We will understand, on what questions are answered by the definition in Russian

Before we delve into the question of what questions are answered in Russian, definition, let's look briefly at what it is.

What does syntax

The world around us is composed of elementary particles, the language follows this model: the word consists of sounds, designated in writing letters, sounds are combined into a morpheme, and those - in a word.Words make up phrases and sentences, as, in turn, "tiny particles" syntax.Syntax - a branch of linguistics that studies how organized phrases and sentences.In his "ownership" of the parts of speech - nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and others - take their role and purpose.Role in the "theater" syntax only five: two major (subject and predicate) and three secondary (fact complement and definition).Answers questions and highlights each of the sentence in his own way.

value issues, types and ways of expressing determination

The offer is characterized by the features of the subject.What?Which?Whose?- That's what matters to meet the definition.It comes in two forms: coordinated and uncoordinated.It depends on the type of coupling it with the word that describes it.

certain agreed

The proposal for this role can claim:

  • Adjectives: affectionate kitten.
  • Communion: the cooling tea.
  • Ordinal numbers: first flight.
  • cardinal number "one": one looking at her response.
  • pronominal adjectives (except - its, his, their) mine fire in the fog melts.
  • noun that can be changed by including: a hare tracks.

no doubt if we'll see how likened defined word in number, case and gender (for the units. H.) Each of these parts of speech that it represents, and what questions are answered.

Determination inconsistent

It is associated with the word that describes, in two ways: connections and control.Expressed inconsistent definitions of the following parts of speech:

  • noun in the nominative case: hotel "California".
  • noun in the oblique cases with a preposition: Stairs made of marble.
  • noun in the oblique cases without excuse: Cupid's bow.
  • adjectives unchanged: Baroque building.
  • comparative adjectives: our city more beautiful stranger.
  • adv: bulging eyes.
  • verb in the infinitive form: danger of dropping out of school.
  • possessive pronoun "him, her, them": to see his face, reading her book, go to their house.
  • phraseologism: she is that her curve will not approach a goat.
  • Syntactically not chlenimym phrase: a man of medium height, a child of seven.

As you can see, in this case, there is no doubt as to which questions are answered by definition expressed listed tokens with the help of management and contiguity.It's all the same questions: "what?" Or "someone?ยป

What application

This definition is expressed by a noun that describes the subject of another word.This way of making our language richer and more expressive.Examples: porch-grown birch candle;child baptized father Athanasius;Vasnetsov, the great Russian painter, worked at the turn of the century;Chekhov's play "The Cherry Orchard";I live in the city of Perm;What is your favorite edition - "Novaya Gazeta".

What is the definition of separate

apart is called selection punctuation marks in writing and intonation in speech are some fragments of sentences.Isolates, as the definitions are:

  • Communion and adjectives if they are determined after the words: woman, dressed and perfumed, was standing in the doorway.At night, sweet and languid singing nightingale.
  • Communion and adjectives with dependent words after the word it: wood, stitched threads of the sun, beckoning me.The boy jumped toward me, instantly disappeared around the corner.

not segregate definitions that are located in front of the defining word: dressed and perfumed girl standing in the doorway.He jumped out to greet me the boy instantly disappeared around the corner.

also isolates and uniform definition of a general rule for homogeneous terms, that is, if they belong to the same determined way, the answer to one question, and expressed one part of speech.Separate

definition answers the questions that are specific to this minor sentence as follows: "What?" "Whose?", "Which one?".

In summary

So definition - is one of the minor sentence.It can be expressed in different parts of speech and syntax.Easy to remember, what questions are answered by definition, because it always refers to the feature of an object.Describing something, we describe the phenomenon or object in terms of what he is and whose.