Height Peter 1. How tall was Peter?

Peter was one of their own accord last king of all Russia, and the first ruler of the Russian Empire.The life of this monarch pursues a mystery.His character, traditions and habits have changed dramatically since the Great Embassy.Moreover, face, figure, weight and height Peter 1 also raises many questions.


future king was born on the first Emperor of Russia on the night of May 30 (June 9) in 1672.Where it is born, it is not known: some suggest the Kremlin Terem Palace, the other - Kolomenskoye.His parents were Alexis and Natalia Naryshkin (royal couple).The boy was a direct challenger to the throne.When the baby was four years old, his father died.Monarch was declared third Fedor, who became the guardian of the prince.His arrival to the throne upstaged Natalia Naryshkin.She had to go to the village of Transfiguration.

Since childhood, Peter chased the problems with education.Teachers were simple clerks that are little understood in the sciences, while in Europe the nobles taught university graduates and the brightest minds of the time.But the boy compensate for the lack of knowledge with practical talents.

In the sixth year of the king Fedor third died.His place could take poor Ivan, the eldest son of Alexei Mikhailovich from his first wife, and ten-Peter, the son of another wife.The choice was made in favor of the smaller.For example, in 1682 a boy became king.

few years later, people are divided: some loved monarch, the other detested.This was due to his sympathy for Europe.Many have argued that the sovereign-priest replaced abroad.This was evidenced by numerous changes, including the growth of Peter discussed 1.


Since childhood the king differed amazing beauty.His appearance admired all around.Particularly striking the emperor his gigantic stature.The crowd exalts his head over the other.But in spite of high growth, Peter was thin and had a small amount of clothes.Narrow shoulders, short arms and a disproportionately small head distinguishes it from others.Dark hair, cut short, curled at the ends.

the early portraits clearly shows a large mole on his nose.Many people believe that after a trip to Russia came back another Peter 1. Height, weight, age, and even changed.Disappeared and the mole.

trip to Europe

ignoring the traditions, native Ivan - Miloslavsky - wished to have their representative took the throne.Therefore, in the same 1682 both candidates named rulers.Peter Maly sent away from court.In villages where the boy lived, he was fond of military affairs.

In 1689, at the request of his mother married a man unloved girl.A few months later I began to rule alone.

In 1697 the king went on a trip to Europe.Went to other countries monarch incognito.Abroad, he studied Western art of government, took over other people's laws and way of life.

Returning, relatives and friends have noticed that the appearance and growth of 1 Petr changed.A man named impostor.

substitution monarch

reason not to trust the new ruler was a lot.Completely changed its political program.Now he is not looking for allies against Turkey, but directs his anger toward aggression of Charles XII.Plummeted his spiritual consciousness.Wilt knowledge of Russian.From now on, he despises his people and ignore its traditions.

Not surprisingly, the country was rumored that the king changed.But if internal changes might actually be caused by the influence of foreign countries, the external changes explain not solved.Legend has it that the king is back giant.Height Peter 1 cm according to some reports reached 220. Other sources put the ruler under the bar of 2 meters.

physical and spiritual changes

found a lot of evidence that the king was an impostor.One of the key - figure.Before the Great Embassy Emperor was of medium height, full-bodied.People came from abroad rising 204 centimeters.

Genetically king could not grow to such a height.Parents, as well as grandparents, are not distinguished by such parameters.In those days, people in the growth of two meters was considered a giant.Due to changes in the body to replace the emperor asked his entire wardrobe.Since then, he only wore European clothes, ignoring the Russian clothing.

can track changes and portraits, which depicts Peter 1 full height before and after 1698.

worth noting that immediately after returning home, the king did not meet his wife, sent her to a convent.Also, according to the chronicler, I came back not 28-year-old monarch, and 40-year-old man.Striking down a moral code.Emperor brawled, drank, led the wild life.I do not listen to Russian music, and promoted foreign motives.He moved the capital to St. Petersburg, while Moscow was considered a symbol of invincibility and the unity of the Russian nation.

real facts

answer to the question about what the growth Peter 1 cm, will give every man.To do this, visit the imperial apartments, look at things and try to lie down in his bed.

heavy nature of the sovereign frightened courtiers.This feature is directly linked to its growth.Doors exactly does the standard sizes, so in order to enter the room, a giant two meters tall had to duck.Many historians believe that, taking into account the sharp temper, which was legendary king would not tolerate this.

Each visitor to the museum, where there are things monarch, saw that Peter wore 1. Increase the size of the feet can be identified by his clothes.

Separately, you can notice the small bed.King with his mythical growth would have to sleep sitting, and this man did not have the talent.

know the truth will Zoological Museum in St. Petersburg.There's a stuffed emperor's favorite horse.Lisette (a name given to her king) was medium build.A person whose height is more than 200 centimeters, would not fit in it.


legends about what the growth was 1 Peter, a very different modern researchers say.There are historians who are still looking for information on the substitution of the king.Written hundreds of articles on how and where it was replaced.But this information is - fiction.

Science says that over the past 200 years in the evolution of man has increased by 10 centimeters.Every century the average length of life increases, later puberty begins.In the nineteenth century, the average increase was 165-180 centimeters.But three hundred years ago people were considered normal height of 120-140 cm.

Where did the data that growth Peter 1 is 170 cm, and false - 2 meters?Researchers believe that the added centimeters because the people of the past era were unbelievably low compared to his contemporaries.It was on such grounds arose the legend of the replacement of the king.