Office Manager.

in office "Office Manager" most employers see workers performing pretty broad range of responsibilities.The purpose of the introduction of the staffing of the unit - ensuring the smooth running of the office, or even a few services responsible for that.If you want a no ordinary secretary, answering phone calls, receive mail and visitors, of course, office manager - is the head, as the employee requires certain powers and authority.Without it, he will not be able to effectively carry out its duties.

As part of its primary mission, the list of duties to be performed by the office manager, should cover at least five areas.It should be understood that the office - this is not the room where sat the chief, and the place where still perform administrative and management functions.And that means that the quality and timing will depend on how the work will be constructed office manager.

managerial responsibilities.They include planning of the office, its organization structure, management employees, the introduction of corporate culture, the development of policy dialogue with partners and monitor its compliance.

administrative functions.They include the organization of office work, the establishment of relations between the services, the distribution of office space among employees.

Household duties.Office Manager should arrange the purchase of office equipment, stationery, consumables, household equipment.In addition, it must provide cleaning office buildings, maintenance of office equipment, the timely payment of utility bills, rent, etc.

Control responsibilities.This activity includes conducting audits, inspections, inventory of property, documentation.

statements.They include the preparation of reporting documents (information) for the head.

Depending on the size of the organization, the staff member may be a separate contractor charged with governance (for small businesses), and can lead the whole service.At the same time head of the organization it should be understood that the universalization of the desire of employees, the imputation of their duties of things that lie within the competence of other services, is not always justified.For example, it is not necessary to load such employee accounting, personnel management, etc.Such mixing is usually a negative impact on the quality of work.The reason for this lies in the fact that these obligations are much broader than the obligation to ensure the work of the office, they permeate the entire organization.Therefore, accounting job, office manager should be to focus on the experience and skills of the above five areas of activity, rather than spread them too wide range of responsibilities is often not related to the provision of the office.If the employer is looking for qualified staff in this area should not forget what the employee needs it, and not to bring the excess of non-core function requirements.