The effects of drug abuse

Addiction - is an incredibly serious disease that can lead to death.The only pity is that the addicts themselves do not understand, or maybe just do not want to understand.And when it's "epiphany" it is already too late to live, learn, engage in interesting work, to love, to create a happy family and give birth to healthy children.Russia has officially registered in narcological clinics consists of 140 thousand people, of whom 11 thousand - children and adolescents.However, these figures can not give a complete picture of the number of drug addicts, because the registration stand only those who do it voluntarily, and it is about every 30th addict.Here and count how many people in our society are sick drug!

consequences of drug abuse in the first place affect the health of drug addicts.From drug use affects many human organs - the brain and the heart and liver.As a result of taking intoxicating substances is disturbed psyche, there is impotence, the addict will never be able to give the world a healthy offspring, the likelihood of having children with genetic disorders and deformities in drug addicts almost 100%!

disease of addiction - HIV and hepatitis C, they are observed in 90% of affiliates.Infectious diseases addicts suffer very difficult (due to lowered immunity), so even ordinary ARI can turn them into a torture.After two years of taking drugs in a human heart becomes inflamed, leading to the occlusion of blood vessels.Myocarditis, arrhythmia, problems with veins - this is not a complete bunch of diseases addict.The effects of addiction to others no less deplorable.There are cases when the parents of drug addicts died of stroke, heart attack, and even from the hand of a loved child.For an addict, "stoned" becomes like a man in front of him constantly looming goal: to get a new dose, no matter which way.There is a statistic that one addict during his short life (half dependent die after six months of regular drug use and only 1% survive to the age of 40) have time to attach to the drug even 7-10 people.

Why is the spread of drug addiction received, do not understand what people are taking drugs, do not know what the consequences of drug addiction?The fact that this relationship is the other side - the drug trade, it is those who sell drugs are beneficial to more people "sat down on the needle."Note traffickers themselves do not use drugs!The first dose of the potential addict always comes for free, and the proposal to "try" is accompanied by numerous promises about the fabulous sensations of the possibility to go to a different reality and for a time to disconnect from the problems.But once the man was on the hook, became addicted, free lunch, which happens only in a mousetrap, immediately pick up and demand for the next dose specific, quite a large sum.That is why the victims of traffickers are most often young people from wealthy families.Those who are no longer able to obtain money by legal means, they go to the winds.

Statistics confirms that should relieve some of the area of ​​addiction is immediately reduced the number of crimes: theft, robbery and prostitution.The consequences of drug addiction often lead a person behind bars is not necessarily to be a drug addict himself - it may be the person who unknowingly fell for friends.Often these people are under Articles drug possession, the content of opium den, drug cultivation.

It is believed that the drugs are separated by severity, for example, marijuana relates to the light and serious - cocaine, heroin, and "the white Chinese".However, this division is hardly appropriate, effects of the drug, regardless of their type and belonging to the class is always the same - a serious violation of health (physical and mental) and sometimes death!