"Spoiled": the emphasis in the words derived from the verb "to indulge"

At this stage of human development is of great importance ability to behave in society.In order to obtain the desired position, the interlocutor's attention, and most importantly - respect, you just need to have a thorough knowledge of the native language.This means that you need to know not only the legal framework paperwork, Russian grammar, but also to know how to pronounce words without making silly mistakes.

Difficulties pronunciation of Russian words

Foreigners development and application of phonetics of the Russian language in general seems to be an impossible task.Of course, the basic rules are simple and it is suitable to remember.They do not cause difficulties.For example, anyone can understand that the only vowel in a word is always under the stress, or Russian letter "e" can not be unstressed.But relative to the other words you must include a system for storing multiple rules and exceptions to them.A good example is the word "spoiled", the emphasis is on the need to memorize.

Changing norms

need to find out on which syllable is necessary to emphasize the word "spoiled."The emphasis of the word depends on its origin, because it is based on the verb "to indulge."Regarding verbs phonetic and pronouncing rules of the Russian language at this stage suffer changes.There is a gradual shift of emphasis in the infinitive verb near the beginning of the word.For example, the verb "to force" had previously accent on the last syllable, but now the norm is to put it in a vowel "y": forced.

Many verbs have the only correct option accent and pronunciation.These include the words "pamper" and "dabbled" in which the accent falls on the second "a".

correct version

interest to us the word is derived from the participle of the passive voice of the past tense of the verb "to spoil."Indulge in a child - a personality, a broken indulgence, permissiveness, moody and capricious.

The word "spoiled" the emphasis on the rules of Russian phonetics should fall on the vowel "o".

synonymous with the word "spoiled" are: effeminate, zahvalenny, capricious, self-willed, self-willed.

In order to avoid confusion and mistakes in pronunciation of words, it is necessary to re-read the page multiple phonetic dictionary that can rid us from the problems and lack of knowledge of the rules, to inspire confidence and win the respect of others.