How to choose the roller skates for kids 3 , 5, 6 , 7, 11 years?How to choose the roller skates for a child who starts to ride ?

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Today everyone is trying to play sports.Many people go to gyms, trying to run in the mornings or evenings.As you know, sports - that's life.Everyone wants to look slim and be healthy.Began to appear more and more new tools to help people to take actions that bear a health character.Trainers can replace the power load that a person is lacking in modern life.Strength training needed for each, as today, especially in the city, few funds, which would be able to affect the body in terms of the load.

But not only these classes are a success.There are those who can be called cardio.For example, running in the morning just refers to such.The fitness rooms are many different exercise machines that simulate rowing, raising the hill or stairs, and the like.This, of course, very good, but they can not fully replace the real action.The simulator in the hall can not give a person the fresh air, which is also good for your health, relief and so on.Therefore, if there is time and money, it is best to deal with it in the street.

Roller skates

Earlier in the street could just run around, but now appear to all available innovations.Of course, some of the models are professional and therefore very expensive, but it is rather an exception.For example, some bikes can cost several times more expensive than their counterparts.They are certainly better, but ordinary people may be enough and inexpensive copies.Besides bike has a variety of other options for the recovery and disposal of excess weight: skates, skateboards, skis, sleds and more.Roller skates (or videos) belong just to them.But how to choose the roller skates for children?

sport since childhood

Of course, a child should be taught the person to the sport.It should become a habit.Sport as a way of life - this is the goal they want to achieve most of the adults have.But if the child will perform a variety of exercises that when he grows up, it will be a daily part of his world.Therefore, the majority of parents are trying to teach the children to the sport.Many give kids in different sections, for example, take them swimming or football, which is undoubtedly good.But young children can not be sent to engage with the coach.In addition, the child must go in for sports and leisure.What to do?The solution is simple - the parents must show the children of other ways.So, mom can ride a bike with his daughter, dad - go with his son to hockey.You can give many examples, but they have one principle: to teach the child to the sport, and at the same time - and themselves.But what kind of roller skates to choose the child?

It is important to engage with a very young age.Already 3 years old can begin to actively teach the child to the sport.But riding a bike is better to start later, more difficult to run the kids, and the pool will not be allowed because of age, unless the child.Remain rollers and skates.If the latter are more suitable for winter, the first option is perfect.But how do you choose the roller skates for children?

As a gift for those who already know how to skate, roller skates can be one of the best gifts.Unlike all sorts of gadgets they will only benefit.Roller skating in addition to being a positive influence on health, develop coordination and bring good emotions.But with the choice is not so simple.The devices are of various kinds.About how to choose the roller skates for a child, it is written below.


course, there are many different models of rollers.Each manufacturer tries to surprise and please their customers.The price matches the quality.If you purchase a more expensive roller skates, you have to pay more, sometimes several times.So, good products of leading manufacturers can do to 4000-7000 rubles.But lower-quality skating Chinese manufacturers - only in 2500-3500.But as we know, do not save on health, especially when it concerns a child.By cons cheap devices include the following facts:

  1. weight.
  2. bad security.
  3. discomfort during use.
  4. dubious quality.

Interestingly, there is also a model for the tricks.By their choice should be handled with special care.If your child is interested in a professional skater, it is best to consult a specialist about the selection.Because the model can be designed for different types of riding.Also do not forget about the dangers associated with the stunts thus save on these models, it is not necessary.But how to choose the roller skates for beginners children?


Absolutely all the models that are presented in the stores can be divided into the following types:

  1. Roller skates with twin wheels.How to choose the roller skates for a child of 3 years?Note these rollers, they have a particular resistance.They children are not afraid to fall, which, of course, possible, but two lines of wheels reduce the chances.Parents may worry about the little children.However, there comes a time when there is a transition to a different kind of movies.
  2. sliding.How to choose the roller skates for a child 6 years old?At this age, children's feet grow quickly.So if you buy the conventional models, you'll need to shell out each season.But sliding can be purchased for a few years.They are designed for size 2-3.
  3. inline with soft boots.How to choose a child skating for 11 years?Pay special attention to this model.Wheels are one line, which increases the speed and maneuverability.In these roller skates can skate only have experience with children.Such models can cost a lot of money, but it all depends on the manufacturer.


addition type should take into account the weight, rigidity of the frame and type of shoe.You should carefully review written below in order to understand how to choose the roller skates.For a child 5 years old are encouraged to purchase comfortable sliding model with twin wheels, which have a plastic frame.Boots need hard.It is in these roller skates children are able to learn to ride.Once a child gains experience, it is necessary to move to a model for those who are older.It is better to take the products of famous brands, of course, they are more expensive, but for small children fit best.These roller skates made qualitatively and, most importantly, reliable.In them the child is able to feel confident.How to choose the roller skates for a child of 7 years?

