How to hack Injustice on Android?

Injustice - a cross-platform fighting game, which was released recently, but in that time managed to gain immense popularity.It is visually beautiful, it is good physically, it has everything you need, but the most important thing - you can fight, playing the role of a superhero.This incredible innovation, considering that among the fighting games there are not many quality series, most of which have already become boring.Therefore, a game where the main characters - it is known to all superheroes, of course, is in great demand.And, of course, enjoys the same demand, and information on how to hack the game.And most people are asking similar questions when playing version on Android.Therefore it is necessary to deal more closely with how to crack Injustice.

Getting money

As usual, most of the problems in the games rests on the fact that the player will lose the opportunity to buy some new things, because he can not earn enough money.If you encounter such a situation, it is useful to you help a small, but very functional application, which is called Game Killer.With it, you can install any number of money that you want.So, if you want to learn how to hack Injustice for money, then you need to remember the value that you have to pass the level and finish the fight, and then roll the game and go to Game Killer.There you need to enter the value that you remember, and give the application to find him in the game.When it is found, you simply change it to one that wants to see you, and to return to the game.After the battle, you is not the value of the money that you remember, and the one that you entered.

problems finding the necessary sum

Sometimes in the course of such manipulations, when you're trying to figure out how to hack Injustice, there is a certain failure, which does not allow you to replace the value of money on something that you want to have to see yourself.The essence of this failure lies in the fact that you are given more than one number, which you will remember, but several.This is quite common, because such numbers can occur anywhere in the game.Technically correct it is impossible, so you have to come up with the other hand - you simply need to return to the game and spend some of the money to the amount of change.Then you return to the Game Killer, are looking for new value and I already have it.Here is the answer to the question of how to hack Injustice, to get more money.

Increased character rank

When someone is interested in how to hack the game Injustice, he is likely to want to increase the rank of your character.During the game it is difficult to achieve, but you can easily do it if you put real money into the game.But this is not the most sensible option, especially if you are familiar with Game Killer.It is a universal application, with which you have already learned how to make extra money.Now it is necessary to deal with the rank because his numbers are not as high, and therefore, Game Killer will give too many results.Therefore it is necessary to focus on gold kits that you can buy for the money, but you can sometimes find in the game.Try to find them as much as possible, so that the application can find the right measure, and then change it to the maximum.And then you can already open sets of which are special drop card.When one hero card is a sufficient amount, you will see in the corner of the main card "+" icon, clicking on which you will raise the rank of the character and, consequently, its performance.

Increase character

If you have already figured out how to hack Injustice on Android, you will not be easy to arrange a quick and painless leveling your character.Pumping system in the game is constructed in a standard way, so you can see how much you currently experience and how much it takes to reach the next level.When the battle begins, you need to remember that the amount of experience, which is your character.The battle, of course, need to win the game to activated the process of scoring.And at this moment, as in breaking with the money, it is necessary to cheat by using Game Killer.Again, we turn off the game, enter in the search for the value of the experience that will be remembered, and then change it to any desired.The result is that you are mining for the fight a huge amount of experience and can raise your character several levels that will greatly facilitate the process of the game.

Getting cards energy

As usual, computer games are not spared gamers and offer them a large number of objects, reducing energy.So I feel like this game cheat, which is really a Game Killer.This work is already established on the principle that only require you to have great attention and detailed study of the search results.The thing is that when breaking the game for money or experience, and even in the ranks you could easily spend part of the money, or to earn extra experience points if Game Killer detects multiple values ‚Äč‚Äčthat match the entries you.You just changed the game in the desired value and searched it again, to be replaced with confidence and the right not to be mistaken.But now it is worth paying attention to the fact that the number of cards you have power can not exceed 9, and this greatly complicates things.However, do not despair - if you really want to get a map of energy and this is something without which you can not pass this or that episode in the game, then you just need a serious blow to the search.As a result, you will discover it is the meaning which is responsible for the health card, replace it and get the desired result.

Features hacking on iOs

process of breaking the game on other platforms will be different, but not radically.If you want to learn how to hack Injustice on iOs, then you only need to find the answer on the Internet - it will be presented in the form of file, which breaks the whole game.You need only download this file, go to iFunBox or install it if you still have not done so, and then find the folder with the game, open a subfolder Documets and transfer it to a file.As a result, the answer to the question of how to hack Injustice on your iPad or other device iOs, is extremely simple.