Plants Black Sea coast: unique species

Nature Black Sea coast is protected by mountains from northern winds.Because of this, there is enough heat in the winter and very hot in the summer.Frosts are rarely seen in this area.If snow falls, it melts quickly.On the territory of the coast are growing some unique plants, each of which is allocated amazing features.

climate is affecting the plants

territory of the Black Sea coast is big.Climate plays an important role in the life of the plants that grow here.From Novorossiysk to Tuapse temperature ranges from 3 to 23 degrees.There are mainly dry.But to Adjara semi-moist subtropical climate and temperatures several indicators above.

affect climate relief.Caucasian mountains are high, which is important for the weather conditions.They create a barrier to the air mass.


various plants of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.Photos mountains of the area are proof of this.The slopes are covered with different vegetation, can be found here:

  • yew;
  • hornbeam;
  • beech;
  • chestnut;
  • fir.

South Coast is full of subtropical plants.Obvious examples of such deemed yucca, palm, magnolia, acacia, boxwood.Woods overwhelmed broadleaf plants Black Sea coast, evergreen shrubs.Specialists There are about 6,000 varieties.Many of them can be found only in the Black Sea, and many plants are considered rare.It:

  • laurel;
  • Holly Colchis;
  • Pontic rhododendron;
  • Pistachio;
  • Pitsunda pine;
  • juniper.

Anapa on the coast is a large sandy beaches.They reach up to 35 km in length.Beach area, there are other territories of the Caucasus.

unique plants

There are various plants of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.Interesting facts about the nature of this region are numerous.On the territory of the coast are growing some unique plants, each of which is allocated amazing features.Here, when compared with the whole Russia, completely different weather sootsvetstvenno and nature, there are growing species that are not found anywhere else.


There are plants Black Sea coast, which can not be seen anywhere else except here.A striking example is the chaste tree, also called Vitex sacred.It is considered a relic, decorative.Many ecologists have investigated this tree, they believe that it has remained since the pre-glacial period.Area of ​​Cape Small Utrish - it is the only area in Russia.

Pitsunda pine

There are also other unique plants Black Sea coast.For example, Pitsunda pine.This tree is surprised by its beauty.On the territory of the coast there are many places where it grows pine.It can be seen in the vicinity of Ol'ginka from Divnomorsk to Praskoveevka gorge.It differs from other plants of its kind in that it is painted in red bumps, they do not fall under 3 years old.Pitsundskaya pine stands out for its long needles, which grow up to 15 cm. Usually these trees they reach no more than 8 cm. This pine grows large.After 100 years, it is able to climb to a height of 40 meters.


But juniper is surprising not only the beauty but also for its beneficial properties.There are about 60 of his species worldwide.A plant Black Sea coast include the following types of juniper:

  • Cossack;
  • high;
  • malodorous;
  • red;
  • ordinary and so on. D.

For example, evil-smelling juniper comes from a strange peculiar smell, but it brings huge benefits.These berries used in medicine.The main thing is not to confuse them with the Cossack view, as it is poisonous.So be careful.

flora of the Black Sea coast and includes other types of medicinal plants.Natural conditions allow to grow these amazing trees, bushes and flowers.

natural beauty Caucasus boxwood

Not only amazing nature plants rich coast of the Caucasus, but also forests.Considered the most beautiful boxwood plantation.In this forest every person be transferred to a fairy tale.Boxwood - this is a very old tree.He looks unusual, very interesting.Tree grows slowly rises only 20 meters, but his hanging branches are not left unattended.Leaflets on these small, sheltered moss.Incidentally, this tree sinks in water, therefore it is not used as a material for building boats and other flotation devices.

Boxwood emits a pleasant odor that even intoxicate.He also turned his medicine before it was used to treat malaria and fever.Today it is used to fight rheumatism.That's just an overdose can get complications.Because of this, the raw material used alone is not recommended, it is better to consult a doctor.And the leaves of the tree are poisonous.

laurel laurel can be seen on the coast of the Caucasus.This is a rare plant, whose leaves resemble the laurel and fruit similar to cherries.Laurel grows in a shrub or small tree.Its fruits can be eaten, and the seed should be careful because they are poisonous.

In Russia, only on the coast of the Caucasus can be seen this plant.There are some traditional recipes that use the laurel.With her make sedatives.

such wonderful trees and shrubs on the coast of the Caucasus are many, but they are different from plants in other areas of the planet.The forests are growing quite different: they are thicker, higher when compared with the Crimean thickets.This occurs due to high humidity and warm weather.