Military suit "Warrior": characteristics and photos

It's no secret how important to the defense capability of the whole country has the quality of an individual soldier equipment.Comfortable shape worthy of protection, advanced weapons, reliable communications - to overestimate the importance of these components is difficult.And to replace the heavy jacket and "kirzachah" comes fundamentally new equipment, designed to ensure maximum comfort and a soldier mobility.

The concept of "suit" Warrior "," in the broadest sense means not only a set of high-quality military uniforms.It is a complete set of equipment, which includes all the components necessary for the efficient operation of the soldier.To develop the use of the latest scientific advances in the field of navigation, advanced targeting system and night vision system control psychophysiological state of a soldier, the best materials for the manufacture of body armor and clothing.

word about the creators

to development and production of equipment Russian "soldier of the future" had a hand in leading experts, who included the FSUE TSNIITOCHMASH NGO "Special equipment and communication", JSC "Central Research Institute" Cyclone "," NGO special materials and manyothers.The foundation laid earlier developed the Russian military-industrial complex "Barmitsa."


as planned, developers, battle suit "Warrior" to compete with foreign counterparts, in many respects even surpassing them.The composition of equipment includes about 10 subsystems.Kit has a modular arrangement, as it can be used in a variety of field conditions, regardless of the season and time of day.

Military suit "Warrior" was first presented to the public at the MAKS-2011.Tests of the new equipment was launched in December 2012, they were held in the suburban Alabino.As a result, a new form of military-industrial complex has been awarded the highest ratings specialists.


The composition of equipment includes several systems consisting of dozens of elements:

  • overalls made of special fiber "Alyuteks" able to resist the shrapnel grenades and mines, and not to succumb to the bullets on the decline, in addition, it has a fire resistance.
  • armor protection, the main part of which is a bullet-proof vest 6B43 Br5 sixth grade or fifth grade.Depending on the characteristics of units and combat tasks, the suit "Warrior" can be equipped with additional protective body armor plates.
  • Multilayer helmet that can withstand bullets hit 9-gauge from a distance of 5-10 meters.
  • system "Sagittarius" including communications, data collection, targeting, processing and display of information.The system not only allows us to analyze the received data directly to the soldier, but also transmits the necessary data to the command post.
  • communicator connected to systems GLONASS and GPS, to solve problems related to orienteering, target designation, and the adjustment of the calculations of other applications.
  • energy devices.
  • Filters.
  • Tactical-proof glasses.
  • independent source of heat.
  • Special pads for knees and elbows.
  • Small arms (machine gun, rifle), equipped with night vision sight corresponding to a large-caliber weaponry, surveillance or normal intelligence.
  • video module for firing from cover, consisting of a thermal sight, helmet-mounted display with the control system.
  • thermal imaging sight, "Shahin", integrated directly on weapons and providing detection, identification and aimed fire.
  • Reflex Sight "Merlin."Optional - other optical instruments.
  • Backpacks different types of camouflage kits, folding a heat insulating mat, ventilated shirt, removable winter insulation vest with pockets and pouches for ammunition, karemat, coat, cap, balaclava, mosquito net.
  • sleeping bag and tent.
  • Frost battery for electronic devices.
  • Active Headphones.
  • Knife "Bumblebee".
  • sensor "friend or foe" e-card, which allows to determine the proper location, and the location of friendly and enemy forces.The commanders of groups equipped with plates having advanced features.


Despite the unity of the overall concept, a protective suit, "Warrior" has many varieties, respective combat arms.For example, marine body armor and endowed with more properties lifejacket.

modular system allows to equip the vest according to the needs and convenience of each soldier.Communication systems not only allow the group to receive the news, take pictures, send data to the command center, but also to act as a single mechanism.


for the right to equip future soldier struggled just two domestic giants gunsmith - concern "Kalashnikov" and TSNIITOCHMASH.Automatic "Cord" was quite compete with the AK-12, but the victory went to the latter.In addition to the machine, take center stage in development, it has been upgraded about 30 weapons, including machine guns of various caliber sniper systems, hand grenades disposable and reusable.


protective suit "Warrior" has successfully passed all the planned military tests.Currently, the Izhmash plant started mass production of AK-12.The first samples of 50 thousand units have already entered service some of the special forces of the army of Russia.The designers did not stop there - the improvement of equipment continues to this day.Currently, a number of countries have expressed a desire to acquire for its own armed forces costume "Warrior", the price of which will depend on the configuration and performance of (reliable information on the cost of new uniforms, unfortunately, no), but Rosoboronexport is in no hurry equipped with the latest technology of foreign military.The Russian Defense Ministry aims to complete equipping of all divisions of new equipment by 2020.