Compatibility Cancer woman and a man of Capricorn and Cancer men and women of Capricorn

women Compatibility Cancer and Capricorn men can cause some doubt as between the marks will inevitably arise from a misunderstanding of the great emotional differences.Cancer woman is very delicate, vulnerable and dreamy.It is a perfect housewife and devoted wife.Instead, it will require a partner stability and assurance in its exclusivity.The main thing that would bother her - is the rationality and restraint husband.It can also feel the lack of attention and affection from their partner.Capricorn, in turn, does not want to spend on your high-sounding words, it will annoy her infantilism.

Compatibility Cancer woman and a man of Capricorn married

And Cancer and Capricorn in living together will develop and push yourself to this each other.Capricorns differ conservatism, commitment and practicality.They are able to provide for his family and give everything you need in material terms to their loved ones.By the choice of future wife they come with great delicacy, all carefully calculated.In the woman they want to see not only the beauty, but also the ability to be a great hostess, able to please others.Capricorn wants to be jealous of other men.Cancer woman will have to cater to his handpicked successor.If Capricorn decides that his wife should be a housewife and to keep the money they earned, it will have to comply.

women Compatibility Cancer and Capricorn men in sex

Cancer woman wants to be treated with care.She was like a gentle touch.Capricorn, on the contrary, energetic and swift.If he wanted his wife now, it will not wait until it is ready for it.At first it scares Cancer woman, but when she realizes that the intimate moments of her secretive partner becomes very gentle, his aggressiveness will cease to irritate her.In bed Capricorn will satisfy even a very cold woman, as is trying to please not only themselves, but also their partner.

women Compatibility Cancer and Capricorn men in business

Cancer and Capricorn perfectly complement each other in pursuit of the goal.Joint business can bring them greater profit.Capricorn man - a very reliable partner.He knows the value of money, why not allow anyone to spend it to no avail.

Compatibility: Capricorn woman - man Cancer

woman Capricorn - "caregiver" by nature.She is very strict, but fair, and can punish, and to praise, it has a high degree of responsibility.This woman will never allow himself to fall into some kind of relationship: the material or spiritual.She appreciates the seriousness of the relationship.Though it has the features of the male character, outwardly it looks very feminine, always follow the fashion and chooses the best.Cancer and Capricorn fit together on energy, they are treated equally in life, though they do not have the patience to listen to each other.Both of them are not likely to change that.Cancer - the owner.He wants to keep his half of male attention.The jealousy and it's pretty funny.Capricorn woman in her jealousy is aggressive and may hurt his opponent very much.

Sexy Horoscope: Capricorn woman - man Cancer

Capricorn woman, seeming very low-key, in fact, is a passionate lover of nature and romance.As they get older, it becomes temperamental and relaxed.Cancer intimacy with her experiences real pleasure, gets satisfaction from the fact that this woman has.By sharing their emotional flow, they get energy from each other.