If you turn off the water, where to call?

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Water - one of the natural resources, which is extremely necessary for human survival.Today, civilization has everything you need for a comfortable and cozy living.But what if you turned off the water, where to call?Unfortunately, these issues are more common in people of Russia.Consider the problem thoroughly and define the utilities, which are responsible for the task of providing the population with water.

off hot water

If the home that does not work, it always causes stress and sometimes even anger.Most people blame the company responsible for the water supply.However, there is good reason to disable it.For example, the supply of hot may stop in these cases:

  • reconstruction of heating systems;
  • repair or preventive maintenance;
  • replacement of equipment.

Before you look for, where to call if turned off the hot water, remember: this is often caused by the necessity of scheduled maintenance work before the start of the heating season.It is very important that with the onset of cold weather equipment works stably without causing disturbance of the general condition.Those who are responsible for the supply of hot water, it is important to thoroughly check all the time, and to eliminate existing damage or replace broken parts.

It should be noted that these works are planned.Spend them regularly in the summer, because the warm period to do without hot water a little bit easier.Fixed term government usually does not exceed a period of three weeks.If there is no water for much longer, it should be clarified why and when the supply is restored.

Action Plan

before running in panic and sending angry complaints, let's find out where to call if turned off the hot water.

Primarily enough to contact the HOA (homeowners) or the company that manages the maintenance of your home.

In the first case, the phone number can be obtained from the head of the partnership (the chairman).It will provide detailed information.In another case, the contacts can be found on the receipt that you regularly pay.

Another option - it is a call to emergency dispatchers.Their data are often prominently displayed at the entrance or in it.

Sometimes we do not know where to call if the water cut off.To do this, you can visit the management company and get the information you need.

There is a certain form of treatment in the company.Manager must record your call, record the name, cause, time and a unique number.In turn, it should also introduce themselves and give information.If she did not know, he would say that the causes are established.In this case, one can make another call to Gorvodokanal.

Disabling cold water

If the previous case can be understood simply to survive, everything is more complicated.Disabling cold water leads to its complete absence.Then the problem becomes greater.

especially sad when everything happens suddenly, without prior notice.And this could happen to anyone.Therefore, you should know where to call if turned off the cold water.On hand to keep the phone number of the management company, which is responsible for providing this service.

According to the rules, residents must notify about the upcoming operation and explain the reasons.Basically, there are two: the failure or repair work.The latter include prevention, elimination of breakage in the core network or within the house.

sudden disconnection of water leads to the masses plaintive claims management company.However, it is worth noting that there are times when the work can be carried out without warning.For example, an unexpected failure, natural disaster, any threat of a full-fledged network.

What do we do?

So, if the water cut off, where to call first?As in the previous case, it is necessary to know in advance the telephone numbers of the management company and emergency dispatch service.They record the fact of, and can provide information known.

Many are faced with daily disconnection of cold water during the night.If you are concerned about this problem, be sure to ask why this is happening.The documentary about the acts of the provision of services is recorded that cold water should be supplied continuously throughout the year.

However, there are conditions for how long it can be interrupted:

  • border - eight hours a month (total);
  • a maximum of four hours continuously, in the case of emergencies.

It is worth noting that there are certain punitive measures.Each hour over the limit is paid off later.For detailed information is necessary to specify the management company.

Tula and Voronezh

Now you know where to call if the water cut off.Tula now has dormitories emergency dispatch service in the city: 47-20-34, 47-20-37.

In addition, you can contact an organization like Tulateploset, which is located on the street Karl Marx, 28. Phone number: 42-53-23.

Another option - Gorvodokanal.Address of organization: Street Demidov dam control room 8. Phone: 79-35-57.

you live in another city?Then let's find out where to call if the water cut off.Voronezh as the previous representative, has its own emergency service.It is located on the street Peshestreletskoy, 108. You can call the number 258-25-63, or write to them at: [email protected].

Vodokanal Voronezh is located at street Student, 15. Their number: 252-06-44.

Kazan and Krasnoyarsk

Emergency dispatch service - this is the first answer to the question, where to call if the water cut off.Krasnoyarsk offers several options.First - District service: Central - 005 (Manager should wait for a response);And the October Railway - 244-44-44;Soviet - 224-13-65;Lenin, Kirov and Sverdlovsk - 276-12-12;Sunny - 225-49-03.For calls from the mobile number you need to add the code 391. If the question is about a hot water heating system can be accessed by telephone at 264-18-62.

What about other cities?Where to call if the water cut off?Kazan, as well as other towns of our country, no different variety of options.Here, citizens can apply directly to the water utility, which is located at: Tetsevskaya, 1. Or call the number 570-72-21.

It is worth noting that the most convenient option for people living in big cities - to know the number of your service area.Here you can get the most information.


In order not to waste time and nerves, always need to know where to call if the water cut off.Moscow - a major city, hot water and heating which is operated by MIPC.If you have problems or questions should contact the hotline, which operates around the clock +7 (495) 662-50-50.The company's office is located on the outside of Ephraim, the house 10. Send your questions and suggestions can be sent via Internet mail address: [email protected].

If you experience problems with cold water, it should look for the phone number of water utilities.It is they who are responsible for filing it.Or in emergency dispatch service operating in your area.


Coming from work or wake up the morning of the day, we dream of a cool shower in the summer or winter, a warm bath.However, our expectations are not always met.Today, we talked about what to do if the water cut off, where to call, where to find out the reasons and timing.

The first step is to gather preliminary information on the services that are responsible for the supply of hot and cold water in your home.This can be done in different ways: to study carefully a receipt, to communicate with neighbors, relatives and friends.

Even if you can not find a particular number, do not give up.Visit personally utility companies, emergency services and management companies.Ask a question: "If you turn off the water, where to call?"- Write down the number.And if at any time you can get the necessary information.

most important thing - to realize that you are a customer.In fact, all employees of public utilities receive a salary just because of your payments.So feel absolutely confident, ask for a meeting with the Chief and never deviated from the target.Because the only way you can achieve this goal and return the water to the faucet.