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Duties marketer depend on each company where he works.One company pay more attention to the study of the market and competitors, on the other emphasis is on quality advertising to the general population, the third - to develop and support the brand as the company's image.Therefore, the conditions and principles of each enterprise is different.In general, the responsibility of the marketer is to ensure the most efficient operation of the company, increasing its sales by marketing decisions and actions.Thus, the marketer - a person responsible for brand awareness.

course, in large enterprises, there are whole departments of marketing and advertising, along with other operating divisions.

positive side, the position of "marketing" is a career to marketing director or top manager of the company.Changing the scope of activities is easy, as the skilled artisan should understand in all areas for the company.

Knowledge of modern office software, at least a good theoretical basis of marketing, the ability to clearly and structurally develop an advertising concept, conduct market research, basic knowledge of psychology, sociology, law, analytical and creative thinking, logic, excellent communication data, emotional stability,diplomacy, knowledge of at least one foreign language at the highest level - this is an incomplete list of requirements that upon employment must conform to good marketer.

Responsibilities marketer can vary greatly depending on the direction and priorities of a company.It may be possible promotion market research products, and analysis of the consumer market, and forecasting the stability of supply and demand, and advertising campaigns, events and activities, and the formation of the product range and pricing, and coordination of their subordinates (advertising agents, copywriters,designers), and more.

Internet marketer

Responsibilities internet marketer - is, first of all, advertising and market research, brand awareness of the company, sales management in the network.Also, online marketing has been attracting more visitors to the website of the enterprise.

His responsibilities include not only the possession of the basics of classical marketing, but also the theoretical and practical knowledge of network technologies and web-design, as well as ordering and marketing analysis of information from the Internet, preparation of the advertising text, slogan and image to maintain its customer base, constant communicationand consultation of users corporate website.

Marketer analyst engaged in the analysis and structuring of the market, forecasting demand for the goods, assessment of the potential promotion of a new product on the market.Professional marketing analyst must keep pace with the times and catching the slightest changes on the market in a timely manner to take measures to improve the product, to navigate in an uncertain market.

Much of the success of the company depends on how proficient marketer.Duties of a marketing analyst following: market research competitors, monitor the overall market, the study of the consumer basket, preparing advertising campaigns, participation in the formation of the product portfolio, and others.

One of the most sought after and most importantly, highly paid professions in modern society is treyd-marketer.Duties: customer retention, market analysis, training of employers, personal contact with large and loyal customers, learning all their wishes and needs, training of sales personnel.

Of course, every company, there are many other features of work in marketing, which are discussed separately in the interview and described in the employment contract.