How to get credit in the Savings Bank of Russia

Continuous improvement of banking products and services to simplify the system allowed to Sberbank of Russia to become the leader on loans to individuals and legal entities.Simplicity in design, reasonable interest rates and a large selection of credit schemes have always attracted customers at this banking institution.For such loans have become a very convenient way of the desire, is to figure out how to get a loan from Sberbank.In this period the institution offers more than 10 kinds of standard programs and several specialized car loans.

How to obtain a consumer credit in the Savings Bank

Issuance of loan a borrower will not be a problem if his age is between 18 and 60 years.At the same time there is a registration, a permanent job and income, allowing no problem to repay monthly debt payments.To learn how to get a loan from Sberbank, can call on the phone, where experts will give the bank a full consultation on all issues.Further, the applicant submits an application with an attached set of documents.Within 2 days of the security service of the bank makes a decision, and if so the money can be obtained through cash within 30 days.Not every bank is more willing to credit the seniors.But in this case, for them there is a special program with a loyal consumer credit conditions.

How to get a loan from Sberbank

order not to wait for many years, huddling in cramped rooms with the family, you can take a mortgage program for the construction of a residential building, under construction or ready-made apartment.This loan allows the bank to pay up to 30 years, but the only condition is the introduction of an initial amount of 10% of the project cost.If there are no such facilities available, then the need to ensure debt, which can be a credited object.Make a mortgage loan can be when a person is credited aged at least 21 years and not more than 65 years.After consideration of the application shall be signed by the contract, which clearly stipulates the interest rate, monthly payment and the duration of the mortgage program.For more information about how to get a loan from Sberbank, you can contact the staff of the credit institution in person or on the phone.

denial of credit

Bank may refuse the applicant in the event that there is a negative character credit history, if there is no stable income, and if there is a conviction.Thus, Sberbank is trying to protect themselves from the risk of defaults.

How to get a loan from Sberbank through guarantors

If the bank for some reason do not accept the borrower's income, it is not possible to make an initial payment or collateral is not considered liquid, you can seek help from guarantors.Under the responsibility of such persons may be credited for any program.The only condition of the bank - the solvency of guarantors.