Pragmatists - a rationally thinking people

pragmatists - they are people who do not recognize the authority.They doubt everything that surrounds them, but at the same time the behavior of their purely rational and depends on the actions of others.At the same time we can not say that they are reflective and act rashly.On the contrary, act pragmatically is to act rationally, even selfish, on the basis of personal interests or the interests of the people around them.

What is important and what is not

Pragmatists - it is also those who recognize that everything in the world is bought and sold, has its price.For them, no matter what beliefs or moral quality opponent.What is important is that it offers or sells, and therefore - what benefits can be obtained in the transaction.It does not matter the form of the transaction - whether it is the operation of economic exchange, for financial or symbolic, moral profit.The main thing is not to stay nothing and not to be a loser.Therefore, it is essential to obtain concrete results from their actions.If there is no result, then the actions are considered solely as nepragmatichnye.

project quality

Furthermore, the pragmatists - they are people of the same project.No, they do not live a single day.Cold calculation and the lack of emotion in solving business problems forced them to care for others, and perhaps to a greater extent than people sensitive and prone to rash decisions.However, they will not do anything if you do not understand why they need it.Deciding one project, always proceed to the solution of the second, third, and so on. D. There is no moral values ​​- what is good and what is bad.There is only an understanding that is beneficial and what is not.We can therefore say that in my personal life for pragmatists like a stone wall - cozy, comfortable and safe.


It is also correct to say that pragmatism - a strong people.They do not ask too many questions, do not expect a stupid answer.They work and earn credibility for yourself and loved ones.They can not hide behind other people's problems, and all the contentious issues resolve on their own.What it means - it's like they say, is another question entirely.Anyway, as the task set is to be solved.

In any case, a pragmatist - a person who thinks rationally.They make life easier for themselves and others.And there are no superfluous words and gestures.The simpler, the better.They do not dream and do not fly in the clouds.They know their business and almost always achieve its goals.

Concepts pragmatists

These include:

Proactivity - actions are always focused on the object or purpose.Quickly, efficiently and with meaning.So, probably, it is necessary to form a credo of pragmatic.

Insistence - especially to themselves.To be able to consider not mean to spend money and time.Just as skimp on the acquired good.The reverse side of this quality - good luck, which is characteristic only for strong personalities.

Freedom - you can not achieve something if you do not feel the possibility of self-actualization.Yes, the person bound by some obligations and requirements, but they do a guide, not a limiting role.