Texas Hold'em: rules.

"Texas Hold'em" - a game that changed understanding of maps.Rules of Poker "Texas Hold'em", the combination of it can be learned in five minutes, but you can not find at least one person who will tell you that knew the ins and outs of the game.It is because this game is so incredibly deep, and even losing and losing, a smart player gains a lot, opening the way for future victories, it makes sense to learn the rules.Poker can give much more than just a fun hobby.

"Texas Hold'em": a combination

As with any other poker here opredelnie winner is determined by combinations of cards.Before starting to play "Texas Hold'em", the combination must be learned first.Their order of seniority determines you have won a particular hand or not.In fact, this is the main rule "Texas Hold'em".

In total there are 10 combinations, where the "kicker" - the weakest, and the "Royal Flush" - the most powerful and invincible combination.The first three of them belong to the category of very rare and almost invincible.Combinations of 3-7 are considered strong, but even the formidable "full house", can be defeated in the game.A couple deuce and often bring victory, but require care when playing.

  1. "Royal Flush" - "straight flush" from the 10's to Ace.
  2. "Straight flush" - five cards of the same suit in order.
  3. "Kare" - four cards of the same rank.
  4. "full house" - a couple and set in a combination (five cards).
  5. "Flash" - five cards of the same suit, regardless of merit.
  6. "Street" - five cards in sequence regardless of suit.
  7. "Network" (or triple) - three cards of the same value.
  8. Two pairs - a combination consisting of two pairs of the same value.
  9. Pair - two cards of the same value.
  10. "Kicker" - the highest card.

Thus, in the game of "Texas Hold'em," a combination - is what determines the superiority or weakness of one player over another in a particular hand.


modern rules of the game "Texas Hold'em" clearly prescribed all stages, from the cards and ending with the definition of a winner.The game is played from 2 to 10 people.Card is dealt or the dealer (in a casino and gambling clubs) or the players in turn.

cards in the game gives the player who makes the last bet.That is the last at the table in the current distribution, to determine the position of the player has a special badge - "loaf", indicating the last player in the hand.With each new game, it goes to the next player.Clockwise.

following two players clockwise put obligatory bets - small and large "blind".They correspond to the size of the minimum bet at the table.After dealing the cards the first betting round the player to the left of the big "blind".

First Circle

game "Texas Hold'em" - poker, which is played two cards.After the cards start trading, during which each participant evaluates the strength of your hand.Depending on the pleasant solutions, the player coming off bids can select one of four actions:

  1. "Call" - a bet equal to the big "blind".
  2. "Raise" - an increase in rates (at least twice).
  3. "Paz" - the refusal of further game and fold.
  4. "all-in" or "all-in".The bank put all the chips.

Of course, you can not bid below the set before, except in the case where the number of chips in the pot smaller bets.In this case, the player, if he thinks proper, declare "all-in".

Each player in the order of doing one of four things as long as the rates are aligned, or all players will fold in a "pass", giving the most aggressive party.

Basic rules "Texas Hold'em" say the right decision at this stage is crucial to the rest of the hand, especially for beginners.

Playing the "flop"

After all bets are made, the dealer opens the "flop" - the first three cards on the table, called the "flop."Thus, the players remaining in the hand, get as much information about your hand.Most often it is at this stage of the game in the "Hold'em" a combination drawn able to win the game.

"Flop" gives a detailed picture of the prospects of a particular hand.The player may receive a combination of ready to assemble or incomplete "flash" or "Street" (without a card), which give the opportunity to play on, at moderate rates opponent.

If the three cards on the table did not improve his hand, then most likely, the player must throw the cards in "pass" bet on an opponent.Exception - in the hands of a pair of queens, kings and aces.Trading on the "flop" are conducted in the same manner as in the "flop" (the first round of bidding).However, the rates tend to be significantly higher.

"Turn" and "River"

Any player who remains in the hand of Ambassador "flop" not ready combinations wants to see the map on the table, all of which will change in his favor.However, only when the correct calculation of such hopes are justified more often than 50% of the time.

"Turn" puts the question squarely - in the hope of playing the last card or declare "pass" and count the losses.The choice depends on the opponent, if the rate is too large, the card is best throw.

"River" - the last fifth card in the game.After it announced another round of auctions, and the participants reveal the card to find out who gets the pot.

"River" is translated as the river, which is associated with the end of the path.On the "river" is not always winning combination of strong, very often someone wins the pot, pushing other participants of the game.

In a game of "Texas No Limit Hold'em," the rules say that wins the best 5-card hand, selected from the seven cards.Five cards laid out on the table, and two pocket.Despite its apparent simplicity, "Texas Hold'em" - poker, which has 2,869,685 options for different combinations.

Limit and No-Limit poker

limit poker - is the most popular kind of game in which the maximum rate is only limited by the amount of chips the participant.In this kind of card game is best combined passion and cold calculation, since even a very strong professional overnight luck can turn.In a game of "Texas No Limit Hold'em" rules allow to go "all in" at any point in the game, forcing nervous, even the most powerful opponents.It is quite another - a game with limited stakes.

