in herds of up to 20 heads and obey dominant males.Basically in this family only females and young.


At the age of two are ready to have a female offspring.Camels males become sexually mature in five years.In the autumn, a period of rut.Often, at this time the owners of the males put on a leash, because they are dangerous for the surrounding animals and humans.They attack rivals, rushing, roaring and let foam.If the dominant male, he holds a female in one place, not allowing them to disperse.Camels are often in this period come into fights.Even calm animals in the mating season are ferocious.They use powerful neck, trying to squeeze the opponent to the ground using canines, grabbing his legs and neck, feet, beat the enemy.In this case, if the owner does not disperse the camels, can result in serious injury and even death to the weak male.

in rut Khaptagay can become dangerous for domestic counterparts.They are able to break into the paddock kill the male and female lead.So these days, the shepherds take away their animals to the mountains away from danger.

After mating the female bears posterity 13 months.In the light there is only one camel, which weighs less than 45 pounds.Within two hours after the birth of the baby is able to walk independently of the mother.Lactation long, about one and a half years.But chew camel can already the third month.The female is able to give birth in two years once.At the age of 4 years, male camels are slipping into the group over time each of them organize their "harem."

Amazing details

One of the most unusual mammals, of course, is a double-humped camel.Interesting facts about this animal is no less fascinating:

  • one person at a time is able to drink 200 liters of water.
  • If the animal decided to relax or sleep, you can not get up.It will rise only when it wants itself.
  • These herbivores can eat hard spines, with their lips and mouth will not be scratched.
  • camel's nostrils can be closed when necessary (for example, not to let moisture or during sandstorms that sand did not get in).
  • If his residence in the territory of a hurricane begins, the camel may remain in the prone, motionless for several days.
  • Each leg of an animal is capable of doing, "kicks" in the four directions.
  • They can not do without water, if they eat green plants (camels are mined moisture).
  • One of the defensive abilities - is spitting.If the trigger of a camel, it will pull from a nasty stomach mixture, which "reward" the enemy.
  • The fur of this animal has the ability to reflect the rays, which allows it to stay cool during the journey through the desert.
  • name Bactrian camel "Khaptagay" appeared thanks to the locals.
  • camel excrement is very dry, so they are used for heating.They give a smooth, almost smokeless flame warm.
  • They have an excellent memory, which helps not to get lost among the many dunes.
  • camels have keen eyesight.The animal sees movement in the desert a mile away.
  • sense of smell allows the camel to survive, because he feels the water over sixty kilometers.
  • In bad weather, the animal tries to hide.If it's too hot, camels begin to go against the wind, his mouth open to get some cool and avoid overheating.They also use the tail for obmahivaniya.
  • Although movement on the desert invented special machines and navigators, the most reliable tool is still a Bactrian camel, whose name - Bactrian.
  • People used to eat the fat that is in the "bags" of the animal.It is suitable for roasting and valued more beef.
  • Camels carry heavy dampness.
  • They are very susceptible to disease.
  • wild camel can be satisfied even saltwater, home to such is not adapted.
  • can live up to 50 years.