How do different materials high relief?

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now becoming more popular products in the style of hand-made.Included in the fashion of interior decorating with their own hands.Using available materials and simple technologies can easily make interesting souvenirs and ornaments with their own hands.Great looks such a thing as a high relief - is a form of relief that is characterized by a great amount of protruding elements of the image.It is made of clay, plaster, paper, the technique of wood carving.

Plasticine or mass for modeling

This is the easiest option, which is suitable for children's creativity.To create a beautiful souvenir will need the following:

  • clay;
  • stack;
  • basis.

High relief - it poluobemnyh image plane of an object.For clay and suitable fanerka and complex organic shapes, such as vase, glass box.

can take a lot for sculpting or clay - the usual children's color or monochrome sculpture.Keep in mind that the latter is more solid.Sculpt of him easy, especially a child.As it is better to cut with a knife or a plastic stack.For creative work take bright colors.As a first experience, try to do a bas-relief.If you need to maximize the volume and convey an element, it is necessary to use high relief.This is the most suitable option.Make it easier than volumetric sculpture, and on the showiness of it is not inferior to the three-dimensional object.

Souvenirs paper

From this simple material is easily done as the bas-relief and high relief.Various methods of bending the sheet gluing parts, that is, it turns out the bulk application.It is interesting to look like the work of a monochromatic design paper and sheets of colored pastel or bright colors.It depends on the application executed by the object.

Decorative items made of wood

Any variant of the relief can be made on the technology of the thread.Carry it and gypsum and special solid mass, but is easier to use wood.Make decorative cutting boards, panels and other household items and decorations for the interior: stools, chairs, tables, shelves, wooden spoons, cups, vases, chests.

interior decorations of plaster

high relief and bas-relief are used for decorative purposes in the decoration of everyday objects, interior architecture.Make this decor can be their own hands.You need the following materials:

  • dry plaster, plaster, cement or plaster;
  • plywood;
  • rail;
  • plastic film;
  • capacity and stick to train staff;
  • tile adhesive.

work is done so:

  1. plywood and slats are making a form for pouring foundations.It is better to choose a square or rectangle.
  2. lining resulting wooden "box" with plastic wrap.Well, if there is a greenhouse.It gives a smooth surface plate, as it is not going to fold.
  3. gypsum is mixed with water or other mass which you have chosen.Are brought to the consistency of sour cream.It should not be too thick, because it will need to fill.Liquid mixture is too long to freeze, and the object would be less durable.In the case of high relief plate is better to strengthen the metal reinforcement.Fill the suspension into a mold.
  4. waits tiles hardened, but not completely.In the case of plaster takes about half an hour.Cement hardens longer, but in any case no more than 12 hours.Otherwise subsequent layers are poorly connected to the base.
  5. flips form.Took out the plate.
  6. On its smooth surface, apply a prepared pattern, such as stencil paint marker or a sharp object scratched contours.
  7. begins gradually add layers of three-dimensional image.For a start is better to do a small part of the protruding height.
  8. After the final curing of the finished work of the treated surface with sandpaper and strengthen the decor on the wall with tile adhesive.

If you have already mastered the technique of performing a bas-relief, high relief, start doing.This is a fun way to pass objects.The technology of manufacture is the same as described above except that the penultimate stage will be more difficult and takes longer.Because of the volume does not have to do all at once.It was the height of protruding elements and is characterized by high relief.Photo demonstrate this.

So, you know, which is a high relief and how you can make yourself.Choose your favorite technique and start a fascinating creative process of a souvenir with your own hands.