Emomali Rahmon.

Difficult figure is Emomali Rakhmon, the Tajik politician and attitude of compatriots and foreign colleagues is very ambiguous.The share of this talented organizer took many coups and mutinies.Its transformation and reform even for his fellow countrymen sometimes seem rather strange and ineffective.Of criticism in recent times it sounds very much.In order to better understand what drives this figure, it is necessary to turn to its roots, the family, by the time when the future president of Tajikistan has made only the first steps in the political arena.


What do we know about the family Emomali?The future president was born on October 5, 1952 in a large family.He was the third child.At this time, the family lived in Emomali Kulyab region, in the village of Dangara, in the Tajik SSR.The boy is very proud of his father and older brother.Sharif Rakhmonov, Emomali dad was a veteran of World War II.He was awarded the Order of Glory 2nd and 3rd degree.Unfortunately, the brother of the future of Tajik President Rakhmonov Fayziddin died while on duty at the end of 1950 in the Lviv region, Ukraine.Mother policies, Myra Sharifov, died at the age of 94 in 2004.It was for our hero a great loss.

Early Years

Our hero grew up and soon went to high school, which he graduated with success.Money in the family is not enough.Opportunities to study further at the time the young man was not.After high school, Emomali Rakhmon went to work at the creamery in Kurgan-Tube electrician.After that, he spent three years, from 1971 to 1974, he served in the Pacific Fleet.Then Emomali returned to the factory to their specialty.The young man was very purposeful.He enrolled at the Tajik State University on the correspondence department and successfully graduated from it in the future.Money is not enough.He took any job, having to work hard, even the seller.From 1976 to 1988, Emomali first secretary of the board is working on a collective farm in the Kulyab region, then - Chairman of the trade union here, then in the party bodies.Soon, purposeful young man becomes director of the farm in Dangara district of the same province.In 1992, Emomali elected as deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR.


What dreams at leisure President?The fact that his children and grandchildren all came together happily.And he, for his part, will do everything for this.Since childhood, our hero dreamed that he would have a very large family.All true.He had nine children: two sons (Somon Rustam) and seven daughters (Firuza, Rukhshona, Ozoda, Takhmina, Zarrin, Parvin and Farzona).Let's try to trace the fate of some of them:

• The eldest daughter of Emomali Rakhmon, Firuza, became the wife of the son Amonullo Hukumova, head of the Tajik railway.

• son Rustam, born in 1987, at the time he graduated from the Tajik National University, was a student of Moscow State Institute of courses.In his career, everything went as well as possible, probably not without the help of an influential father.Initially, he headed the business support to the State Committee, then worked as head of the anti-smuggling.A little later he became president of the Football Federation of Tajikistan (once he played football for the club "Istiqlol)."In 2009, Rustam married the daughter of an influential manager of a large food production in the city of Dushanbe.On a large scale took place this wedding.Emomali Rakhmon has not regretted it for the money.It was officially announced that the celebration was held in the framework of the presidential draft law "On regulation of festivities, traditions and customs."In fact, it turned out that the rules are broken.The film with the wedding video into the hands of the opposition, who were quick to publish, providing relevant, Emomali defamatory, comments.

• The second daughter named Ozoda.Also, I get a good education.She graduated from the Tajik National State University with a degree lawyer.She then studied at the University of Maryland and Georgetown University, which is located in Washington.Then Ozoda some time worked in the Tajik embassy in the United States.In 2009 she was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of its native state.It is not difficult to guess on whose patronage it quickly and rapidly making a career.Her husband was Jamoliddin Nuraliev, Deputy Minister of Finance of Tajikistan.

• Another daughter of the president - Parvin - married the son of the Chairman of the State Committee for State Property Management Ashraf Gulova.It was the second elect Gulov Sherali, the Minister of Energy and Industry.

• Daughter working Zarrina announcer on one of the main channels of Tajikistan.Her husband was Siёvush Zuhurov, son of the Chief of Communications, the champion of international boxing competitions.

civil war in Tajikistan

As Emomali Rakhmon came to power?A significant role is played in the e civil war unfolded in the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union.After Tajikistan gained independence, he became head of Rakhmon Nabiyev.However, the opposition in the face of Islamists inspired by the fall of the former regime, strengthened and made an attempt to overthrow him.Under the pressure of these forces Nabiyev was forced to leave the political arena.

power in Tajikistan passed into the hands of the opposition.Confront it could only groups led sangaku Safarov and Faizali Saidov.Here begins the story Emomali.Rakhmonov has belonged to the union Safarov.The unrest in the country resulted in a civil war.In 1992 he became chairman of the Kulyab Emomali executive committee, and then chairman of the Supreme Council.So-called "Kuliabis" became the dominant force in Tajikistan.They were supported by Russia and Uzbekistan, who were against the possible Islamisation of the country.November 6, 1994 in the country held presidential elections and a referendum on a new constitution.According to voting results Rakhmonov won a landslide victory for the opponents.The opposition said that the newly-Tajik President falsified election results.Shortly thereafter Khudoiberdiyev Mahmoud, commander of the 1st Motorised Brigade, mutinied in the city of Kurgan-Tube, and then in Tursunzade.He demanded the resignation of many high-ranking officials of the country.Emomali had little to give way to the rebels and to remove from office the heads of some higher power.

