Preference: rules of the game, a combination of cards

Preference is a classic card game that was born in Russia in the XIX century.According to the complexity and fascination it is similar to chess.Because it was valued aristocrats.Passionate about her were writers, musicians, artists.Currently, every day growing number of people who are interested preference.For them it is an entertaining hobby.Overall, an interesting preference.Rules of the game here are original.This further details.

Rights and obligations of the dealer

In this regard, there are many nuances.From someone who deals the cards, it does not depend on that fall into the talon.But the significance of playing cards affect its reward or punishment.If the party is not satisfied and the buy-back of its surrendering it, then he shall be punished with penalty points uphill.Their number depends on what game was ordered.It is important to know.Bonus points or whist also depend on the ordered game.Surrendering owed:

  • For ace whist community cards equal a bribe.It corresponds to the ordered game.
  • for the lady and the king of the same suit Vista, in the amount of a bribe.This combination of playing cards called "marriage."
  • For aces with the king of the same suit Vista is two bribes.
  • For two aces also owed some points.They are like three bribes.
  • For unplayed order should be punished "for the plant."

The dealer may participate in the order called "minuscule."This is when you can not take bribes at all.When he was invited to play the game a partner.This is what happens when the cards for "Mizera" put not very successful, but there is hope that the appropriate community cards.Although perhaps it is not so.It all depends on the case.The loss then signs for two.However, the victory points are also divided in half.It is very attractive to the dealer in the invitation to minuscule.If he agrees to play, then he gets acquainted with the customer's card layouts.

The dealer is obliged to ensure that the talon not lit until the end of trading.Also, he should not watch it.Of particular importance is the fact that the dealer invited to play "half."It is important to remember.


minimum play preference - "by six."This is where the party must take a certain number of tricks.Namely six.The remaining four is divided between its partners.It does not matter the distribution of bribes between VIST: two each;one and three in the other one;or all in one hand.In any case, it is considered a game played.Assurances she would when party took more bribes than pledged.Only in this case, there is a certain condition.That is what Vista, which will have at least two tricks, records itself points up the hill.It should be remembered.The game is not played, if the participant turned out bribes less ordered.In this case, it is fine and it is written in the mountain points.A VISTA get extra points for a bribe and to plant.

Then the next game, named after the number of ordered bribes.Namely, "desyaternaya" "devyaternaya" "semernaya" "eightfold" or "Totus".It is also important to know."Totus" - a game is exactly the opposite, "Misery."We talk about it earlier.There is also the highest game.But the combination of cards for her are rare.That it is called "preference."It declares it when the party after receiving a widow at the hands of three cards of the same suit larger denomination.Or are the youngest of four.This is also in the same suit.

are fairly stringent conditions "sextuple" and "devyaternoy" variations of preference.Rules of the game here should also strictly implement.That is VIST must take the alleged bribes.Namely, the four six-fold during the game and at one devyaternoy.Such variations as "Semerik" and "octagonal" have more flexible rules.That is, can have a certain amount of bribes VISTA.Two in the seventh game and one in the eighth.

Distribution maps

In this case, all quite simple.Deck of cards shuffled who donate.It was stated above.Distribution of the cards are in pairs.That is, three players with 10 pieces and 2 talon.At the same time the last couple of cards to be average.That is not the first and not the last.


After reading the cards the players are beginning to bargain for the kind of games.The first application makes a participant sitting of the dealer clockwise.Start trading is carried out with a minimum of play.Namely "Peak 6" and beyond.Each player declares the game over on color than the previous.Either he gives in and out of the trade.Games increased from 6 to 10. The seniority of colors is in order.Namely: spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts.Older than any suit game notrump.Although the number of tricks is like what was announced.Declare a "minuscule" can not be in the event that a player has already traded for another game or pass.But it is possible to interrupt the application for devyaternuyu game.Then the bargaining stops preference.Game rules still provide other options.Namely, when the minuscule voiced no widow, it is possible to interrupt the application for nine.If "PACE" all the participants played "raspasy."It should also be known.If not carried out "minuscule" and "raspasy", the Bidder until the last player.Next, look at this in more detail.

kind of game

There are three variations:

  • bribes.
  • Miser.
  • raspasy.

detailed description thereof will be set forth below.

Playing Cards preference for bribes

There are certain conditions.That is, who has won the auction, he is obliged to play with the stated asset (or without).He also must collect bribes as much as ordered.Member taking talon and dropping unneeded two cards, he says that with any trump card to play (or not).He also reports that a number of tricks, he is obliged to take.In this case, there is a certain limit.It lies in the fact that you can not order a bribe less than was stated at the bargaining.For example, up to 7 dotorgovalsya drum may play on the drum 7 and above 8 peak, and so.. However not peak 7 or 6 other of any suit.The rest all play together against it.However, each of them decides vistovat or pass.It all depends on the desires and possibilities of the participants.VISTA also undertakes to take a certain amount of bribes game.If you do both partners, the game takes place in a closed.If whist one, then you can play in the open.Then both open cards.VISTA same goes for two.That is, for himself and for the one who folded.The goal always is to perform all of its obligations.That is, you need to collect the agreed amount of bribes.And also try to force the enemy to their score as much as he ordered.Or give as much as possible bribes, if the game is minuscule.This is a particular tactic.


