Documents for the parent capital.

maternal capital Russians have heard relatively recently - in 2007.There were a lot of disputes and various rumors about the idea.In the social program were both supporters and opponents.Nevertheless, the program successfully operates.And now let's talk about what documents are required for maternity capital to date.

Who is entitled to a certificate?

was prepared citizens in the family who was born a second (or subsequent) baby.The right to have him as parents who have adopted the third and subsequent children.Of course, if they were not previously entitled to receive a certificate.Since 2007, the owners have become more than 5 million households.

Based on the law, a child who gives you the right to receive the certificate should appear in this world, until 31 December (inclusive) of the following in 2016.Of course, the use of the certificate does not have a time limit.Money family (parent) capital may be used to improve living conditions, as well as to pay for children's education or retirement for mom.They may be used in whole or in part.

size maternity capital in 2007 was full of 250 thousand rubles for 2014 is equal to 408 960.5 rubles.Social program pursued the main goal: to increase the birth rate in Russia, which was achieved.

Maternal capital: what documents are needed

program has been operating for a long time.Yet often hear the question: "What is allowed to use the maternity capital, what documents are needed?" Their collection should not be difficult, since the necessary papers for you are at home.Required documents for maternity capital in 2014 from 2007 has not changed.They need to provide a special committee of the Pension Fund of the place of permanent residence or residence.

The list, which lists the documents for the parent capital, include:

  • parent's passport and photocopy - page document, which shows personal data, residence, children;
  • certificate confirming the birth of children, as well as photocopies;
  • marriage certificate of the applicant, a photocopy of a document;
  • the birth certificate of the applicant, a photocopy of the document.
  • pension insurance certificate (SNILS) of the applicant and children.

When remarriage in the package of documents for registration of the certificate must be added further:

  • evidence that the previous marriage annulled and a photocopy;
  • certificate from the Civil Registry Office corresponding to the shape of the F-28 (a certificate on the conclusion of a previous marriage).

These documents for the parent capital provides the children's mother.There are times when his father received.For example, if the mother has died or the baby was deprived of their parental rights by a court.

In those cases where the mother died, the documents for the parent capital are supplemented by the following references:

  • death certificate;
  • decision of the court which made the decision to declare the death of the mother.

In those cases, the court where the mother is deprived of the rights of a child are attached:

  • documents confirming illegal acts against the child;
  • decision.

In some cases, the child may personally receive this payment.Added to the above list of paper containing official data confirming the demise of his parents.

Where to send money?

Funds received under this state program, are still allowed to use in three directions: to improve living conditions, education of children and any pension for the mother.

According to statistics, citizens send funds, mainly to improve the living conditions, and only a small percentage - in the education of children or to the funded part of pension mom.

Acquisition of property

Today, buy a home of a young family is not easy, given the steady rise in property prices.A great help in this matter will have the maternity capital, because one of the directions of its use is precisely the improvement of living conditions.

Under this concept implies the reconstruction of housing, purchasing and construction.Perhaps with a certificate and pay off the mortgage.It should be remembered that in order to be able to direct money to improve living conditions, a child at this point must be fulfilled full 3 years.You can use the funds immediately, if the goal - to repay the loan.And only redeems the debt or interest, to pay off penalties or delay can not be.

When buying for maternity capital property should take into account that it must necessarily be located on the territory of our country.The owner can be either the mother or spouse.Making out a mortgage, it is necessary to remember that the treaty should be spelled out that in addition to the mother and the wife of no other co-borrowers, and that the design of the property there were no relatives.

Education child

funds can be directed to the formation of one of the children, including the permitted use of the funds for the payment of pre-school education.Maternity capital is allowed to pay for preschool public / non-public type, licensed and accredited.

You can also divide the funds to pay for his studies of children.You can share resources and use only a part in any of the three possible directions.

If parents decide to change school, high school or preschool for your child, it is mandatory to inform the Pension Fund, that is to write an application.Since then, the money aimed at the education of the child, will be transferred to the account of another educational institution.

direction of program funds to retire mother

In addition to improving the level of living, pay for education of children, there is one area of ​​social programs.This redirection maternity capital - "retirement" option.If you selected a transfer of funds to pension mother, then you can always redirect the funds (or part thereof) to education and improving housing.The main thing that this operation has been made to a pension.You only need to come to the Pension Fund and to write an application.

Law of the Russian Federation are not allowed to issue family capital "live" money.It is a criminal offense and is a fraud.It is also prohibited by law and the purchase of maternity capital.Although the Internet and there was quite a lot of these ads, such actions are considered illegal.

cash capital can only get when you reach retirement age.To transfer funds to the funded part of the pension by a certificate requires only a statement of other additional documents is not necessary.

in different regions of the Russian Federation is planned in the future to pay the maternity capital at the regional level.

Is denial of the certificate?

possible if:

  • missing or discontinued eligible for additional state support measures;
  • in the case of indications of false or incorrect information in the application;
  • parents are deprived of the rights to education of the first child;
  • born child - not a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • family received before the maternity capital.

Has undergone any maternity capital changes in 2014?

In 2014, it became known that the Ministry of Labour is working on a bill in respect of the parent capital.The purpose of this bill is to provide conditions which help Spree means the certificate can be used as an option in the repayment of loans (housing).Also, the bill takes into account measures to prevent fraud.While the bill is under consideration.

If adopted, it will include provisions that will be presented a list of organizations with which it is impossible to conclude the credit relationship.Family assets may be used only by the credit cooperatives, or large organizations.Their work will be strictly enforced government agencies.

If the institution is not able to comply with the statutory regulations, the lending operations, where it is planned to use funds from the parent capital will be banned.Citizens who wish to pay the parent capital loan for the construction or purchase, will have access only to the specified statutory organization.

cooperation with Sberbank

to make a profit improvement of housing, construction of houses at the expense of public funds (maternity capital), the Savings Bank offers a loan program of citizens' mortgage plus maternity capital ".Under the terms of the bank, citizens will be able to put out a loan using the MC.Also available to the public and other programs:

  • credit for the purchase of ready housing;
  • credit for housing under construction.

Once the certificate of the parent capital will be on hand, citizens will be able to take advantage of these programs.The main advantage of the mortgage program is that you can get a loan with the help of the parent capital, which provides a payment of down payment.

Documents for the loan (mortgage)

to arrange a mortgage, you need a standard set of documents for the contract, a certificate, a certificate from the Pension Fund of the balance.

mortgages will not take long.Term of consideration of applications of citizens is five days.It can draw on any of the spouses.Keep in mind that the maternity capital can not be cashed (pursued by the law of the Russian Federation) for the use or transfer to another person, also can not get a tax deduction.

Up to what has been operating the mother's capital?

many citizens worried about what will happen to the parent capital?Because we all know that the strength of the law, which came in 2007, ends in 2016.It argued that maternal capital is to take advantage of this period, otherwise it will cease to operate.This information is false.The certificate does not expire, t. E. Will be valid even after the deemed date of termination of the program.Citizens will be able to use it at any time convenient for them.

But do not forget that the birth (adopted) child should be before 31 December 2016. Many deputies of the State Duma express their opinion in favor of the extension of the law until 2025.