Hotkeys Windows 7, can help become confident PC user

It's no secret that in recent years the requirements for specialists are constantly rising.If earlier it was possible to get a job without computer skills and foreign languages, but now without them in any way.

Every now and then you see in the ads: requires an expert with knowledge of the computer.Yes there knowledge, fluency, even so.Who needs an employee who will sit for half an hour on a single page of the report, because it does not know how fast typing?

Modern highly qualified specialist should know not only the text editors, the principles of the Internet, but the hotkey Windows 7. And all because they are easier to work at the computer.

All hotkeys Windows 7, can be divided into several groups.This options for working with text editors, browsers, and other programs directly with Windows.

Hotkeys Windows 7, what's a little different from those used in other operating systems.Well, let's call the main ones.Let's start with those that are used in text editors.

Ctrl + A will select all the text.CTRL + C copies the selected text.Paste the copied test will help you blend CTRL + V.

beautifully highlight the text you allow the following combinations: CTRL + B will make the font bold, CTRL + U emphasize it, and CTRL + I italics.

Ctrl + S will allow you to save changes to the document.A team of Ctrl + P will open the print window.

Of course, this is not a complete list of keyboard shortcuts that are used in text documents.But you can always see which of them cause one or the other team.Quite often, they are assigned to teams outside the control panel.

Now consider the other hotkeys Windows 7. Rename the selected document will F2.F1 opens the Help window.SHIFT + F10 allows you to open the context menu for the selected object. CTRL + Z cancels the previous command.

As you can see, a lot of hot keys.We have listed only the main ones.Remember shortcuts of Windows 7 is easy.It is only a few times to use them when working on a computer.

It should also be noted that each program has its own, special hotkeys.For example, in the Internet browser to maximize the window to full screen helps F11.View a list of downloads will hotkeys CTRL + J.

Many of them are used in editing video and audioproigrovatelyah, even in games.Of course, remember all the combinations is not so easy.It is best to know the basic, most frequently used by you.They will save money and time and effort.You will not need to drive the mouse around the screen, looking for the desired item in the menu of tasks.All actions will be carried out without departing from the keyboard and extra mouse movements.

So, we found out what was needed hotkeys Windows 7, which ones are most useful to know and apply in their work.

Study them slowly, try as often as possible to put into practice the knowledge gained, and you will see how quickly and easily you began to work on the computer.In addition, you will see the change in the attitude of the authorities towards you.