Mowing - as a symbol of liberation

Long groomed hair has always been a symbol of femininity and sexuality.Just look at the award-winning beauty queens to understand - there is no place shorn.

As a child, my mother forbade us to carefully shave precious braids , even if they seemed to us sparse and inconspicuous.And when we do, in spite of prohibitions, we made our first tentative attempts to be cut, then invariably regret then peered into the mirror early days.

And yet, in spite of the canons of beauty long-haired, my mother's own doubts and inhibitions, a rare woman at least once in life but did not dare to radically cut their hair.

Even celebrities are no exception in this. But they have something to lose!A favorite with the public image of the artist, his image - is everything to him.And if a haircut fails, then it could cost the actor's career!

Still, some celebrities are solved at such a high risk and do radical haircut. same Christina Aguilera, Nadia Meher Granovskaya, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Lera Kudryavtseva Tatiana Ovsiyenko, Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron shave his long hair and were not afraid to appear before the public in a very different guise.

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What force pushes us to it? What makes us voluntarily left on the floor at the hairdresser what others currently building up artificially and are willing to pay a lot of money?The spirit of rebellion, who lives in each of us?Thirst for change inherent in any woman?Total emancipation?

Thanks to the knowledge of the principles of feng shui, we have long known that getting rid of anything in my life was (out of fashion clothes, dishes with cracks, a binder of old magazines, stacks of yellowed newspapers, etc.), clearing debris in the closet, mezzanine and balcony, we thus make room for the new.And not just in terms of material things.Getting rid of is not quite right, or not at all unnecessary items, we hereby inform you of the universe that are ready for new experiences, to major changes in their lives.

shaved hair, getting rid of the hair, we send a signal similar to the World: we are open to change, all the old weary, let life will change vector.It turns out that in deciding on a short cut, we thereby give the green light to the renewal, change not only in its appearance, but also in their lives.We parted with long hair on the positive, in the standby state of transformation, improvement.This attitude is very important because it determines how to change the sign to come into our lives.

benefit of embodiments of this invitation changes there are now plenty.

modern ladies haircut - no longer banal plucked head in the Soviet hairdresser, today it is daring asymmetry in the bang and the main length of the hair, a stylish tapering and purposely left shkodnye locks longer, it is unexpected whimsical defrocked top of the head.And some variation with color!Stretching colored strands of hair on the longer, natural reflections by brondirovanie, coloring of experiments.All of this will make you unrecognizable and irresistible.

that I feel we came out of the hairdresser? The sense of ease!The feeling of freedom!Freedom of stereotypes.We did as it is convenient.Yes, with a haircut, we have a little more emancipated.But it is only in appearance.At heart, we have become more feminine.And this demonic light, which appeared in the eyes?

you - not the old you.You - a completely new. There is no need to book a long time for hair care.Short hair will wash and dry more quickly, and thus much easier to always be neat.With a new haircut all the old clothes begins to play new faces.Shoes, jewelry, sunglasses - are all now looks different.Maybe a little unaccustomed to freezing haircut open ear, but how expressive it is now your favorite earrings!Even hats (all kinds of caps, berets, pots and Panama) is now on you will play in a new way.

«You look like a movie star," "You look like a TV presenter» - these are the compliments that are most often heard in the address of a girl on a fashionable short reshivshiesya Swifts.And that would say there is not a woman with short hair less feminine, fashionable haircut - a symbol of liberation and nezakompleksovannost, a symbol of freedom from stereotypes and social cliches.And all this can not fail to attract.Allow yourself to it at least once and who knows, maybe you'll find thanks to a hairstyle in itself, finally, the real you!

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