That report should contain a research paper

final stage of learning in higher education is the passing of final qualifying work (degree project).In the framework of the research carried out on a given topic, to solve specific tasks aimed at confirmation of the knowledge gained.The project consists of several parts: theoretical, analytical and practical.An important element is the report by the research paper, without which it is impossible to protect.The quality of this part of the assessment depends largely on the perception of the done research.

report to the research paper is based on the standard scheme of the conventional structure.That it reflects the essence and the main part of the project.It starts a research paper with a circulation evaluator: "Dear Chairman of the Commission, honorable members of the commission!Allow me to present my thesis on ...! ".After the greetings of the report is based on the following scheme:

- relevance of the topic of the project or its scientific interest (for example, in the case of work on the ancient history that is not relevant, but interesting from a scientific point of view);

- object and subject of research;

- the purpose of the diploma;

- tasks that are necessary to disclose for the achievement of the project;

- Structure: Heads of what it is, their number;

- methodological research and information sources.

After all of this information will go directly to the content of each chapter.To do this, tell what work has been done in the first chapter (you can also specify its name) and the conclusions of its information.Next is similar to the story and the subsequent parts of the diploma project.

After recounting the highlights of Chapters, you need to take stock.In this case the report by the research paper can be formulated on the basis of the conclusion of the project or just to present it without changing.The final part should consist of the responses to these challenges before, the total output of the whole project, the conclusion of achieving the objective of the diploma.After that, it should be said about the promising direction threads work to express their opinion on the matter.If you encounter difficulties with writing text, you can find an example of the report to the diploma, read it and used it to build his account.

In this introduction to the project is completed.The report ends with a diploma thesis common phrase: "The report is over, thank you for your attention."

should be noted that for clarity and a better perception of the heads of restatement of the content of the degree project is recommended to prepare the so-called handouts - that is, figures, tables, etc., illustrating the details of the work.They should be printed in multiple copies and distribute to members of the commission.Some diploma projects require the development of drawings, no planning, design objects.In this case, a handout is not needed.

Thus, the report by the research paper summarizes the goals, objectives of the project, their decision, the relevance of the theme in the contemporary world.Proper presentation contributes to a better perception of it to a certain extent depends on further evaluation of the work done.