struggle with the opposition

Rahmon makes reshuffle in the government.But the rebellion did not end there.There are many disgruntled new president of Tajikistan.It makes several attempts.The first occurred on 30 April 1997, the city of Khujand.Unknown persons threw a grenade into the president's motorcade.In the same year he was raised by the rebellion in the city spread beyond it.Emomali suppressed it, and then began to get rid of their opponents.How?By arrests.Many opposition members detained even outside of Tajikistan, was extradited to his homeland.There they waited for the prison and long-term periods.November 8, 2001 the president was to make a second attempt.None of these policies are not affected.

Strengthening of power

In 2003, Tajikistan held a referendum which resulted in the Constitution were to be amended.The main amendment to the law concerning the stay of the President in office.Previously, he was 4 years old.Now the President of Tajikistan has the right to lead the country for 7 years.Voters are mostly supported Emomali that enabled him in 2006 to govern the country 14 years (two terms).Also, the Constitution was amended regarding the age of the president.Restrictions in this matter have been removed.

search for ways out of the crisis and the costs of the state

Even before the Soviet Union collapsed, Tajikistan is considered one of the poorest republics.The civil war, which began in the country immediately after the collapse of the USSR, caused it great damage, which is estimated by economists to $ 7 billion.It took 60-150 thousand. Lives.To this day, the main problem of the state is the insecurity of citizens.According to the World Bank in 1999 to 83% of the citizens of Tajikistan were below the poverty line.In order to overcome this problem, in 2002 the government developed and approved Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.As a result of his realization of the figure of the population have increased markedly.From the President of Tajikistan, followed by other steps, committed with the aim of reducing poverty in the country.So, Emomali Rakhmon made a bid for hydropower resources of the state, completed the construction of the largest hydroelectric power plant in Central Asia - the Rogun.The project also involved Russia and Uzbekistan.However, the desired effect of these measures on the economy of the country did not have.But this has a negative impact on the relations with stakeholders.Tajikistan's economy and still very dependent on the funds earned by citizens outside the country.

Controversial changes in the lifestyle of citizens

President of Tajikistan, trying to bring the country out of severe economic crisis, spent a few changes that can hardly be called efficient and effective.Even his fellow citizens, they are puzzling.So, when you visit one of the schools in 2006, the politician said one of the teachers at the golden crown.After that, all citizens of the state was ordered to get rid of such a "luxury."Moreover, the leader of the country banned the magnificent ceremonies and festivals in order to save savings compatriots.In schools is no longer carried out last calls and holidays primer.Also banned was magnificently Weddings and a Funeral.Stag, hen parties, bride, too, have been canceled.Anyone who dares to break the law, supposed to pay a fine.We have to admit that all these innovations was not obliged to carry out the family Emomali Rahmon.Photos lush wedding of the son of President Rustam was on the front pages of local newspapers.There were the leader of the country and other changes relating to the way of life of fellow citizens.So, in 2007 he was ordered to issue a decree to amend the Tajik surnames.He also changed his.Now she did not sound "Rakhmonov" and "Rakhmon."Registry offices were forbidden to register children whose names end in "s" and "-ev."

relations with Islam Karimov

where to start a feud between the two presidents, it is now difficult to restore.It seems that Emomali Rahmon and Islom Karimov dislike each other for a long time.Some journalists argue that Tajik President at the meeting dedicated to the negotiations on the construction of the Rogun hydropower plant, spoke out sharply against his Uzbek counterpart.According to Rakhmon himself, he not only argued and argued with Karimov, and even several times a fight.

critic of President

«Emomali Rakhmon and his family involved in corruption," - these words are not repeated in Tajikistan, perhaps, only lazy.If we trace how the relatives of the president get high ranks and positions, in this statement there is no doubt.Moreover, the involvement of the leader of the country's large-scale corruption, and says the leak of US diplomatic cables Wikileaks.For example, in a document from 2010 from the US embassy in Tajikistan said that the relatives of the president led him head of the big business, protecting their own interests to the detriment of the country.Most of the companies revenues deposited in hidden offshore companies, bypassing the state treasury.


The president of Tajikistan has a lot of orders, medals and titles.Among them:

• Grand Cross of the Order of Three Stars.

• Order "For Merit" I stage ..

• Order of the "Hero of the Republic of Tajikistan."

• Ruby star "Peacemaker".

• Peace Prize of the United Nations.

This is just a small list of awards that have Emomali Rakhmon.2014 has become difficult for him.It seeks to strengthen relations with their foreign counterparts.Regular meetings and discussions with Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko and other leaders of foreign states.

Tajik president is very difficult controversial figure on the world political arena.This is evidenced by his biography.Emomali Rakhmon - an outstanding leader, despite various rumors about his reign.And it is difficult not to agree.