Rebranding - a ... What is and how to rebrand

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Rebranding - a kind of "repairs" of the brand or trademark.Repairs can be capital or cosmetic.The choice depends on the initial state of the object.In addition, it is possible to carry out a full and a partial re-branding.The rebranding of the company - it is a long and time-consuming because it must be reasonable and justified.It should be carried out when the brand really needs updating.

When you want to rebrand

rebranding is necessary in the event that:

  1. There have been changes in the market conditions and the current brand has not agreed to these changes.If the industry is to market your brand decreased, consumption fell, the goods is obsolete and not in demand by consumers.Also, the reason for rebranding may be changing preferences and requirements of the target audience.
  2. positions the brand in the market significantly weakened.This problem may be not only the positioning of the product, but basically it is rebranding helps to radically change the situation.Often the reason for changing the image of the brand becomes a competition, and after a successful rebranding experiencing a rapid growth in sales.
  3. Positioning your brand initially was not effective.Engineers implementing trademark mistaken idea that you are approved, the audience did not understand or did not appreciate.In such a situation also requires rebranding.

complex or cosmetic rebranding

Given that this rebranding, the choice of what will be the process - complex or cosmetic, depending on the complexity of the problems faced by your company.Rebranding should be focused on overcoming difficulties with minimal losses.It must begin with an assessment of the current position of your brand.If the cause is the idea of ​​positioning the brand idea need to change dramatically, which in turn will lead to changes in all the other attributes.This rebranding is called a complex.

If, for example, the very popular brand among consumers, but the packaging design out of the general concept, it is possible to restrict the cosmetic rebranding, that is, to make minor changes.For example, the re-branding of the cafe may include not only the change of the logo and the interior, but also a change in the orientation of the menu or the institution.It should be noted that the rebranding is well promoted and popular consumer brand should be done wisely, so as not to disturb its position in the market and reduce its visibility.

essence of

Rebranding - it is a long and gradual process.At its core is the creation of a new brand on the basis of the old.Sometimes change comes from the return, in spite of the existing brand.Because competent rebranding should always start with market research, and only after this will be clear in which direction to work.

The studies will help determine what you need to get rid of and what should be added.They identify what the quality of your brand's consumers are considered as an advantage, and where your brand is lagging behind its competitors.Consequently, it results from the market research depends on all the further process of rebranding.

main objectives rebranding

tasks set before the rebranding, simple and clear.It is necessary to strengthen brand loyalty among the target audience, to differentiate it and attract new consumers.Other reason to make any changes, in principle, no.After rebranding, as, indeed, and Branding - this is one of the tools of marketing goals and objectives which should be as focused on the growth of economic indicators.

unique and attractive brand

brand displays exactly the attitude of the target audience, and the signs, packaging - it's just the attributes of the brand, a sort of identifiers that cause in the mind of the consumer associations with the necessary goods, services or brand.So, branding - is the process of designing, creating and maintaining the desired image in the minds of consumers and the subconscious.Attributes are an important part of the brand, but still considered a key concept of the image, the image formed.And of course, this image should be the most contribute to the realization of the object of consumption.So, in other words, to influence the choice of the buyer.

search for a new vector

As already mentioned, the rebranding - a change of image.This change, which should have a positive impact on the minds of buyers and improve sales.And as the desired ratio is influenced by motivating values, which is incorporated into a vector brand, then you need to think about changing motivations of the target audience of the brand.In some cases, perhaps even switching to another brand audience in general.The essence of the re-branding is the brand that focuses on the value of one, which has significance for the consumer, suddenly radically changes the vector.

The change in attributes is not always absolutely necessary.This is only required if they do not comply with or are contrary to motivating values, rooted in the new direction of the brand.The new image is created complex.This restyling of the logo redesign of the interior.But still the main instrument by which the changes are formed in the mind, is advertising.And all the other attributes - only addition to motivating values ​​of the new vector.It is worth noting that the limited change something one, or a range of signs, if it is conducted on such large-scale changes in the image of the brand, as suggested rebranding - is pointless spending.

Rebranding: examples

begin to change anything in the successful and timely brand inappropriate.But at some point you may need to re-branding, even the titans of the market.Examples are the part of me Pepsi logo and virtually not changed in a hundred years the logo Coca-Cola.The first brand is focused on the new values, and the second is prone to adhere to tradition.It is worth noting that the two brands are choosing the right direction, they have consistently promoted the value component and tweak (or not change) the attributes of a selected vector.


rebranding rebranding process in its complexity and scope may exceed the creation of a new image of the brand.The changes are not guaranteed to be successful.Yes, and limited to half-measures in this process is impossible.The more saturated the market becomes, the more important the branding and its attributes.The created image is very important to secure the commitment of consumers.Nevertheless, the brand is not created out of nothing, the brand - it is the result of long, thorough and detailed analysis, and if initially he did not receive effective enough, then the re-branding it is necessary to take into account previous mistakes and not to hope that the image will appear just by itselfprocess.Otherwise, the money and time spent on rebranding itself is not justified.