Large rivers of North America

Rivers of North America are striking in their beauty and diversity.Each of them has a history of occurrence.

History of

When water Flood left the land of North America, or rather, at the end of the ancient ice age, the area between the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific oceans formed a great number of rivers and lakes.This lake of glacial and tectonic origin.Retreating glaciers left a path of tectonic depression, which gradually filled with water.

Thanks to the glacier in the rivers and lakes of North America is a large amount of water resources, which gives it the volume only slightly Eurasia and South America.In their bulk all the rivers and lakes of North America belong to the basin of the Atlantic, but enough of them belongs to the basins of the two other oceans.The water in these lakes is salty, because they did not follow streams and rivers.

Rivers of North America related to the Pacific basin, flow through the plains up to the Cordillera.For Cordillera rivers flow basin of the Atlantic.Mountains separate the two swimming pools and is the largest watershed in North America.On the other hand, the great plains of the river separated from the rivers of the Atlantic basin of the Pacific.

Appalachian River North America

In the east, where there are the Appalachian Mountains, with their slopes in the plains flowing born in these mountains river.Amazing fact: All major rivers flowing through the region Appalachian Mountains.They cut the mountain narrow but deep gorges.Those are genuine, are derived from the western slopes and fall directly into the Mississippi.One Ohio, another name - Tennessee.They feed these rivers only rain and melt water.Tennessee polyhydramnios and flows from the left side in Ohio.This very same river, in turn, when combined with the river Holston River Frenchbroad River falling from the western cliffs of the Appalachians.Since it rains every day, and snow melt even rarer, the power of these rivers is not regularly called.We have to stock up on water using dams in some places and in other reservoirs.As a result, between the rivers turned many scenic waterways.

the east of the river flowing into the Gulf of Mexico is almost parallel to the rivers flowing into the Atlantic.The largest and most significant of these rivers - Savannah, Potomac, Roanoke, James.And the longest of them - Alabama River.

River in the service of the people

These rivers good work in the field of energy for North America.Somewhere in the seventh, and that at least the United States provide the energy of water flowing from the mountains of Appalachia.

Large rivers of North America mainland not only supply energy.They still work, carried on its waters a huge number of ships, steamers, ferries and other water transport.Travel by water is very attractive to tourists and other passengers traveling every day on her way.

Great Lakes of North America

Besides rivers these places are famous for high concentration of lakes.Great Lakes of America have a relationship with the Atlantic Ocean.Michigan, a very beautiful lake called Ontario, and Huron, Erie and short on them Lake Superior, which is deservedly considered the huge freshwater lake in the world.These magnificent lakes steps are interconnected by rivers and canals, canals and streams.All this is combined into a beautiful system of river and lake routes.The name of St. Lawrence is a river that flows out of Lake Ontario with the sonorous name, and empties into the Gulf, which, as the river is called the St. Lawrence.Since the Great Lakes are in communication with the Atlantic Ocean.

between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, the Niagara River flows are known, a waterfall falls from a height of 50 meters with three separate channel, which divided the river Goat Island.Get three beautiful waterfalls, the largest in North America.These waterfalls are collected a huge number of tourists from all over the world and give energy to built hydroelectric power stations there.

major rivers of North America

During the Cordillera mountains on the eastern plains, stretches the Missouri River, which from all sides flow into it replenish a large amount of water resources.In North America, there is no longer the river Missouri.She feeds the twelve thousand years many peoples on its shores.Her line has a large number of reservoirs and hydropower plants.It is not uncommon on this river and floods, although the most dangerous parts of it strengthened.Missouri flows into the Mississippi.Every child knows the name of her because of her on a raft floating Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn his friend.This deep river and one of the champions of the length of the rivers in the world.It flows from the north towards the south, dividing the US into two parts.Although part of this and not smooth, but the river covers 10 states and is the boundary for some of them.

Then all the rivers of the north Mackenzie climbed.It has its own records.She bears the title of the longest river in the North and Canada.She is also a multitude of air inlet economy.An infinite number of rivers and streams fed by the Queen of the North.The main part of the way Mackenzie flows in circumpolar areas, arising out of Great Slave Lake.Slave Lake unusually deep.It is deeper than his brothers - the other rivers and lakes of North America.Mackenzie River plays an important role in the economy.On her take out the ore and minerals extracted from the coastal area Bear Lake.Along with another northern Mackenzie River - Yukon - makes an important contribution to the economy, as the fishing.Like Mackenzie, Yukon for months hidden under the ice, it has many rapids in his line, making for the transportation of people and goods, these rivers of North America inconvenient.Yukon follows from Marsh Lake and empties into the Bering Strait.