Lada Priora reviews - about the main objective.

For a long time all the new Russian automobile motorists are not taken seriously.Many drivers prefer to buy a proven experience and review of foreign models, and on a qualitative and reliable car domestic production they do not even pay attention.But recently emerged new models of Mercedes, one of which is known throughout Europe for the brand Lada Priora.In this article I will describe a little review of the advantages and disadvantages of this brand after prolonged use of the machine in which the Prior reviews had very contradictory.

For an overview of the model has been used by a machine that "ran" from the time of its purchase of more than 2 thousand km.In the beginning, before you explore Prior reviews, necessary to describe the general features of the model and the advantages compared with previous cars in this series.

worth noting that the Lada Priora machine was designed by manufacturers without much innovation, and is a small development of e-filling and design common "ten".In addition, paradoxically, Lada Priora inherited from their predecessors huge number of small problems and deficiencies in the design.General view of the machine can easily fit the concept of the same slightly modernized "ten".

All changes constructors mainly affected only the exterior of the car and domestic interior, as well as numerous additions of different options that were not available on previous models of the brand.Many experts recognize the new model Lada a form of late model, which has undergone minor changes, mostly related to the application of modern production technologies.

Key Features Lada Priora.

The premiere model type wagon was presented when purchasing the complete set.At the beginning of sales of the car offers additional design elements, such as built-in sound system and a special USB-port on the heap with a new type of luggage.It is these innovations and has studied our model.One of the major advantages, of course, can be considered a good exterior of the car, which is clearly a sense of novelty.But along with the advantages, the prior of the problem is still the same as the old model.In addition, in today's brand were the old doors with handles, straps to match the body of the machine.On the one hand it's good, but on the other - and you can already think of something new.

But major changes can be seen in the interiors of the cabin, which has undergone the most change.Received Prior reviews by motorists especially underscore the new key electric windows at the front door, and the availability of a reliable electric drive in the exterior mirrors.Particularly pleased with the climate system model with a modern type of filter element, which even at a long-term operation still provides a comfortable interior climate.

also cozy and comfortable, you can feel the comfort of the wide rear seat passengers that can be adjusted in height and width.But landing in the front seats may cause some difficulties for tall passengers, as a place to do here is much smaller than the rear.But the type of wagon Prior has a qualitative component.The gasoline engine in a car designed for the volume of 1596 cm3, which enable us to develop capacity to 98 liters.from.

Lada Priora reviews.

Basically Prior has positive reviews, though there are significant drawbacks.Designers model provided us with all that is a good model, but with slight modifications.It's nice, but I would like more.