From what to wear women's classic shorts

shorts - the most comfortable and practical clothes.They went into the women's dressing room recently, but failed to win the recognition of the fair sex.Especially popular for many years, are the classic shorts.

How did women classic shorts

Classic Shorts women appeared only at the end of the XX century.As you know, at all times, women wore only dresses or long skirts.Only Coco Chanel decided to accomplish a revolution in women's fashion and ladies dressed in their pants.And the idea to shorten women's trousers came from a military style.The fact is that in hot countries men wear pants instead of shorts medium length.They are virtually the same function as normal pants, but thanks to the shortened length they are easier to carry the heat.

Many designers with admiration supported this decision and used it in their collections of women's clothing.That's were the classic shorts for women.

Now this element of the wardrobe is very popular and has not lost its relevance after many years.

How are shorts classic style

Classic shorts for women are a shortened version of simple trousers.Therefore, outwardly they look like regular pants, but only much smaller length.This is the main sign, on which a classic shorts for women.Stock standard models are presented below.

All models are bound to have zip or button of a button and a pair of inner pockets on the front.Depending on the design may be several pockets behind.The cut of shorts simple: straight leg medium length.Some models can be hand.But mostly designers sew classic shorts without this part, to give them greater flexibility as clothing arrow is only suitable for business style and not always appropriate to create a simple everyday image.

best way reflect the look of the classic shorts for women - photos.Black models are considered to be the most versatile, so they can easily be found in many stores with clothes.Also, women's shorts classic style often sew from the gray, brown, white and beige fabric.

From what to wear

Stylists offer many options as you can wear the classic shorts for women.Photos taken by the most successful images below.

Shorts classic style are perfect for business style.Stylists recommend to wear under their black-colored stockings or tights, and as the top, you can use any blouses, cropped jackets, cardigans.

with classic shorts look beautiful white shirt and black jacket simple cut.Shoes business to the image should be selected only rigorous models.By simply shorts suitable only ballerinas, shoes and sandals.Warm pants are ideally combined with high boots and botilyonami.

also use the classic shorts can create a romantic style.Thus, under the model of a light fabric suitable bright colored blouse or jacket.A perfect complement to this way will be sandals or high-heeled shoes.This dress can go to a meeting with friends or a romantic date.

Besides the options, simple shorts can be worn with knitted sweaters, tops, blouses office, self-colored T-shirts.

Black women look beautiful classic shorts with a red blouse, supplemented with the same color bag and shoes.This outfit looks stylish and at the same time kept.For black shorts you can choose any color top.But that image was not much gloomy, stylists advise to combine them with bright clothing and accessories.

Important rules for creating an image

Despite the fact that the classic shorts combined with many things, there are certain rules to be followed when creating the image.So, you can not wear shorts simple cut with sports shirts or tunics.This combination looks absurd and ridiculous.Also, stylists strongly advised to wear a classic shorts colored tights or leggings.

As for shoes, in the image of simple shorts is better to avoid such popular today, sneakers and gym shoes.The same rules should be followed when selecting handbags and jewelry.Every detail must be complementary way and not make it too flashy and ridiculous.

Tips for Choosing

Classic Shorts women are considered the most versatile item of clothing, and is suitable for almost every girl.But there are some rules to follow in order to advantageously emphasize the shape and well hide some of its flaws.So, the girls with curvy figure is better to choose the classic shorts slightly above the knees and a free cut.Owners of luxury good form slim model in black.

For women with magnificent hips and stomach are advised to wear model with a high waist.They visually conceal problem areas.Much more choice in slender girls.They may be of any color classic shorts and length.

How to sew

Many women want to try to make yourself the classic shorts, but did not dare, considering it too complicated matter.In fact, the scheme of tailoring shorts is almost the same as for the trousers.But if you follow the instructions, even inexperienced seamstress can easily sew a classic shorts.

So, you must first choose the fabric from which will be sewn shorts.Then you need to make accurate measurements of the hips, legs, waist and estimate the desired length.

essential element during the tailoring pattern is a classic women's shorts.Below is a drawing of the most simple short.

Doing the pattern, you need to carefully measure all distances and measurements.It is better to leave a few centimeters of the free, that during the first fitting to adjust the stitches.Excess fabric can then be cut off, but does not forget to leave a few centimeters from the margin to seam.

When all the parts are connected by a hand seam and after fitting shorts sit properly, they must be carefully ironed.Only now you are ready to sew on a typewriter.Ready shorts is recommended to steam.