Silver-Grape ponds - a great place to relax.

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There is a wonderful place to stroll and a good time with a sandy beach, boat station, playground and even a place to play golf and stunningly beautiful park areas with benches.This place - Silver-Grape ponds, located on the territory of the Izmailovo Park.

History The history of this place is remarkable in that it involved the famous historical figures.

historical park - Silver-Grape ponds - is one of the city's oldest attractions of the city of Moscow.In the 17th century this place was the suburban estate of Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

where he spent his childhood and the great Peter I. Here he was first introduced to the basics of navigation, riding on an old English boots, found in a conventional barn.This is the place they had been called the "cradle of the Russian Navy."

In the second half of the XX century on the island made the restoration of existing buildings, built new sports facilities and the stadium.Strengthened the shore and clean the bottom of the reservoir, built a two-boat stations, organized recreation parks and beach to the city.Today this place - manor monument.

Silver-Grape ponds: location

In the east of Moscow, near the metro station "Izmailovsky Park" is located is reserved place.

Silver Pond is located near the river Serebryanka (district Pervomayskaya street).This is one of the oldest urban ponds, located on the island.

history of education and origin of the name

history of the name can be determined by events of the distant past.In XVII century it considered the pond was named Silver or Serebryansky, due to the fact that it is located in the floodplain.Silverfish.A portion of the pond is also famous as the Grape pond.This was due to the fact that there were Izmailov gardens that were created a long time on the orders of the ruler - the royal patrimony.Silver-Grape ponds mainly famous for the fact that these gardens were cultivated variety of southern exotic fruits and vegetables, including grapes and.

During the construction of the royal manor local river has a dam blocking the grape, and in line with the above this dam was created Grape pond.In its waters at the time reflected the great grape vines.The spectacle was extraordinary beauty!Soon these two ponds merged to form the island.

Feature territory, description, services

Silver pond has an area of ​​17.5 ha, the average depth of 2.5 meters, shallow and sandy bottom.It feeds on the pond surface water and groundwater and water from the tap.The banks of the pond is well reinforced concrete slabs.Located here and 1st Bauman bridge.

There are sandy beaches, playground for children with a variety of small architectural structures, two football fields.There is a playground on the banks of Silver-Grape pond for games of volleyball and basketball.

There is also a rental service for sports equipment (roller skates).In the park area under perennial trees (oaks and limes) along the banks of a pond with comfortable benches.Actions and summer café, boat station, where you can rent a boat and take a catamaran.

Everywhere decorative fences that separate the recreation area.There is a parking lot where you can park your car.

In this area are constantly carried out to improvement recreation areas with the indispensable preservation of communications landscape design to architectural historical buildings Izmailovo estate.

Recreation Area: playground and gazebo

Today the pond - a unique paradise peaceful retreat for nature lovers.

popular outdoor area is the Green Coast, convenient to great grand celebration, accommodating the more than 5 thousand. People.There is a playground

Silver-Grape Pond and on the coastline, which visitors can rent for fireworks and where you can rent a boat to explore the beautiful water surface of quiet wonderful pond, admiring the stunning views of nature.

for banquets, wedding buffet table in the open air is a comfortable summer tribune seats about 800 people.Pierce, located next door, convenient for the organization of activities on the water.

Easily installed tents and canopies over the water allow celebrations in all weather conditions.

On the shores of Silver-Grape Pond installed numerous cozy gazebo.These comfortable and beautiful places for photo shoots.In winter, the pond is used to Epiphany bathing.

town Bauman

Silver-Grape Pond is famous for the fact that the island was once a working town.

Back in the 1920s, during the Soviet era, to live the working class of the largest industrial enterprises were created good living conditions.Because of poor huts and huts they moved into new purpose-built quarters for them near the place of work.

town for the workers was organized and a pond on the island in 1924.3,000 people were living in it - it is Moscow Lamp Factory workers and their families.They lived in these houses of the king, in this manor of the XVII century.

Of course, after the war in 1945, in Izmailovo were built new houses for employees MELZ, but these communal apartments village named.Bauman (a Russian revolutionary) were fully settled only in the 1970s.

Today the island is the manor "Izmailovo", the Academy of the restoration, a subsidiary of the State Historical Museum.Wooden buildings and the royal palace of the time, unfortunately, did not survive.

site on the shores of Silver-Grape Pond and all the adjacent natural areas are a great place for leisure and sports enthusiasts as a passive type of holiday and active.Pleasant pastime here can be combined with cultural education by visiting the Historical Museum and the territory of the old buildings.