How to make a colorful nickname "DotA 2" using the "Notepad"?

now become extremely popular color nicknames in multiplayer computer games, so that you can join to the rather large community of gamers who already paint their nicknames.However, for each game principle of operation of this function is different.In this article you will learn how to make colorful nickname "DotA 2" because today is the most famous and popular game.

encoding in Notepad

Many gamers think that to change the color of the nickname in the game need any additional software, and a lot of effort.But in reality, things are quite different and much simpler.Do you want to learn how to make colorful nickname "DotA 2"?For this you need just a standard "Notepad".Naturally, you'll have to make some changes to achieve the desired result, but it does not require you any special knowledge and skills, or time-consuming.So, open the "Notes", you first need to go to the menu item "Codes" and choose ANSI - characters of that encoding will be recognized by the game console.But you must understand that this is only the first step on the way to the study of how to make color nickname "DotA 2".

special command

you progress in learning how to make colorful nickname "DotA 2", but so far not very far away.Therefore, do not stop and continue to progress - the next step you will need to enter in your file "Notepad" with the specified encoding the desired command.It looks pretty simple - setinfo "name", followed by your nickname - in quotes.Thus, if your nick - Nick, the file "Notepad" should be accorded record: setinfo "name" "Nick".The command you now is to convert, and then implemented in the game itself - and then you will have a colorful nickname in Dota 2.

color conversion

But how to make colorful nickname in Dota 2, working in a "Notepad"?That's what you need, and there was another encoding.You go in the menu "Edit", and then select the section "Panel of characters."While that your team has been no change, but the panel appears on the screen, which lists a variety of commands to get those or other symbols and functions in your coding.Accordingly, among these characters, you will be able to detect colors and symbols that you will need to use.Copy the correct code and insert it in front of that part of the nickname that you want to paint.So you can use a single color for the entire nickname or painted in different colors everything letters.Only drawback of this method is the fact that you can not see what it looks like your colored nickname until you go into the game - in the "Notepad" will show only the code.

Using the

Well, now the team to change the color of your nickname is ready, and you can use it.To do this, you must first enable the use of the console's startup options "DotA" by using the -console - maybe you did it earlier, if you have used any other team.In any case, in the game you will now get the opportunity to call the console - that's where you need to insert resulting in the "Notepad" command.Do not worry - all of the characters will be lost, but if you do not see them, it does not mean that they are not.It remains only to press the "Enter" key and start the battle to see how changed your nickname.The most important thing - is that the color of your nickname will be able to see and evaluate the other players, not just you.

That's it - now you know all about the color of a nickname, so you can make it a much more colorful and attractive.This feature is useful for those who like to change all the games to your taste, as well as those who want to stand out from the gray mass of gamers who are involved in the fighting "DotA".