Gainer how to take?

Gainer is a nutrient mixture.In its structure there are proteins, simple carbohydrates.Also in the mix was a place for carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index.For them, tend to slow degradation and constant energy provision.

basics that you need to know

Before figure out how to take gainer for mass recruitment, should review some of the basics.The composition of classical protein mixture should be less carbohydrate is approximately three times.They contribute to the growth of muscle mass.Carbohydrates are also needed to replenish energy after training.Everything else requires additional energy that is extracted from the nutrients.It will be spent on increasing the muscles.

Additional elements of sports nutrition

fats, which are part gainer, often do not carry benefits.Manufacturers sportpita try to minimize their number, replacing saturated fats with unsaturated species.Everything else, added digestive enzymes.This is required to ensure that sport is better absorbed by the mixture.As additional components in the composition can act gainer vitamins and minerals.Sports nutrition this type enriched by glutamine, creatine and amino acids.So gainer - how to take it?

What need to focus?

The first step is the right approach to the choice of the mix.In this case, you want to be guided by the individual needs.In that case, if the proportion of fat in the body is quite high, it is necessary to filter the concentrate, wherein a high content of protein as compared with carbohydrates.Recent help set extra kilos.This is particularly evident in the case if training is not sufficiently intensive.In that case, if there is overweight, it is best to buy protein shakes than gainer.

If an aspiring athlete differs lean physique and a fast metabolism, the choice should be made in favor of the matter in which a high amount of carbohydrates.Most calorie beverage intake gainer will help to make the most efficient in the recruitment of muscle mass.

What should not be forgotten?

Particular attention should be paid to the protein composition.In that case the carbohydrate used in sports nutrition, often possess good quality, the proteins may not always benefit from the body.The quality of the construction element to a greater extent will depend on the value of sports nutrition.

Gainer is a perfectly balanced food supplement.However, manufacturers are not always able to take into account the individual characteristics inherent to each athlete.Therefore, before taking the set gainer for muscle mass, you should decide is whether you need supplements and vitamins in the mixture.Creatine to increase muscle can be purchased separately.Vitamins are redundant in the event that an aspiring athlete passes the appropriate course prescribed by your doctor.

effects from

What should be the dosage gainer?It should be understood that the mixture is a dry concentrate nutrients.Before taking it should be diluted, bringing to an even consistency.At the same time, you can use water or milk.On the packaging of sports nutrition written specific portion of production required for a single administration.But they do not all situations are the objective.Every single manufacturer is trying to increase the turnover of the product.Too high a dose is not able to bring harm to the body.However, the effect of this will be a little.This is due to the fact that the amount of digestible protein organism is limited.For example, 300 grams of the mixture will not bring more value than the optimum portion of 150 grams.

How much should be taken?

calculation per serving should be made individually, taking into account the characteristics of the organism.Observe the required weight, the level of sports training, caloric needs, the schedule with the intensity of the training process.After you have found the optimum ratio of protein to carbohydrates per serving, should start taking gainer.How to use it?The first step is to dissolve the mixture in an amount that is equal to the estimated one-third dosage.Portions should be increased gradually, while observing the result.If no effect is seen, the dosage should be increased.If you will be a set of excess weight, the need to limit the intake by using this drink just before training.

time, when to eat gainer

How to take sports nutrition?In answering this question, it is necessary to deal with the time of reception.

  1. Eating before exercise.If reception gainer exercise immediately before the training process (30 minutes before the start), it will be received supply of energy.Accordingly, to increase the intensity of muscle growth.On top of another energy source will provide additional nutrition of tissues.In addition, in such a situation will be better able to absorb protein.
  2. reception at the end of the training process.If we take gainer after a workout, the body receives protein.This element is used to position the building material for muscles.Also, carbohydrates are obtained.They will provide the extra calories, which subsequently will be used to ensure that the process of synthesis.

hour and a half after the training is completed with power kinds of exercises will form a protein-carbohydrate window.In this regard, the nutrients will be absorbed more actively.Muscle fibers can not be left without power in such a situation.Otherwise start depletion and not growth.To prevent this, you must use the gainer.How to take it, it is almost understandable.It should be noted that immediately after exercise (until the last thirty minutes), the use of this material is not recommended.The body must be given time to ensure that he has calmed down.

What else should I know about the gainer?

How to take this sports nutrition, it is already clear.It should be noted that they can replace usual meal.If there is a lack of time to cook, the gainer will be an excellent option.Particularly relevant issue is for those athletes who are characterized by adynamic physique with lack of muscle mass.It is also possible to supplement the diet Gainer if there is need for rapid set mass.Sports nutrition can be taken at night.This makes it possible to increase caloric intake in case of shortage of proteins and carbohydrates.But again, this advice most concerned lean athletes, their rapid metabolism.It should be remembered that during sleep the consumption of carbohydrates relative to energy processes is minimized.However, they are stored as fat.Keep in mind the daily caloric needs.In addition, you must enter the sports nutrition mode gradually.The only way the digestive system get used to the weight gainer.If done correctly, then a week later it will be possible to note the first results.There will be an increase in strength with endurance will start to grow muscles.

Why should consume sports nutrition?

summarize under all the above, please list the main advantages of sports nutrition.

  1. Gainer helps to meet the requirements for a large number of calories.This kind of demand - a problem typical of many men.Sports nutrition helps to simplify its decision.Especially when you consider that today there are a large number of available compounds.
  2. Due to the special form of fat can be more slender.In Gainer has a special type of dietary fat.They will help keep the shape in optimal condition while building muscle.
  3. There are plenty of dining options, taken after training and every day.You can find sports nutrition that is optimally suited for the application close in time to the training process.There are those Creatine, which can replace a meal or supplement it.
  4. sports supplements can meet the needs in the most effective way to creatine.How to take gainer with creatine?Similarly, as a simple mixture sports.In the presence of creatine in sports nutrition is no need in the protein powder.In addition, it will not have to buy separately.Creatine is considered to be an excellent complement to most sports mixture.
  5. Another reason for eating gainer is the rapid recovery of the body.