Turn your long hair in "Bob": Step by Step

Just as the owners have short hair has a dream suddenly appear with long hair, not otraschivaya them for years - every girl with long hair wants to try on a short cut, but cut the luxurious curls, too, does not seek.For the first strand has an overhead, and that is, for those who have long hair?

We found two ways - for straight hair and curly.

For straight hair

Step 1. separate the top from the bottom of the hair, from one ear to the other.The top kill the hair "krabikom" or stud to not interfere.

Step 2. From the bottom of the braid pigtail.It is better to do a little oblique, that is, from one ear to the other.But if uncomfortable, just braid braid hair to the tips.Secure the ponytail elastic, and lay it under the back of his head, attach pins or invisible.

Step 3. upper part of the hair free from the clips.Nacheshite for the volume, and that the hair tightly, hiding braid.Top hair comb fine comb to bouffant remained within, and on top there was an impression of smooth silky hair.

Step 4. make a low ponytail, hair should cover the ears.Attach a rubber band, then a little lower down the gum.And wrap the tail under the braid.Secure pins.Spray hair with lacquer.

excellent solution to update its image!

For curly hair

In general, the principle remains the same, but added some steps to give hair a good texture.

Step 1. Distribute hair as they will carry with hairstyle "Bob".That is, parted in the middle, or oblique, or without parting.Heat curling iron and create curls.There used tongs diameter of about 3 cm. Twist the strands in the direction of a person, rather tightly, almost to the roots.Pre can sprinkle with hair spray for styling curls to hold well.

Step 2. Braid very loose low ponytail to the ends.Attach a rubber band at the end.Hide scythe making a secret beam pins.

Step 3. Now you need a little tousle hair on the roots so that they more freely hung.You can shake your head in different directions.Top fix hairspray hairstyle middle or weak fixing.Locks must be mobile!

This conversion can be done very quickly, in just a few minutes before leaving the house for work or study.

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