It's also kind of look.Playing without bribes called "minuscule."The whole point of it is visible by name.Many are looking as "minuscule."Preference in this regard has a certain criterion.That is, the opponents play in the open and without obligation.Their goal - is to shove the opponent as much as possible bribes.


In this case, everyone plays for themselves.At the same time you must try to take as little as possible bribes.Or at least no more than a partner.This is the "Rostov" option.Community cards can determine the color of the first two tricks.They can belong to surrendering.This is when the game four.Or they may not open at all ("growth," "gusarik").


It also should be aware of.It is very important to play in preference bribe!Players are placed in a certain order, each for one card.It's clear.The first card sets suit.Then put the rest.That is the card of the same suit.Or put a trump.This is necessary if the suit is not.Or any other card.That if there is no trump.He pops the bribe player who laid the highest card.It is a certain fact.Bribes are considered by their number.This is regardless of the denomination cards.


During game play playing record itself carries a certain number of points in the shot, and VISTA - at him.Excess liability is recorded only to the latter.For each violation of an application written in Mount players a certain number of points.Bribes received on "raspasy" also entered the same direction.Or the player who took them less than all, holds a record whist other participants ("growth").

Games seven to ten

Consider these variations in preference.Rules of the game in this case is quite simple.VISTA on the "semernoy" obliged to take on a bribe.This particular condition.On the "eightfold" Both VISTA rare.One usually says: "Paz".However, he still whist.Though for this he does not receive any remuneration.If both VISTA folded, they do not throw the card.They play for free.That is, for the sake of checking an opponent.This is called a forced whist.

This screening is required for the combination of "devyaternoy" and "desyaternoy" games!In this case, winning is written off as much as he ordered.A VISTA get points for taking bribes, which depend on whether the game is played."Devyaternoy" and "desyaternaya" are rare.

¬ęSemernaya" or "eightfold" becomes controversial when the two members are willing to play it at the same time.The advantage in this case is an older suit.

notrump game

here this very name speaks for itself.In this kind of game at cards, a photo which provided herein is denomination cards.In this case, the trumps are not supposed to.His cap any interrupted game.For it is written off 60 "Pointe".

order the game without trumps is possible if a player has on hand a set of cards:

  1. Ace, King, Queen, etc.One of any suit.
  2. King, Queen, Jack and Ten.It is also of the same suit.In this case, there is also another game ace suit.It is at a blank card.It should also be known.If the first move of the customer, the first card to be king.To "knock out" the enemy aces.And seize the game and beat his ace any card of the same suit.
  3. Ace, King, Queen, Jack.This also includes a small map of the same suit.And yet another ace.There are
  4. combination.And that is: ace, king, jack, ten and a small map of the same suit.Also included and two aces.Then go to the notrump game can be, but it's risky.This is because of what happened the third woman of the same suit as your ace on the one hand, Jack is broken.And so it will be a bribe.
  5. play without any danger trumps.To be sure, you must have on hand four aces and at least one of them marriage.But this is rare.
  6. Vistovat at notrump is only in the course of whist.Otherwise there is a risk to lose.True whist is when there are two at the hands of an ace or an ace and a king or ace of the same suit, and another marriage.


giveaway with the multitude of tricks has preference.Numerous varieties to develop new rules later.For example, initially at three pasach surrender shall not be counted.In the new game deck of cards already passed on to the next participant.It was not fair.Since delivers first "lost" his hand.A mixed card instantly hide.Revision of the game is not allowed.That is, if one of the players with good cards played, and fold in the hope of "obremizit" partners.There are also such.

To prevent this, come up with a certain condition.Namely, when the general pasach not throw cards and play a game of giveaway.In this case the winner is the one who did not take any bribes.It is also important to know.Thus it is necessary to try not to take more than three bribes.They are subject to amnesty.

For every bribe over three given 10 Remizov.For bribes 4 - 10. For 5, respectively, 20 and so on. D. For a void - in the absence of the hands of a suit - also put 10 Remizov.Verification game players inspires some caution.This is not to everyone's taste.Therefore, it is not popular.

computer version

It is also an entertaining variation.At present, the computer version of preference is that beginners can quickly learn certain rules and play games online.For them developed a detailed training information.It is also possible the game with clues.Professionals in this field will be able to choose any complexity and strong computer opponents.Also in the "problem solvers" can itself be the alignment of cards and play games.The artificial intelligence of the game is that in the bidding for the buy-your opponents will conduct themselves in accordance with the one you have chosen.It is either cautious or risky rivals.Plus games is a collection of sayings, favorite preferansistami.During the game, comprehended its subtleties, while card "wisdom."There are details of tie-dye bullets, which reflects all the gameplay and the importance of playing cards.Automatic counting of winning like beginners.After everything is under "To complete the game."There are highlighted achievements of participants.

Conclusion In general, there are a variety of popular card games.Preference is one of them.It is necessary to carefully read the specific criteria of the game.This you know, reading the contents of the text.