For children aged 7-10 years is better to take the sliding model.Most of them are heavy, but you must look for those in which the child will be comfortable.It is better to give priority to well-known brands.Generally, children of this age love unusual and bright things, the good, and now the establishment of such roller skates put on stream.Twin wheels will not fit.They just slow down, and the children at this age, in practice, already know how to ride.In addition, the child may be ashamed of their peers because of their children's models clips.

For a child older than 11 years can be selected already hard roller skates, but no difference in principle, it all depends on how he is able to ride.If children are ill-treated, with roller skates, it is worth buying soft boots.But in any case they should be comfortable and light, so as not to hinder the movement.You can find the sliding, they will be able to ride either the child one year.If children are confident on rollers, you should think about buying inline.Of course, they are more expensive, but much more comfortable and suited for fast driving.


Roller skates for teenagers and parents can come.But, of course, better to buy some rolls for driving with a child.Besides the fact that children learn the sport, and adults get a positive charge and improve health.With adults it is easier to determine.But how to choose the roller skates for children?

As a sport and a way to communicate

Roller Skating contributes to inflation of the leg muscles and the press.No need to go to the gym, there is an easier option.Skiing with children able to bring together the family.Direct communication in the fresh air works wonders.Sport prolongs life.Positive obtained when riding, it is useful to everyone, especially those with a job that requires dedication.In general, you should not just buy your child roller skates and require him to self-study, you learn more and, entice, and even better - to take an active part in the process.

How to choose

When a person comes to a sports shop, he dazzled by the diversity of companies and models.About shoes roller skates, and also about the frame was described above.The main thing - to pick them up, given the age and ability to skate.Now you need to consider in more detail the wheels.They operate mainly in polyurethane.Do not choose roller skates, wheels are made of plastic, it indicates poor quality.Material to be springy, at the same time sturdy.Plastics soon erased, and the wheels could fall off even faster.


letter "A" indicates the density than the number next to it more so, respectively, and higher density.It is necessary to understand in more detail.In dense wheels ride uncomfortable due to the fact that they do not spring.But they serve a great time.It seems necessary to choose roller skates, wheels which - less dense, but there are difficulties.They can wear out.We'll have to change the wheels, that costs money.Therefore, under the condition that the child will be riding at least not every day, better to buy roller skates, wheels which - medium density.But children who want to play professional sports, it is better to buy the least dense.


figures, which are presented by a dash, is the diameter.For beginners fit small wheels.Those who are already well-rides, better to buy more and larger in diameter.They must change with increasing skill.Professional skaters have to choose the biggest wheels.Thus, the question of how to choose the roller skates for a child, is difficult to answer.It is necessary to approach the solution from different angles, given the characteristics of the models.

best option

difficult to understand what is it that the wheels should choose a child who possesses an average skill of skating.It is estimated that the density should be within the range A78-A80, and the diameter - 76-80 mm.Boots roller skates should not be a large margin.The child needs to feel good in them.If you choose a model uncomfortable, then, provided a long skiing, can hurt their feet.

How to choose the roller skates for children?When buying a child should wear a model, go there and sit down.It is easier to understand and to parents and him comfortable whether they are going skating purchase.All mechanisms must work flawlessly, but when choosing a sliding type must be checked and its functioning.When moving apart must move only a sock.Thus, it has been described how to select the inline skates for children.


We have considered how to choose the roller skates for a child.Of course, any sport security is important.It is not necessary to send a kid to ride.However, do not always, roughly speaking, to keep the children by the hand, they have to learn on their own, but to resort to the help of parents in the early stages.It is necessary to teach the child sensible to regard themselves and not ride where there is a high probability of falling.Should purchase protection: knee pads, elbow pads and helmet.They protect vital organs and places more susceptible to shocks.

Knee and elbow pads are cups that attach to your belt or Velcro.Their appointment straight title says.Perform knee and elbow of sturdy plastic that will not break if dropped.The helmet protects the head.The elongated shape of the device and allows you to protect the back and front of the head.To neglect these essential things in any case impossible.Speed ​​skating can be very large, and the likelihood of falling and damaged very high.On health do not save!