"Limit Hold'em" means that the maximum "raise" a player is not more than one or two large "blind".The highest possible rate for the entire distribution only 24 times higher than the minimum, and then only if the opponent will continuously raise rates."Limit Hold'em" - the game is calm and measured, very often it is chosen in order to start playing online.

Tournaments in "Texas Hold'em"

Tournament rules are somewhat different from the usual games.The number of participants also begins with two people, but there is no upper limit.So, in the biggest event of 2014 - the main event of the World Series WSOP in Las Vegas at the tables got 6680 people.A total prize pool exceeded $ 65 million.

There are two major differences from the normal cash games:

- rate rises after a certain passage of time.As a result, the number of "blind" in the game with time is reduced, and with every new step the intensity of the game increases.

- The second difference is that the participants of the tournament can finish it in only two cases: winning or losing all the chips.In cash games, you can leave the table at any time.

Tournament experience on the Internet is very important for beginners, as it allows to get used to playing with different chips.It is believed that more sports tournaments, you play for cash.

Tournaments Sit-and-Go

These games are very popular on the Internet, in fact they are a tournament at the same table with the participation of 2-10 people.In the first phase the players have from 50 to 200 large "blind".

The tournament is played from 1 to 3 prizes, and especially attracts players dynamic Sit-and-Go.The rate increases, the participants are eliminated one by one, until in the end only one remains.

Use Sit-and-Go is that a player is involved in all major stages of the tournament for 30-50 minutes.For a successful game needs the flexibility of thinking and the ability to quickly change tactics depending on the circumstances.

Poker alone

play one-on-one or "heads-up" has its own rules."Texas Hold'em" together - is, above all, the battle characters.It is characterized by a large percentage of bluffs and very aggressive style of play, waiting is not to win.

In this game great power purchase card "ace" and "King" from the second map below ten, which in a normal game considered controversial.With these hands often players go "all-in".

Game "heads-up", first of all, allows us to understand the psychology of the enemy, which in itself is important.

opportunity to play in the "Texas Hold'em" alone is found in all types of games, and to be able to play this poker is very important, however, is the skill can not boast of many.

Basics of poker strategy: position at the table

The closer the player is to "loaf", the greater his chances of winning the game.Conversely, the position of players in front of them is dangerous for weak and medium-sized drawing of the power source.The table is divided into 4 zones, depending on the position.

most complex game from early position - it is three people sitting after a "blind".The common designation UTG 1-3.Then there are the "blinds", their position is weaker than UTG, but the "blinds" the last bet on the "pre-flop", and therefore can make more profitable decisions.

average position three places after the UTG, denoted by the letters MP 1-3.It is believed that these places are especially profitable with strong starting hands.The most profitable last two hands in the drawing.This "cat-of" and "dealer", they close the deal and make a decision when all players have said a word.These hands are best suited to bluff.

As the number of players in the first cut position UTG, then MP.In game six of us there is only one early and middle position.

Strength of arm

It is important to assess with any starting hands bet, depending on the position.In early position, bets can be made only with very strong hands: AA;KK;QQ;JJ;TT;AK;AQ.

range of hands on positions MP complement all the cards over tens, and a pair of 77 and above.

In late position range is increased by suited cards, and all pairs of cards that can form a "Street" and "Flash" (suited 56; 67; 78; etc.).If the bet was made in early position, it can be kolirovat cards TT;AK;AQ.Maps AA;KK;QQ;JJ - the right decision to "cut".On the other hand the best care in the pass.

proposed recommendations are good for beginners, experienced strategy game is changing, becoming more flexible and technically equipped."Texas Hold'em" - poker, which provides unlimited opportunities for development.

Bluffing in poker

rules of the game in the "Texas Hold'em" do not say anything about bluffing.However, without this element of the game can not be successful.Bluff good if it is possible and may be useful when it is opened.

In the first case, he makes a profit, the second allows you to fool the opponent, if after the exposure to change the strategy of the game.

However, in the absence of sufficient experience is still worth to outline some rules."Texas Hold'em" do not forgive mistakes on a bluff.

  • only need to bluff from late position when all players have had their say.
  • Never bet against the player who made the "raise" or big bets.
  • not bluff often.Just in case, if there is significant chance of success, and in compliance with the first two rules.
  • never put much the rate should be less than a bank but more than half of it (preferably 2/3).
  • not worth fighting for the big banks.Chips, lost on a bluff, it is very difficult to return.

There are several effective strategies for bluffing, but they are based on experience and intimate knowledge of psychology, and therefore this part of the game you need to go carefully, not taking dangerous decisions in the game.

Poker philosophy

game of "Texas Hold'em", the rules combination, the first steps in the game - it is not even the beginning.Poker - a matrix of human society, which reflects all the strengths of the person and his weakness.Understanding how to play Hold 'em, "many believe to have found the missing link in my life, integrity and become stronger.

The popularity of poker is the fact that everyone can find their place in the game, your desk, your limit and even your company.A rule, "Hold'em" only help to find this road.The main thing in the game - the ability to correctly find your time to see the momentary weakness of the opponent, or vice versa, with the feigned nervousness guess treacherous "flash."This game - a knowledge of the world, themselves and others.Poker - is the art of winning, even losing.